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Folk omens, beliefs and traditions on the trinity and the spirits of the day

Trinity and Spirits Day — traditions and folk omens

Folk signs on the Trinity and Spirits Day are very revered by believers. As is known, on this day the universal Apostolic Church was formed.

What traditions exist on this great holiday and what they are connected with, we learn from popular sources.

General interpretation

Holy Trinity and Spirits day decided to unite in one great holiday — Pentecost. Trinity falls on the fiftieth day after Easter. It’s always sunday.

And on Monday comes the Day of the Holy Spirit. These great holidays have pagan roots.

With the adoption of Christianity, a certain symbiosis of pagan and Orthodox traditions took place, and will accept beliefs.

Folk omens, beliefs and traditions on the trinity and the spirits of the day

The days of Pentecost fall on June, the very beginning of summer. Named lands are one of the main traditions of these days.

Upon giving, the Holy Spirit descended from heaven to fertilize the earth so that it would give people a great harvest. Our ancestors took care of the pregnant land and these days did not cause her anxiety.

It was not customary to plow a field, plant a vegetable garden, even gather grass, tearing it off the ground was considered a bad omen.

Holy Saturday — the day of the memory of the departed. On Saturday, they baked cakes, cleaned their homes, decorated the holy icons with birch branches.

They believed that it was on the branches of the curly birch that their deceased relatives sat down and watched the lives of the living, rejoiced at the abundance of the table and the decoration of the house.

The main symbol of the holiday is white birch. The floors of Orthodox churches are covered with freshly cut grass, icons with flowers and birch branches. Everything smells sweet in holy places, recalling rebirth, renewal, and a good beginning.

Herbs these days had a special magical value.

They were taken to collect on the spirits of the day carefully, without disturbing the land cover, dry and use the whole year. It was obligatory to visit the church and pray for the souls of the dead.

This could be done both on Saturday and Monday. These days, people rushed to the cemetery, laying tables with homemade dishes and pastries. This was considered a good sign.

And in the church it was customary to distribute generous alms, so that next year would delight them with their abundance and wealth.

Folk omens, beliefs and traditions on the trinity and the spirits of the day

In Spirits Day, women celebrated the name day of the earth, arranging picnics. On the plowed field, the girls buried pieces of food to thank the land for the next harvest.

The priests of the local churches lit the fields and meadows, making a religious procession around them.

The holy trinity was also called the green Yuletide. All homework around the house was done on Saturday, Sunday was a time of fun, joy and laughter.

Young people rushed to the birch groves. They spread a blanket, laid out a loaf, made wreaths and danced.

It was in the round dance that young guys chose their brides.

Happy Signs at Pentecost

They believed that all evil spirits come out of the water and the forest into the Rusnik (another name of the Trinity) and the spirits of nature are activated: the devils, mermaids, and water spirits. So that they would not hide in the wells of the houses, they would be lighted, and at the gate they would set tables with various foods.

This stopped the otherworldly force and prevented her from entering the house.

Walking through the morning dew bare feet was considered a good sign. It gave strength and attracted love.

Girls, to enhance the effect, hung on the icons at this time pigeons, carved from wood.

Unmarried beauties wove wreaths of birch branches and flowers and let them into the pond. A quick marriage was waiting for the one in which the wreath floated away the fastest and disappeared from sight.

If the wreath is sinking — expect obstacles and obstacles to happiness.

Birch branches were woven into groves, making a wish on the eve of the green Christmas time. If it was discovered on the Holy Trinity that the branches had withered, the desire this year will not come true.

And if the foliage has not fallen and smells fresh — expect pleasant changes.

Grandmothers and experienced healers were busy collecting magical herbs for the treatment of various ailments and ailments, as well as for making amulets and luck amulets. Herbal drugs kept in themselves good and strong energy that could change the lives of those who believe in it.

To feed and warm the beggar on this day — take away various troubles from the family and attack. The more generous the charity is, the more various benefits are foreseen for loved ones.

Therefore, the ancestors tried to be generous and generous.

Folk omens, beliefs and traditions on the trinity and the spirits of the day

Mothers of unmarried daughters and unmarried sons must have kept the tablecloth, after a delicious and satisfying lunch at the Trinity. They carefully put it in a chest to attract rich grooms or hard-working brides to the house.

To distract from themselves the evil spirit and bring a happy fate helped odorous clothes. Wormwood, garlic, onions were very much in demand for this ritual.

Mothers who dream of the health and well-being of children hung out children’s clothes on the branches, in the hope that heaven would ward off trouble and sickness from their offspring.

What can and can not be done on the Trinity and Spirits day

  • many legends indicated that it was not customary to work for the Holy Trinity. Any even light and pleasant chores were considered a bad sign. So the girls on that day put off washing, cleaning, sewing and embroidering;
  • men were forbidden to plow, harrow and bother the earth in every possible way. This threatened a lean year and famine. Even to drive in pegs for the garter of the bushes foreshadowed trouble;
  • to revenge a broom on this holy holiday means to let discord and sorrow into the family;
  • run fast on this day — in the future, run away from a happy fate and take the path of despondency and hopelessness;
  • wedding ceremonies were not held that day. People believed that this would bring trouble and problems to the young family;
  • girls and boys did not look at their reflection in the water. From a man, it could withdraw true love, and the girl was threatened with losing her visual appeal;
  • walking in the woods, swimming in a river or a lake was considered dangerous, especially for young guys. On this holiday, nature honored the mermaids, and they were full mistresses of their element. They took the men into the water deep, not leaving alive.

What else to expect from Pentecost

By giving, thunder and lightning on that day is a good sign. So the ancestors believed that nature drives away evil spirits, cold and winter cold and summer finally comes into its own.

If you make a birch broom on the Spirits of the day, you can lose peace in old age. Man overcome grief and attack.

But to cook on this day is not prohibited. On the contrary, the richer the table is, the faster you will coax the evil spirit and it will recede from you.

Birch branches lit in the temple and kept the whole year as a charm. On the eve of the Trinity cooked pancakes and scrambled eggs, symbolizing the sun and life.

The youth arranged such meals in front of night festivities and fortune telling.

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