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Folk omens and superstitions: what ears burn

Folk omens and superstitions: what ears burn

When our ears are burning, we immediately remember about the national signs and ask ourselves: “What would it be for?”. People say that their ears are burning for a reason. Everything has its own explanation.

What is the left ear burning

If your left ear is burning, This means that your close relative or friend is saying something bad about you. It can also mean that you are being scolded. Moreover, negative statements can be said not out loud, but about myself.

Why does the ear react to negative remarks at a distance? It’s simple. If a person is spoken about in a negative way, then he feels it even from a distance.

And it is the ears that give him this sign.

The people have another meaning of this omen. Some people think that if your left ear is burning, then someone you know just mentioned your name in the conversation. But in this case, the ear does not burn so badly, since the name was mentioned in a neutral key.

What burns the right ear

If the right ear is burning, then you are praised. If you start listing all possible people who can praise you at the moment and guess the name, then your ear will stop burning immediately.

If you believe other people’s signs, the right ear burns when someone speaks very emotionally about you.

About ears there are a few more signs. Have you thought about what is ringing in your ears? Perhaps this is also a sign?

What ringing in the ears

Tinnitus also has a hidden meaning. The significance of this superstition depends on the ear in which it rings.

  • If it rings in your left ear, wait for good news and good luck.
  • If the right — wait for the bad news and trouble.

The people have an interesting belief. If someone is ringing in your ear and someone is near you, immediately make a wish and ask the person: “Which ear is ringing?”. If he guesses, then your wish will come true.

If not, then do not happen what you want.

Often pay attention to the signals that your body gives you. Perhaps all these signs and superstitions are based on something more than mere observation or fantasy? Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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