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Folk omens and superstitions about love for girls

How to recognize signs of love: popular superstition

For girls, signs about love have always been interesting. This was especially true for unmarried persons who dream of bringing their female happiness closer.

After all, it is true that love not only raises the spirits and sets up a good mood, it is able to inspire to achieve incredible goals, to know herself and reveal her inner potential.

Many will accept about love, they can relate to single people or those who have long been in a pair. To recognize such a love sign in time is to take the right path, not losing the chance to meet the betrothed or to keep the old relationship.

Folk omens and superstitions about love for girls

Folk superstitions or how to bring love closer

It turns out that in order to truly fall in love with a girl, she needs to become romantic and sensual. This very attracts the opposite sex.

A man will not pass by a woman who is full of mystery, gleam in his eyes and is ready for love adventures. It is easy for a young person to understand what is ready and open for new relationships if she feels pleasant scents around herself, even where they cannot be.

Felt the smell of aromatic coffee or fruit tea in the office, imbued with the fragrance of blossoming flowers on the roadside flowerbed — it all hints that you will soon meet with a potential lover.

I wanted a dramatic change in my appearance, this is easily explained. You are drawn to new love adventures.

The sooner you make your transformation: paint or cut your hair, lose a few pounds, get a tattoo in a prominent place, the faster your personal life will become brighter, more saturated and active.

Folk omens and superstitions about love for girls

Some of the cute creatures suddenly begin to fall out of their hands in the kitchen. A common sign of over-salting food while cooking dinner is — the more disgusting the food is, the sweeter the kisses of a loved one will be.

After all, you are on the way to meet him. Dropped an apple from a plate of fruit, spilled sweet tea or jelly — wait for a romantic adventure.

Love peripetias are waiting for those who are often suspected of pregnancy. If you are often asked if you are in a position, then prepare for a stage that will have family stability and the birth of future heirs.

If you already have a suitable candidate for the role of the father of future children, you must act boldly to conquer the object of your heart.

A series of troubles, which overtook a fragile girl in one day, can also become a positive sign, foreshadowing quick love and marriage. So do not be surprised if, after a chain of events in the form of a broken heel, being late for work, spilled coffee on the skirt, you are suddenly introduced to a new employee — a charming guy who will become your ardent fan.

Signs about love girls can easily recognize in their own dreams. Being in a new gig with a pleasant stranger behind the wheel, which takes you away in an unknown direction is a sign of a fateful meeting with your beloved.

This will be the right person to steer your love ship in the right direction.

A stork nest was seen on the roof of your own house — in the near future you are destined to make your own family nest. Your love, respect for each other and loyalty will be the key to a happy marriage.

For unmarried ladies, the case when a pair of white doves fly over you will be a sign of love. It is necessary to believe that very soon your loneliness can easily be diluted by a charming and dignified young man.

The same result is foreshadowed by the scenario if a stork is flying over you.

Folk omens and superstitions about love for girls

A pleasant superstition is bathing in lotuses during the flowering of this amazing and rare flower. Having made a cherished wish and having touched the rose petals, one can safely hope for the fulfillment of the cherished dream.

In the old days, dozens of girls waited for the period of flowering of these tender lake water-lilies, returning from bathing happy and inspired.

Unusual and modern signs of love for girls

One of the European accepts that if an unmarried girl does not look north before leaving the house, she can remain an old maid. And if two young beauties at the same time will look in one mirror, it is likely to fall in love with one guy.

If a friend stood in front of a mirror in front of you, then the potential partner and lover would prefer her as her companion.

One of the modern love will be considered a tattoo in the form of butterflies, hearts or other paired signs, symbolizing happiness and family harmony. Such images are often tied to Feng Shui symbols. This ancient philosophy especially attracts with its magical content young women.

And indeed, adhering to its rules, you can significantly change your personal life and change your attitude to the surrounding reality.

One of these eastern signs is the general cleaning of the house. In order to attract love energy according to Feng Shui, there should not be anything extra in the house.

Cornered with unnecessary things, corners, dusty shelves with old newspapers or dishes with cracks — all this contributes to loneliness and stagnation.

Sport is also considered a good and reliable belief. If you have a desire to engage in active activities, then you are on the path to raising your sexual energy.

Such women attract the attention of the opposite sex not only with a taut figure, but also with their cheerfulness and liveliness of their gaze.

If you have already met and are contemplating on what to go on your first date, it is considered a warning superstition to put on new, expensive high-heeled shoes. This may foreshadow disappointment in their own expectations.

A person may not be the one for whom he gave himself.

Those who prefer Internet dating should listen to this one. If two fans invited you on a date at the same time, it’s worth choosing who is more restrained and modest in words, but open and kind in photos.

Other signs negatively affecting love

  • those who have already made their choice and are ready to create a family union will be considered as a bad omen joint photography before the wedding;
  • a couple in love is threatened with separation if they kiss and cuddle on the steps of the house where the bride lives;
  • giving your beloved a wrist watch, shoes or gloves can also complicate relationships and lead them to parting;
  • premature menstruation can foreshadow shocks and sufferings that a girl will experience on a love front.

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