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Folk omens and customs on Ivan Kupala

Folk omens and customs on Ivan Kupala

The Day of Ivan Kupala is one of the most mystical holidays of the year. At this time, it is especially important to observe age-old customs and follow traditions: with their help, you can attract good luck and well-being into your life.

The Day of Ivan Kupala is celebrated on June 24th in the old style. However, after centuries of mixing pagan and Christian culture, the date of one of the strongest holidays of Kologoda shifted to July 7, the day of the birth of John the Forerunner.

The church’s meaning of the holiday was closely mixed with the people’s, and the strongest traditions and proven signs reached our days in almost unchanged form.

On the night of Ivan Kupala, you need to make a big fire and jump over it with the person you are in love with: fire will help kindle feelings in the heart of a lover or a lover.

Leap over the fire alone can cure diseases and give luck for a whole year.

In the dying fire, it is customary to burn old clothes and all things related to events or people you wish to forget. It is believed that the flame of the Kupala campfire is able to clear energy and destroy unnecessary bindings.

Night bathing in a lake or a river is considered to be another invariable tradition of a festive night. After jumping over the fire, an unmarried girl needs to jump into the water so that her flower wreath from the head floats on the water.

Weaving wreaths — an obligatory custom of this holiday. The most cherished wish is woven into a wreath of wildflowers, after which the wreath is allowed to flow along the river.

At the dawn of the Kupala day, you need to collect the first dew: it is believed that with its help you can protect your house and family from evil witchcraft. Also, they used this dew to wash themselves, in order to “wash out” diseases and evil words spoken in the back.

A hike in the bath on this day is not only extremely useful, but also an energetically strong action: in the boiling water you need to brew healing herbs: nettle, yarrow and mint. Divorced broth need to wash the hair and body: this ceremony will help get rid of the evil eye and damage.

In the Kupala afternoon, it is customary to pour all oncoming water on all: this action is intended to cause rain.

A light, “mushroom” rain on Ivan Kupalu means the favor of the Higher Forces, while a thunderstorm says that Heaven is angry at people.

It is believed that herbs and roots in the Kupala day have magical and healing power. That is why herbalists tried to collect as many plants as possible before dark.

It is believed that the St. John’s wort has a special power on Ivan Kupala: collected herbs are collected in brooms and hung on the windows and entrance door from the outside. Hung in the right way, bouquets of Hypericum can protect the house from evil spirits.

At Kupala, a young couple needs to cook and eat the soup from nettle together: this dish will strengthen family ties and preserve love from someone else’s envy.

Kupalskaya night decided to look for a magical fern flower: a person who finds a fern in bloom just one minute will receive a tremendous creative power.

To meet the Kupala dawn — to great happiness for the whole year.

In the evening, Ivan Kupala needs to lay the table and have dinner with the whole family: such a meal strengthens and preserves the energy field of the family.

Do not miss the auspicious signs of fate will help you folk signs of happiness. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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