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Folk omens and customs for June

Folk omens and customs for June

Folk calendar will tell you what the summer will be like and what to expect from the first summer month.

June people called strawberry, blush, grain-grower, cherven. The name of the month June arose in honor of the ancient Roman goddess Juno, which patronized marriage, love, childbirth, she was also considered the master of the rains.

The weather this month can tell how the summer season will turn out and whether there will be a rich harvest. And with the help of special June customs and rituals, you can attract good luck and improve your harvest.

The national calendar will take on June

June 1 is the Day of Ivan Khleborosta. Mushrooms and berries appear in the forests.

June 2 — Leontius-Borage Day. This day, according to signs, is considered the most successful for planting cucumbers.

June 4th is the Nightingale Day. Nightingales sing — to fair weather. On this day, they did not plow and sow, so that there would be a lot of cornflowers in the field.

June 7 — Ivanov day. If a lot of dew on this day — it is to a rich harvest. Chamomile began to bloom.

On Ivan Kupalo it was customary to guess, to collect herbs and to besiege. People believed that if a fern flower was found on the night of Ivanov, it would lead to wealth.

June 11 — Day of Theodosius Kolosynitsy. Begin to bloom ears of corn.

June 12 — Eremeev day. Sowing ended, viburnum begins to bloom, bees begin to swarm.

June 14 — Day of Ustin and Khariton. If the dawn is red, then the rye will be with red bulk. If the morning is overcast, then there will be a rich harvest of spring crops.

June 16 — Luke Vetrennik Day. If the wind blows from the south, then the harvest will be rich, if the wind is north-west, then the summer will be rainy, if the wind blows from the east — will bring illness, if from the west, the summer will be windy.

June 18 — Day Dorofei. Good weather on this day promised a rich harvest.

June 19 — Hilarion Day. From this day began to weed the garden. «Hilarion has come — the extra grass out of the field!»

June 20 — Fedotov day. The rain on this holiday foreshadowed a bad harvest.

June 21 — Fyodor Summer, The Way. On this day, began to dig a well. It was believed that from this day begins the period of summer thunderstorms.

Ivan-tea and jasmine start to bloom.

June 22 — Summer Solstice. The longest day and the shortest night. Began to mow and dry the hay.

June 25 — Perth Turn. The last day, when planted cabbage and cucumbers. From that day on, the nights were getting longer and the days were shorter.

June 30th is Manuel Day. If there is a thunderstorm, then it is to a good harvest. Cornflowers begin to bloom.

About June also said:

  • Rain in early June — to a drought.
  • Warm nights in June — to a rich harvest.
  • If the mountain ash blossomed late, then the winter will be late.
  • Fog June — there will be a lot of mushrooms.
  • Summer begins with the cuckoo, and warm days — with the swallows.
  • The stuffiness at dawn — to bad weather.

We wish you a sunny and clear June and do not forget to press the buttons and

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