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Folk omens and customs at the Meeting of the Lord

The Presentation of the Lord: the history of the holiday, folk traditions, signs, ceremonies

From the Old Slavonic language, the “meeting” is translated as “meeting”. This is one of the oldest holidays in the Orthodox tradition, the roots of which are closely intertwined with pagan rituals. The ancient Slavs believed that it is on this day that winter meets spring, and a turning point comes in the annual cycle.

In the Orthodox tradition, humanity is celebrating a meeting with its Savior on this day. Candlemas are celebrated annually 40 days after Christmas.

In Orthodoxy, this day falls on February 15, in Catholicism — on February 2, in Armenian tradition — on February 14. The ceremonies held at Sretenie have a special power, and according to signs one can predict what the next year will be.

The Presentation of the Lord is the great great great feast (this is the name given to holidays associated with great events in the life of Christ and Our Lady). In churches in the Meeting of the Liturgy, processions.

The story of this holiday is connected with the birth of baby Jesus. According to the Old Testament tradition, on the 40th day after the birth of a child, a woman had the opportunity to enter the temple for the first time and thus “cleanse”.

If she had a male firstborn, she should have brought a sacrifice in the form of a lamb or two pigeons.

Mary, together with the baby Christ, came to the temple according to tradition. Since the family was poor, and the Mother of God did not need to be cleansed, she brought the birds.

It was then that the meeting took place, which later became known as the Presentation. Mary with the baby in her arms was met by the elder — Simeon the God-bearer.

According to legend, he waited a long time for the fulfillment of the prophecy about the coming of Christ. Simeon lived for three centuries before coming to the temple by the words of the Holy Spirit.

On the same day he died, illumined by the exalted joy of meeting with Christ himself.

In theology, the meaning of the Presentation is interpreted as follows: on this day, the Old Testament (personified by the elder Simeon) meets the New (symbolized by Christ). The old gives way to the new, the epoch of other religious tenets comes.

On this day, there was another meeting. An 84-year-old prophetess Anna, who had worked long and hard in the temple, approached Mary.

Upon seeing the baby, she bowed to him and left the building, carrying the joyful news of the coming of the Savior to the people of Jerusalem.

Folk omens and customs at the Meeting of the Lord

In Candy it is customary to attend church, light the water and candles. This great day must be devoted to prayers, the creation of good works.

Water blessingOn this day, used water, consecrated in the church or collected from dripping icicles during the thaw

Such water was used in the following cases:

  • to heal wounds, heal diseases;
  • against damage and the evil eye;
  • for sprinkling hives;
  • for sprinkling cattle during the first spring pasture
Custom with iconAmong the villagers, it was customary to walk around their house, holding in their hands the icon of the Presentation. When after this the holy face was brought into the dwelling, the whole family knelt and said: "Good Lord, come into the house and bless"Protect your property"Baby sale"In many villages, the ritual of the symbolic sale of the infant was popular. An unknown old woman passed through the window of the baby. For him, she paid a small amount of money. Then the elderly woman again returned the child to the mother and father. On those few coins that were received for "sold" babies in the temple bought candlesPeople believed that the fire of such candles invokes life. The meaning of this tradition was to "to tie" baby to the world to lifeWater from three wellsAt midnight on the eve of the holiday, the peasants collected water from three wells. She sprinkled family members and livestock, bathed her kidsIt was believed that water had healing properties, similar to the Epiphany

Folk omens and customs at the Meeting of the Lord

One of the most important folk traditions at the Meeting is the consecration of candles in the temple. Once it was believed that such candles help protect the crop from hail, and a person — from the evil eye, lightning strike and various diseases.

For the first time, the Sretensky candle was lit immediately upon returning from the temple. During the year it was used in the following cases:

  • the approach of a terrible storm;
  • fire;
  • the occurrence of complications in women in labor;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • deadly disease (it was believed that this candle will help a person more easily to enter another world).

Folk omens and customs at the Meeting of the Lord

Those who do not have the opportunity to visit the temple on this holiday can read the prayers at home. Besides the common prayers — "Our Father", "Symbol of faith", "Rejoice, Virgin Mary …", read and special chants:

Folk omens and customs at the Meeting of the Lord

This holiday appeared among the ancient Slavs long before the spread of Christianity. Therefore, the Meeting brings together not only Orthodox, but also pagan traditions, which are closely intertwined with each other.

The ancient Slavs celebrated the Gromnitsa, or Sustretiev day, on February 2 in the old style, honoring the winter goddess Maru and the spring — Lel. Perun was also recalled with his wife Dodola, the patroness of lightning. Slavs believed that during this period, the spring first occurs in winter.

Gromnitsa is the only day of the year when thunder could boom in the middle of winter.

The ancient Slavs had widespread traditions related to the worship of gods on the day of the Meeting, as well as signs and superstitions by which it was possible to predict what the next year would be.

The most common customs among the ancient Slavs:

TraditionHow and why the ritual was performed
Sun WorshipIt was customary to worship the sun at Candlemas. The magi performed rituals to invoke heat and light. The meeting was not allowed to be bored, as the god of the Sun Yarilo responded with warmth and joy to those who meet him in an appropriate frame of mind.
Doll of joy ErzovkaThe peasants wore the streets on a long pole Erzovka — a doll made of straw. She brought good luck, love and happiness
Sretensky pancakesIt was taken oven to the table Sretensky pancakes — a symbol of the sun. In the people it was believed that they would help to invoke the luminary as soon as possible, and then spring would not take long
Children’s traditionAmong the children there was a common tradition to go out on a hill at dusk and call on the sun: "Sun-vedryshko, look out the window!". If the sun showed, it meant that the frosts will not last long. If not, it was a foreshadowing of the long cold

Before the adoption of Christianity in Russia on this day, it was decided to make a loud candle, which protected housing from lightning. In pagan times, it belonged to all the villagers.

It was made from wax collected from each house.

At the request of the candle could make the owner of the house. It was very large, often in height to ten palms.

The head of the family took her to the temple (a place for idolatry) for consecration, and then returned her home. If there were no temples, then the candle was lit at home, in the red corner.

Another rite of manufacture of a loud candle was called "girlish braid". It was made by women, weaving thin candles into a plait."Girlish braid" possessed similar properties.

She guarded the house from lightning, and the household — from quarrels and misunderstandings.

Signs for the Meeting allowed to predict what the year will be, whether spring will come soon, whether the wish will be fulfilled, whether there will be prosperity in the house. Also, people believed that with the help of special actions that day it was possible to attract good luck, well-being and health to the house.

The meeting is the middle of the winter period in the calendar of farmers. On this day, they watched the weather to determine what the upcoming harvest would be. Regarding weather conditions, the following national signs:

Thaw has comeSpring will be early
Cold weatherCold spring is coming
The sky is dotted with starsThe heat will not come soon, spring is expected late
The sun came out of the clouds before sunsetThe cold will end soon
WillowSpring is coming soon

On what the harvest will be, on the day of the Meeting, the following signs were judged:

  • Began drops — expect a rich wheat harvest.
  • Blizzard — the year will be poor, lean.
  • In the morning wentsnow — Early bread will give a good harvest.
  • The snow began in the late afternoon — bread will not rise soon; By the end of the day — they will be late.
  • The wind got stronger — fruit trees will give a bountiful harvest.
  • Snowstorm and blizzard — a sign of poor harvest. People said: "Blizzard sweeps food" (grain reserves will be insufficient next year, and cattle will have to be undernourished next winter).

By some signs you can find out whether the next year will be rich. But it is necessary to take into account that it is better not to commit some actions, as this will lead to negative consequences.

Good omenBad sign
  • Accidentally losing money or a wallet promises the acquisition of wealth and success next year.
  • Feed the homeless animal to the Meeting — to gain wealth.
  • Long-time debtor returns the money — this is a good sign, foreshadowing a good reward in the near future
  • Putting coins or banknotes on the dinner table — not enough money.
  • Borrowing or lending money problems and quarrels with relatives are possible.
  • Raise found in the money — in this holiday sorcerers often make coins and bills shifting damage.
  • Quarrel with family members — the year will be financially unstable

In order not to be ill the whole year, on the day of the Presentation it is recommended to visit the temple and pray to God for your health and loved ones. Several candles are taken from the church, and when they come home, they are lit.

If the light burns smoothly — next year there will be no illnesses in the family. If it flutters, it becomes blue — someone from the household can get sick.

In order not to have a headache, you should lightly burn a strand of hair with a Sretensky candle. This is done crosswise. The extinguished candle must be broken and laid out at the corners of the room.

Candle pieces will help preserve the health of households and protect the home from lightning.

At Candlemas it is not recommended to mention in conversation about seriously ill people. Memories can take their illness on themselves.

To help a person heal, you should go to the temple and, having prayed, put a candle for health.

It was considered bad luck to fall ill on this holiday. Even a small indisposition indicates that a person will be prone to disease for the entire period until the next Meeting.

To avoid this, you should go to the temple and collect holy water there. Before going to bed, you need to drink it, saying a prayer: "Lord, I ask you with all my heart, take away all the sick from me next year. Send me good health so that no dryness can overcome me.

Amen". After reading the prayer, you must go to bed, and in the morning — wash your face with the remnants of holy water.

There were also signs and superstitions at Sretenie, associated with damage, fulfillment of desire, attraction of luck and reconciliation.

What is the signInterpretation
DefacementThe holy water recruited at Candlemas was placed near the head of the bed, where the man was sleeping, all night. If by the morning she acquired a dark shade or became dull, it means that she was beaten down or jinxed
LuckTo attract good luck, you should bake pancakes for candy. But you can eat them only after the first star rises. After that, you can call all the household at the table and pray to the Lord. Only then can you start the meal
TruceA person who escapes someone, holding a grudge and not wanting to make contact, can use the Candy for truce. This day should "by chance" meet an angry person, and all the insults will pass immediately. In the old days, if a girl or a boy suffered from unrequited love, healers gave them a recommendation: to approach this person on the Day of Meeting and to greet him. Love object will be glad to meet you.
Fulfillment of desire
  • if on this day, being in the temple, asking the Lord about what you want is a dream that will definitely come true;
  • a girl who wants to get married should wash all the floors on the eve of the Meeting of the House;
  • if you managed to meet three pregnant women in Candlemas, you can safely make a wish — it will come true

Rituals and sacraments have special power on this day. In Candlemas you can hold a ceremony to attract good luck, to overcome the difficulties of life, the fulfillment of the cherished dream.

The following ordinance will help attract luck in all matters for a year until the next Meeting.

For the following ritual will require:

  • icons: "Candlemas"The virgin "Iverskaya"the face of a guardian angel;
  • wax church candle of red color, set in a candlestick made of crystal (can be replaced with one made of bronze or silver);
  • red tablecloth or cut;
  • black linen cut;
  • New Testament;
  • house key (apartment);
  • iron padlock and two keys;
  • matches

Before performing this ritual, it is necessary to adhere to a strict fast during the day. The sacrament is held at sunrise. The sequence of actions in preparation for the ceremony:

  1. 1. On the table lay a red tablecloth, set the icons in the shape of a semicircle.
  2. 2. Put a candle in the center.
  3. 3. On the lower right corner of the table put the key to the home, the lock in the clear and two keys.
  4. 4. Place the New Testament in the lower left corner.
  5. 5. On the floor lay a cut of black fabric.
  6. 6. Conduct the rite to stand in the center of the canvas and say a prayer (see below).
  7. 7. Light a candle.
  8. 8. After this pronunciation of the word prayer vault (see below).

The text of the prayer: "Lord Almighty, Wonderful King! Help me soon, Your humble servant (name).

Travel in this rite of happiness. All-holy Mati Iverskaya, come and help me, help me to be happy.

Guardian angel, its wings fall, help this ceremony to hold, to receive my happiness.

  • once — "Our Father";
  • four times — the prayer of the Mother of God "Iverskaya";
  • once to the Guardian Angel;
  • once — the Gospel reading (Luke 2: 25-32)

After preparing and reading the prayer book, the ceremony itself is held:

  1. 1. Take the apartment key, lock and other two keys.
  2. 2. Hang the key from the house on the handle of the lock and read the plot text three times (see below);
  3. 3. Lock the first key. Throw him with his right hand over the left shoulder so that he falls to the floor beyond the border of the black fabric on which the conducting rite stands.
  4. 4. Then open the lock with the second key. With the handle to remove the key from the home and put in your pocket. Plot read 4 more times.
  5. 5. Lock the second key and throw in the same way as the first.
  6. 6. After that, put the lock on the floor and step on it with the right heel.
  7. 7. Reread the prayer book.

Folk omens and customs at the Meeting of the Lord

When the candle burns to the end, it is necessary to read any Orthodox prayer. Lock and two keys attributed to different intersections and leave without looking.

Accessories and holy faces, used during the ceremony, are placed in the kiot until the next time.

To overcome difficulties make the following rite:

  1. 1. Into the glass, take holy water and take three sips.
  2. 2. After this, they say a prayer three times. "Our Father".
  3. 3. Then put a glass of water on the table, to the right and left of it setting two Sretensky candles.
  4. 4. On the water three times utter the words of the conspiracy: "Yako pours holy water, wild winds blow in the field. There will be grief and trouble. And the servant of the Lord (imenirek) was washed with pure dew, blown with light wind. Intelligent and lucky will be the servant of the Lord (name). Everything in life will be contacted and flown together, and all obstacles and barriers will disperse, as if they had not been for ever. A conspiracy lock, and the key — in the sea-okiyan, for Alatyr-stone Amen".
  5. 5. Wait for the candles to burn out to the end.
  6. 6. Drink the remaining water in the glass for three days, dividing it into equal parts.

The following spell should be recited 8 times, facing east:

"Crowds of people at the church gates, meets the Lord Christ, the young child. The Mother of God with the Child goes, the elder Simeon lays his bow in the earth.

I also bow to the Savior, the Infant Christ, I bow down to the earth to Christ the Cross. I bow to Our Lady to the very earth, and whisper the cherished dream to the Infant (to utter a wish).

Yako met the people of the Savior, so that what I desire soon be fulfilled. Amen".

The church prescribes a number of rules that must be observed on this holiday. In Candy it is impossible:

  • Work. Making money in the Candy is a sin. There is an exception: those whose professions are aimed at helping other people can work (doctors, rescuers of the Emergency Ministry and others).
  • Drinking alcohol. Spirits obscure the mind and alienate from the Lord, therefore, in the Candlemas, their use is prohibited.
  • Do homework. To purify the soul, you must devote time to God on this day.
  • Scandalize, curse, engage in conflicts. Foul language destroys man’s connection to Heaven. It is a mortal sin, and in the Meeting is strictly prohibited.
  • Handicraft During this activity, a woman can forget about the church and the Lord. The modern church allows you to do needlework in the event that a person does not forget to pray in time.
  • To guess. True Christians do not do magic. Any attempts to find out the future are regarded as doubt in God’s providence and are sinful.

After the Presentation for Orthodox Christians, Lent comes — a time of humility and repentance before the Lord. Those who performed rituals and rituals on this holiday, it is useful to join the post, to cleanse the soul before the coming of the next bright holiday — Easter.

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