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Folk omens and beliefs for every day of the week

Signs for each day of the week: decoding features

Signs for every day of the week are very relevant in our time. People who strive for a successful and comfortable life tend to believe in mysticism and signs of fate. We often hope that the existing beliefs will help us ward off misfortune, avoid trouble, and be realized in the area where we are particularly lucky.

Young beauties, dreaming of a prince, are especially attentive and sensitive to various circumstances that somehow hint at a fateful date.

Living day after day, the observant person brought out some regularities. So there were signs for every day of the week.

Folk omens and beliefs for every day of the week


Since ancient times, Monday is considered to be a difficult day. Ancestors believed that during this period all the devilry exerted its activity, preventing people from their activities.

Modern residents of megacities will agree with this, because after an active weekend, I especially do not want to go to work and do current office work.

On this day, it was not accepted to start something new, it will not bring success. A business trip or a business trip can turn into a waste of time and not bring the desired result.

Financial investments will be unpromising, so you should not invest in large projects or just lend money.

Women should not experiment with their appearance. All negative energy can be imprinted on your new image.

For men, a haircut on Monday can result in a loss of money, fraud on the part of those who pretended to be your partner or companion.

Ancestors on this day began to engage in agriculture or construction. Everything foreshadowed a positive outcome. Work on this day will bring profit and mark the future prospects.

You will feel a lot of strength and energy, and your desires will expand the boundaries of opportunities.

Travel and country trips will be especially successful at this time. Going on a trip on Tuesday, it is very likely that you will meet interesting people, learn many new things and be inspired by ideas for further development.

Folk omens and beliefs for every day of the week

Students taking the exam on Tuesday — means to get a positive mark in the record book. Your knowledge, self-confidence and assertiveness will enchant the teacher.

But we should not slow down the pace, while the brain is in working condition, it should be puzzled by new goals.

On Wednesday, our ancestors preferred to fast and engage in physical labor. Planting on this day promise to bring a good harvest.

In the middle of the week, a modern man in the street can safely end up with something that has long been demanding its logical conclusion. Changing your place of residence or citizenship will negatively affect the future quality of your life, but only for a certain time.

Often, these difficulties are attributed to the addiction to the new environment, lifestyle and terrain features.

In the morning before dawn, our great-grandfathers tried to wash themselves with well water, this gave a person health, positive thoughts and creative impulse. They believed that on this day water has a special power, capable of energizing and catching up streams of various goods.

The girls loved guessing on the water, trying to look into the future and see the betrothed. It was decided to woo the bride on Thursday, as it promised the newlyweds a long and happy family life.

Nowadays, Thursday is perceived as an easy day. According to the signs, this is a good day for active and purposeful people.

Thursday is patronized by the planet Mercury. And she likes to support those who strive for success, career growth and welfare. But it is worth fearing the levity and lightheadedness of this planet.

For the sake of a minute of fun and tomfoolery people can lose all financial resources without the possibility of recovery. But this will never happen to generous and kind people.

He punishes only greedy personalities who are ready to give everything for a minute benefit.

This day, like Monday, is not intended for new beginnings. Cancel all the important things — it means to keep everything that you saved all week.

This will not concern only material resources. Such advice extends to knowledge, new experience and qualifications gained during this period.

According to the biblical tributes on Friday, Jesus Christ was crucified, therefore the day is considered mournful and unhappy. It was excluded to laugh and have fun before noon, to do all the women’s work — to wash, clean, sew.

But on the other hand, this day is protected by Venus — the planet of love. Therefore, the evening should be held in a circle of friends and relatives, in a calm and homely atmosphere. Cutting nails and washing women’s hair on Friday is a bad sign.

Superstition says that on Friday, nails and hair are endowed with magical powers that contribute to their growth and health. Cut or wash — means to deprive them of good energy and protection from the negative.

Modern signs say that Friday promotes trade and business. Everything that you try to realize on this day will surely turn into profit.

Folk omens and beliefs for every day of the week

This day has long been considered the time of household chores. It is recommended to engage in personal hygiene and clean house.

Trips and travels on this day will be especially remembered for you and will bring a lot of impressions.

Cases started on Saturday will not have a quick implementation, all the time you will be stopped by certain circumstances and slow down the work process.

Meetings with relatives and evening gatherings will safely affect your emotional state. Women wear new and clean underwear on Saturday — will be a very auspicious sign.

But this does not mean that you need to buy a new set for every Saturday. It is enough to do it once, and you will already see the result.


In Russia, on Sunday, it was customary to attend church services, distribute alms and engage in charity. Work on this day was prohibited.

This day of rest was spent with a family in conversations over tea drinking.

Do not rest on this day — depriving yourself of the opportunity to gain strength and energy. So for a week to feel overwhelmed and haggard.

Modern people spend this day in the fresh air, using the moment to do their favorite active sports: cycling, fishing, hiking in the woods. Shopping and gatherings in a cafe with girlfriends for women at this time will be very useful.

Do not deny yourself Sunday pleasures.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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