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Folk omens and beliefs about the weather on the Pokrov Blessed Virgin Mary (October 14)

People signs of weather on Pokrov the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pokrova is an Orthodox holiday, celebrated annually on October 14. The people of the Feast of the Intercession of the Most Holy Lady of Our Lady and Virgin Mary are also often called Svadebnik, First First Dressing, Dressing, Covering, Harvest Festival and the Day of the Most Pure.

Observed weather signs on Pokrov are valuable information that helps people plan housekeeping and adjust their privacy.

In the view of the people, the feast of the Intercession is closely connected with worldly traditions. The Mother of God, spreading a white veil over Constantinople and saving its inhabitants from the massacre, was often associated with the arrival of winter and snow.

This was also due to numerous signs of weather on Pokrov:

  • The appearance of snowflakes in the sky until October 14 — the autumn weather will drag out for a long time.
  • What a day on Pokrov — this will be the winter.
  • It will rain the earth on the day of the feast — the bees grace. Wait for a good honey bribe next year.
  • No snow for the festival — do not expect a good harvest. It is raining — a sign that the next two weeks will be rainy and wet weather.
  • Snow fell in Pokrov — on Dmitriev day (November 8) and the day of the Holy Catherine (December 7) it will not be.
  • The snow shroud did not envelop the earth on Pokrov — there will be no snow at Christmas.
  • Cranes flying off to the festival carry warmth on the wings and foreshadow the arrival of a cold and harsh winter.
  • Birch and oak dropped their leaves before the day of the Light holiday — to the merciless cold and lingering winter storms. The remaining foliage on the trees — winter will pass easily and imperceptibly.
  • From where the wind to Pokrov, from there and the first frosts. In the days of the festivities, the north wind will bring quick chill and predicts a difficult winter, a westerly one will give a lot of snow, an easterly one will mean little snow for the winter. The wind is from the south — the winter will be mild. Changeable sail — to the same unstable weather for the whole winter.

Folk omens and beliefs about the weather on the Pokrov Blessed Virgin Mary (October 14)

With the arrival of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, the wedding awaited the lovers, and when they sat in the maidens, with the observance of the rituals, the celebration guaranteed a quick marriage.

Traditions and signs of the Intercession Svadebnik:

  • The more snow falls on Pokrov, the more girls will put on their wedding veil.
  • The gusty and strong wind on this day will bring with it a lot of brides.
  • Girls who have washed their faces with snow that fell on a holiday will become even rouge and more beautiful. From the suitors they will not end up.
  • In order to find a couple for unmarried daughters, one of the parents followed with a broom of revenge on Pokrovsky snow to the threshold of his house.
  • The guy who met the girl on Pokrova will be her fiance, and their wedding is just around the corner.
  • To the girl who was the first to put a candle in front of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos in the church, fate prepared a quick marriage.
  • It is fun to celebrate the day — to the appearance of a caring betrothed, to spend it in cares and boredom — the groom will be unkind and syskuetsya not soon.
  • To lure the groom will be baked on the eve of the holiday bread. Loaf you need to cook the girl with his own hands and put it in the evening on the window sill that goes outside.
  • Young people who played the wedding on the day of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary will live in love and prosperity.
  • Couples, in order to live in perfect harmony throughout the year, should not swear and quarrel during the Pokrovsky celebrations.

Superstition of the Day’s cover, helping to keep the warmth of the home and cope with the winter cold:

  1. 1. Prepare a house for the winter should be before the holidays: "You can’t warm up a house before Pokrova — you will freeze all winter".
  2. 2. To heat on this day the furnace with logs of apple trees — the heat will remain in the fierce cold.
  3. 3. Bake pancakes and go around all corners of the house with a filled plate to "bake the house" and cajole the brownie. The more pancakes — the more sun will be in the house.
  4. 4. To get rid of the unkind eye before the onset of the holiday celebrations it was recommended to burn all old clothes, and to add to the course — worn-out shoes.
  5. 5. The one who helped the poor and the poor on Pokrov will be granted a fruitful and fruitful year. By deeds and will be rendered.

Folk beliefs claim that the prayer to the Mother of God addressed on the day of the great holiday will be heard, for on this day for all sinful souls the Most Holy Mother of God asks for intercession from God.

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