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Folk omens about food

Folk omens about food

For life, man always needed good nutrition. That is why many folk signs will be associated with food. By observing them, you can avoid troubles and troubles, and also find out what will happen to you in the future.

Popular wisdom has repeatedly rescued people in difficult situations. Our ancestors believed that sometimes fate itself gives us signs that something important will happen to us soon. Most of the people will be associated with the house, life and, of course, food.

In Russia, people treated food differently, because she got it with great difficulty. For this reason, signs began to appear that warned of important events and sometimes helped to avoid trouble.

Signs about food

If you do not want your children to become thieves or fraudsters, never eat in the dark.

Probably, everyone has heard that it is impossible to pass things through the threshold, since it is in this place that evil spirits accumulate. If you still eat at the same time, then you will incur troubles.

Never eat while studying, otherwise «eat» all that has been learned.

The bread in the oven is badly baked — for parting or long separation.

Throwing bread — a terrible sin. If you still have uneaten crusts, feed them to the birds, otherwise you will have to live in poverty.

Whoever eats bread, natural disasters will never harm.

The first pancake is called the «funeral.» He is put on the windowsill, calling for dinner the souls of the departed.

You can not eat peas on an empty stomach, so as not to jinx anyone.

Sprinkle salt to grief. To avoid danger, you need to collect spilled salt and throw it over your shoulder.

If while cooking salt accidentally fell into the fire, it means that there will be discord in the family.

Pour tea — to a pleasant surprise.

If after lunch there was a dirty spoon on the table — expect uninvited guests.

Bite your tongue while eating — to lie.

If the eggshell got into the eggs, it means that someone is preparing to harm you.

Over-salted scrambled eggs mean that they want to annoy you.

You can not chew or drink in front of the mirror — swallow your beauty.

To find happiness, before and after dinner, you must eat a piece of white bread.

Dropping a plate of food — to hunger.

You can not start eating fish from the head — you can call trouble.

If there is one spoon in the saucepan, put another one to it, and then you will soon find your love.

If a seagull is floating in a glass of water, expect good news.

In order not to be a widow, never unbutton your belt after eating.

Never eat up a piece, bitten by another person, otherwise you will take away his problems and troubles.

Water is an important source of strength and energy. Our ancestors gave it a special, magical value. For this reason, there will be many signs and beliefs about water, thanks to which you can protect yourself and your loved ones from trouble. We wish you success and well-being, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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