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Folk omens about flowers

Folk omens about flowers

In the people there are a large number of signs associated with flowers. It is believed that plants affect the person, the atmosphere in the house, and also have the ability to foreshadow the upcoming events. We still believe that cacti in the house bring bad luck, and the yellow bouquet of flowers predicts a quick separation.

Is it really, we will try to figure it out.

What flowers can not be kept at home

Our ancestors treated home plants with care. There are a number of plants that absolutely can not be kept in the house. These indoor flowers emit negative energy, causing the atmosphere in the house to become tense. Hazardous colors for home include:

Ivy. This plant, according to national signs, is a danger to women. It is believed that if a woman holds ivy in the house, then it will be very difficult for her to get married.

Eli believed ancient legends, ivy survives from the house of men and does not allow anyone to visit its owner.

Violets. Bad flowers among the people received these flowers. It is believed that violets can not be kept at home to young girls.

Violet brings failures in love and attracts women’s diseases.

Ficus. Many legends and beliefs are associated with this plant. Some claim that the ficus brings happiness and money to the house, while others call him an energy vampire. What to believe?

If we turn to the Chinese Feng Shui teaching, then the ficus will be useful in the house only if quarrels and scandals often arise among family members. Ficus will take away the negative energy and the atmosphere in the house will improve.

Good signs about indoor colors

There are plants that have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere at home. This is spathiphyllum, bamboo, aloe and bolster. These homemade flowers attract money, well-being, health and love to your home.

There are several signs associated with these home colors.

In order for the crotch to attract money, you need to put a coin on the bottom of the pot. The more petals on this plant, the more money will be in the house.

If aloe does not bloom for a long time, then you will soon expect an illness. Take care of this plant as best you can, and then no diseases will overcome you.

Bamboo should be kept in the office. If he grows fast and well near your desk, then this is a happy sign, which means that very soon your work at work will go smoothly.

What does the color of flowers mean

What flowers do you most often give? If you pay attention to the color of the bouquet, you can predict the upcoming events. According to the old sign, each color of a plant means a particular event in life.

Red flowers symbolizes passion and strong emotions. People say that if a man gives a woman red bouquets, he is serious about her. This may indicate an imminent wedding.

Yellow flowers People earned notoriety. It is believed that the yellow bouquet is a harbinger of separation. It is not necessary to give a bouquet of this color to a person with whom you do not want to part.

Blue colour — a symbol of kindness and sincere intentions. Blue flowers, according to ancient signs, symbolize the purity of thoughts and a strong emotional connection with the person to whom the bouquet is intended.

White bouquets It is accepted to give only on a wedding. White color is a symbol of purity, innocence and the beginning of a new life. If a man gives a woman a bouquet of white flowers out of wedlock, then this is a good omen and a precursor of a quick wedding.

To believe national signs or not — a personal matter. In any case, admire the flowers and enjoy their beautiful view, then they will certainly attract good luck to you. We wish you happiness and do not forget to press the buttons and

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