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Folk omens: 10 things that bring happiness to the house

Folk omens: 10 things that bring happiness to the house

Happiness in the house depends not only on the positive mood of the owner. There are things that attract good luck and prosperity.

We are familiar with the list of things that bring misfortune and poverty. Let’s find out what signs will return the well-being and good luck.

1. Horseshoe. According to popular belief, she brings good luck and health. It is believed that luck is always on horseback, and a horseshoe is needed.

She will show good luck the way to your home. Properly place the horseshoe is very important. With a good choice of the place of its location in the house there will be happiness and prosperity, and sorrows and illnesses will pass by.

To activate the charm it is necessary to acquaint the horseshoe with the whole house, show it the location of the rooms and ask for protection and well-being. Do not forget to tell a horseshoe how it helps.

2. Garlic. The most likely cause of discord in the house is evil.

Many were faced with the fact that household chores are not going well — then the dishes will slip out of their hands, then quarrels, then their mood will deteriorate. Garbage is used to pacify evil spirits, as well as against the evil eye and damage. With its addition, you can make a strong charm that will protect the house from negative energy.

For the general cleaning of the house, garlic is hung in a secluded place under the ceiling, asking for protection from the evil eye and evil. The use of garlic in the food increases immunity and cleans from the negative effects of ill-wishers.

3. Honey. For those who want the house to be a full cup, you should stock up on honey.

Honey is an excellent love remedy for the person you like. Treating him with a sweet delicacy, the hostess shows herself to be welcoming, and the guest remembers the house as cozy and welcoming.

It serves as a delicacy for the brownie. As people used to say: «Honey in the house — wealth in the house». Fresh honey is poured on a beautiful saucer with a pattern, saying sweet words to the house man: “Taste the honey, Father Brownie, protect the house from adversity, bring us happiness and prosperity.

And may he be as sweet as honey. ”.

4. Apples. By sign, to keep apples in the house — to have plenty.

With their freshness they will ensure you a good mood and will not allow you to be sad. Positive energy, which they poured during the summer, will penetrate into the house and clean it at all energy levels.

Place an even, filling apple without wormholes in a beautiful dish, tie a bow of satin ribbon on the stalk and say: “I firmly tighten the bundle, luring happiness into the house. The apple bulk in the kitchen is — order and allowance will save «.

5. Icon. At all times icons for believers were the strongest charms and helpers. They are asked for advice and protection, they pray for health.

Icons are able to drive away any famously encroached upon your dwelling.

Place icons in the house should be wisely. Respectful and caring attitude to the holy faces undoubtedly will bring peace and tranquility to all living in the house and purify its energy.

6. Pin. The most common remedy for the evil eye is a pin.

Happiness in the house bring not only wealth, but also the health of residents. Bad thoughts often enter the home of uninvited guests, and sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of them.

To activate a pin as Slavic amulet «> protective amulet it is necessary to ignite it over the fire, rinse it in running water and cover it with a mixture of salt and pepper for the night.

7. The little bell. The melodious ringing of the bell is able to return the mood to the house, turn away all evil spirits and resist the encroachments of evil forces.

In the people it was believed that the best to choose the bell from silver or iron. It should have a clean, non-annoying jingle.

To activate the charm it is enough to hang it in the place where it will often ring. Listen to his chime. If the melody changes, it becomes plaintive or completely silent, it’s time to change the defender, as he absorbed too much negative energy.

8. Soap. A symbol of purity and health — a piece of ordinary soap. Many signs are associated with it, although few know about them.

Make your bathroom a temple of purification and clean energy will help the dried piece of soap in a beautiful box tied with a ribbon.

You can activate the soap for protection in the following way: light a white candle; take 2 pieces of soap without chemical additives, wash your hands to the elbow and say: “As the water with foam washes away the dirt, so the soap protects the house. From illnesses, from the evil eye, from the negative, from the scandals «. One piece put in the bathroom, the other in the toilet.

9. Candles. Candles cast from wax are a powerful talisman that brings well-being to the house in all areas.

No house can do without a candle, a symbol of light and wisdom. Church candles work best with this feature.

Left alone, light a candle and go around the whole house without missing a single corner. Do a house cleansing rite, ask for protection and light in the house and in the soul. Place a candle sticking in front of the icon or find a place on the east side of the house where you can place a ward.

10. The mirror. Best of all, a round mirror in a wooden frame works as a talisman.

In the house where the harmony and mutual understanding reigns, it absorbs positive energy and returns it a hundredfold. Do not come to the mirror charm with a bad mood. Do not quarrel before him and do not swear.

Activate the mirror to protect the preferable woman. Dampen a clean cloth with your favorite perfume and wipe the surface in a circular motion. On the night in front of the mirror, place a beautiful deep plate.

Fill it with symbolic objects (a coin for prosperity, a hairbrush for beauty, a family photo for well-being) and ask for protection.

Happiness in a house depends not only on charms and objects of power, but also on your desire to preserve comfort and harmony. Not only the house needs to be cleaned of negative energy. Your attitude towards yourself and others also affects the atmosphere of happiness and goodness. Live in peace with yourself and your loved ones, and do not forget to press buttons and

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