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Flower «Women’s happiness»: signs and superstitions about spathiphyllum

Flower «Female happiness»: signs and superstitions about spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum is one of the most popular indoor plants. A lot of superstitions will be made about “Women’s happiness”: having learned about the true purpose of this plant, you will be able to decide exactly whether to keep a spathiphyllum in your home.

Spathiphyllum is the most common gift for an unmarried girl or young family. It is believed that «Women’s happiness» harmonizes the vital energy in the house, contributes to the harmony between households and enhances women’s attractiveness. Signs about this plant will help you find out the hidden potential of spathiphyllum.

If you give a flower to an unmarried young girl with a sincere wish for happiness, she will find a life partner as soon as the first bud blooms.

Spathiphyllum, presented to a couple by close friends, will help refresh the relationship, and if the flower is presented by parents, then soon we should expect an addition to a young family.

To find your true love, it is necessary to achieve the simultaneous flowering of the seven buds of the spathiphyllum.

“Women’s happiness” can bring insane passion into old relationships and protect them from marital infidelity. To do this, a pot with a flower to put in the bedroom.

The aroma of the first bud of the new spathiphyllum is able to bring happiness to your family: for this, everyone must smell the flower, and after the bud has faded, it must be kept in a closed container.

When transferring «Women’s Happiness» to another pot, it is necessary to say the words: «As a flower has moved to a new house, so has a new happiness come to my house.» This conspiracy will bring you good luck and save you from problems.

In order for a husband and wife to live in peace and harmony, they need to inhale the aroma of spathiphyllum together.

If a woman wants to get pregnant, she needs to buy “Women’s Happiness”, on which there are several buds, and let them blossom.

Spathiphyllum can bring financial success to your home. To increase material well-being, it is necessary to grow a flower from a small sprout and let it bloom. Faded buds need to be collected in a green bag and put in the place where you store family savings.

In order for this plant to bring you women’s health, you need to cut off one of the leaves of the spathiphyllum, wrap it in dense fabric and tie it to a sore spot overnight. In the morning, the leaf must be buried in the ground, or lowered into the flow pond.

«Women’s happiness» can be given to unmarried friends with the sincere wish of home warmth and comfort. This gift must be bought on «women’s» days: Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

If the spathiphyllum fell ill or died immediately after it was presented to you, then most likely the donor did not wish you well.

Flower disease foreshadows family squabbles and money problems. To avoid trouble, the flower must be cured.

A cut bouquet of spathiphyllum flowers is presented as a sign of sincere love and respect.

Knowing the features of this wonderful plant, you can attract success, joy and happiness in your life. For a long time, indoor flowers are endowed with mystical properties: for example, a money tree with proper care can bring wealth and prosperity to your home. We wish you flowers, beauty and happiness. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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