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Flower male happiness: signs and superstitions, with which plant it should be combined

Flower «Man’s happiness» — signs and superstitions

For the first time having bought a flower for male happiness, signs and superstitions most people do not know about it. In itself, this plant looks interesting and bright, so it is brought into the house just as a decor.

However, the name of the flower sounds quite intriguing, so here you are! Today you will find out that you have brought this “pet” not in vain …

Flower male happiness: signs and superstitions, with which plant it should be combined

What signs are associated with it?

  • House plants very rarely delight the owners with their color. As soon as they are decorated with flowers with a characteristic stamen, this is a sign from fate: in the life of the head of the family (and perhaps even all households), a white stripe begins.
  • It is believed that men need to buy only a plant with blue flowers, since this color is most suitable for the stronger sex. But esoteric people do not agree: they consider anthuriums with red, white and even pink flowers to be equally successful for the stronger sex.
  • Male happiness becomes a real talisman during the flowering period.
  • The flower you personally bought will undoubtedly bring a lot of positive into the house. But the strong magic properties will have a plant, presented to you by anyone.
  • It is believed that this plant affects only men, but it is not entirely true. Esoterics advise to keep him and couples, especially too emotional, often clarifying the relationship. Anthurium will smooth out the «corners» in the communication of such a pair, bringing harmony to the house due to the absorption of the negative in the air.
  • Also, male happiness is shown to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Many magicians recommend giving a flower to their old parents, as thanks to this bright inhabitant of the window sill they will feel much better.
  • This is a real energy “battery” for a melancholic person, as well as a person whose work is connected with constant communication, and he literally “burns out” from it. In homes where «lacquer» anthurium leaves are turning green, it is very rare to be sad and indulge in despondency.
  • Some traditional healers advise men to start this plant with the first problems with men’s health, and especially with man’s strength.
  • You can also donate anthurium to a lonely girl for a drink. If she puts the pot in the bedroom (preferably on the bedside table, you can also on the window, if it is located near the bed), the flower will eventually attract the groom to her, and the future spouse will be a very worthy person.
  • If a girl — the owner of an anthurium gets married (or begins to live with a boyfriend), then one more plant, called female happiness, should be paired with the anthurium. About him — below. It is important: for both plants to “work” fully, each spouse must personally take care of his plant. That is, the guy waters the male, and the girl — female happiness.
  • Is there a constant lack of money in your family? You need not one, but several pots with these flowers at once (they can be of the same or different shades — this is not essential). As you take care of them, your wallet will get fat.

Flower male happiness: signs and superstitions, with which plant it should be combined

Important! It is best to put a pot of male happiness in the bedroom.

Moreover, there should be no electrical appliances next to him — they will steal the magical energy of this living talisman.

How to care for a flower so that it does not die?

Only a healthy, happy plant can take trouble away from home and bring good luck. So that the leaves of male happiness do not wither, you need to look after the plant all year round, since it is quite capricious. As some hostesses joke: “Well, one to one as my spouse!”

  • With the same disdain, anthurium refers to both heat and cold; over dry soil and abundant watering. All he needs in moderation — and heat, and moisture. Water it a little bit, as soon as the ground in the pot dries.
  • It is noteworthy that in the summer it should be hidden in the shade, and in the winter it should be placed on a sunny window-sill.
  • The main enemy of male happiness are considered drafts. Therefore, it should not be kept on the problem window, from which it constantly blows, and under the air conditioner.
  • Leaves love when they are sprayed from time to time. The flowers, on the contrary, can even become sick from contact with water.
  • Replant the plant is in the spring. Does your pet need it? Yes, if the roots are not sticking out of the pot, or the ground inside is covered with white bloom. Do it by the method of transshipment. If your «green friend» is covered with flowers, it is not scary.
  • The roots do not like deep pots (they inhibit flowering). They taste soils with deciduous humus and moss particles, as well as drainage.
  • Immediately after transplantation, do not water it for at least 2 weeks.
  • Young anthurium transplanted every spring. If he has reached a solid age (older than 4 years), he can be re-rolled every 3 years.

The esoteric noted: if, despite the most careful care, the leaves of this “creature” inevitably wilt, it can speak about the bad spiritual qualities of its owner.

With which plant is it worth «marry»?

Flower male happiness: signs and superstitions, with which plant it should be combined

To make Anthurium more “open” in the house where the couple live, it is “strengthened” by another flower — female happiness, or a spatiphillum. These plants even look somewhat similar — the same wide tropical leaves, flat single petals, long stamens.

Whatever capricious anthurium, female happiness can not only be put next to him on the windowsill, but also planted in one pot — the plants will live together perfectly, like a real married couple. By the way, it is from such a close neighborhood that the maximum harmony is created in the relations of the owners of these domestic «pets».

If each spouse takes care of the flower “owed” to him, the magic of these children of nature will not only lengthen family love, but also awaken it if the feeling dulls life. And besides, closely neighboring plants, even material wealth in the family lure.

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