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Flower Female happiness (Spathiphyllum) — signs and superstitions

Flower female happiness (Spathiphyllum) — signs and superstitions

There are many legends, rumors and signs about the extraordinary flower Spathiphyllum. Some say that it is a plant that gives women unprecedented opportunities.

Others — that with him an ordinary woman finds not only stunning luck, but also finds long-awaited happiness. No wonder that the flower Spathiphyllum is translated as “Women’s Happiness”.

Flower Female happiness (Spathiphyllum) - signs and superstitions

Buy a wonderful flower — and make a man crazy

Let’s see how effective such a plant is to protect its owner from flourishing and always fascinate men, driving them crazy with her beauty:

  • if a woman who grows this flower is not married, then her ward will imperceptibly make her attractive, endowing with precisely those qualities that can drive a very persistent man into the charms of a woman;
  • Spathiphyllum not only keeps the beauty and youth of a woman, but also takes care of the wonderful state of health, thanks to which its owner achieves happiness;
  • judging by the numerous signs, thanks to “Women’s Happiness”, lovers find each other and create a family, so if you have never had a fan or groom, you need to get a magic flower, then everything will go as if someone is leading the hand of fate.

Surrounded by countless beliefs, signs and legends, this plant spreads its amazing power only in one case — if the mistress surrounds the flower with caress, she is caring and kind, and also sincerely loves her silent pet.

Flower Female happiness (Spathiphyllum) - signs and superstitions

The secret of every woman’s happiness is her children.

Any woman will answer you the question that the only important thing in her life is the health of children. Only with the help of the spathiphyllum, the fair sex appears a guaranteed opportunity to fertilize the seed and conceive the baby.

See how perfect this wonderful flower is! He seemed to breathe health and beauty.

Here are the benefits of this plant promises its mistress:

  • signs indicate that with him you are better and easier to carry the pregnancy, and later — and the birth itself;
  • having such a green friend in the house, you will acquire heirs even if you did not think to think about it before;
  • the very form of the flower suggests that it is the outlines of the figure of a woman in a position, and it is during this period when the fetus barely began to develop.

But what an interesting thing — the plant gives color only with care and attention. And already then real miracles start to happen in the house.

Flower Female happiness (Spathiphyllum) - signs and superstitions

Look after him as your favorite person.

Suppose you have already found a long-awaited spouse. You have kids that grow up before your eyes.

Do I also have to forget about the plant that caused the happy change? Of course, no, because «Women’s Happiness» continues its invisible beneficial effect on everything that happens under the arches of your home:

  • the plant gives the relationship between the spouses a harmonious beginning;
  • with the help of this flower, there are practically no conflicts between adults and children;
  • quarrels and scandals — this is something that never appears in a house where a wonderful flower of happiness grows;
  • thanks to the Spathiphyllum, the woman has completely lost such an unpleasant quality as jealousy, and the very relations between the husband and wife are growing year by year;
  • put «Women’s Happiness» in your bedroom and look after him — and your faithful will never lose interest in you;
  • standing next to the matrimonial bed, a pot with a miraculous plant, according to signs, is able to optimize even unstable intimacy, and over the years your passion will only flare up brighter.

Every woman dreams that under the arches of her home reigned peace and harmony. And if you purchased the flower we are describing, it will become a true peacemaker in your home.

Flower Female happiness (Spathiphyllum) - signs and superstitions

The fragrance of «Women’s Happiness» works wonders

Remember how important a harmonious, balanced flavor is for each person. And now imagine that generator of a beautiful smell, which can be hardly distinguishable, but, nevertheless, has a truly magical effect. The same thing happens with our extraordinary plant:

  • put a flower where it will be at the center of all events — and your husband will completely lose his distrustful attitude towards you, and he will forget about his former suspiciousness forever;
  • make gifts with the flower “Women’s happiness” acquired by you, but only from a pure heart — and you will help a long-suffering person to quickly cope with a chronic illness;
  • for those who cannot find a sense of style in themselves, the plant helps to become a sophisticated fashionista, and if such a flower settles in your home, then you can easily furnish it so that your guests will be completely delighted with your original design;
  • For many people, a divine plant helps to increase self-esteem, while for others it can cause healthy ambitions and strong personal growth.

Especially valued, judging by the signs, such flower abilities as depression depression and other unusual qualities:

  • Spathiphyllum confidently heals the soul of a person who has lost a loved one or has gone through the hardest rupture of personal relationships
  • this flower has a remarkable ability to quietly breathe optimism in you, thanks to this plant, you again look at the world with a smile on your face.

Flower Female happiness (Spathiphyllum) - signs and superstitions

But the absolutely amazing abilities of “Female Happiness” to recognize the future of the groom in a crowd of people:

  • if this flower is given to you by a close relative (we mean father, brother or uncle), then you need to watch him, if the plant has given color — it means your fiance is somewhere nearby;
  • it happens that the miraculous flower begins to shed its leaves — this sign says that next to you is not the one who you really need for building a family.

This plant is capable of transmitting luck «inherited»: your sister can find her happiness in marriage, and give you a flower. If there are no relatives, then buy it yourself, but just don’t take change, give more money than you were asked and try to have it on Saturday, Friday or Wednesday.

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