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February folk signs

People signs of February. When will spring come?

In February, people feel a special need for warmth, sunshine and joy. It can deliver only spring. In the last month of winter, even the most notorious frost supporters begin to miss the summer.

There are a number of folk signs of February, telling us about the approaching warm days.

February 6 — Aksinya Half-Winter

In the Orthodox world, revered holy Xenia. In Russia since ancient times it was decided to guess the weather on the day of the memory of this saint. It begins on February 6, and many traditions are associated with it, which migrated from the distant centuries to the modern world.

For example, what kind of weather will be on Aksinho, such will be spring; warm clear weather — to early spring and warm summer. If Aksinho is raging wind and hard frost, then you can wait for a very late spring.

February 15 — The Meeting of the Lord

Candlemas are a great Orthodox holiday, which is celebrated every year on the same day. Translated from the Old Slavic, the Meeting means «meeting.» This day symbolizes the meeting of not only Jesus Christ with humanity, but also the meeting of winter and spring.

If the weather is clear, windless and sunny at Candlemas, then spring will come very quickly. In the opposite case, it is worth waiting for spring only by the end of March.

By the way, in Western culture, in the USA and Canada, there is a holiday-analogue, called Groundhog Day. In some cities, made special reserves, in which he lives on one marmot. On November 6, people are waiting for whether a woodchuck will emerge from a mink — if it comes out (which happens in cloudy weather, because there is no shade from the sun), then you should wait for the spring to come quickly.

If the bright sun is shining, then the possibility is great that the groundhog will see its shadow and be frightened by running back into the burrow. In this case, the spring will have to wait another one and a half months.

Finally, many Russians will not be tied to a specific day of February, but they also help to learn about the approach of spring:

  • If at the end of February there are long icicles on the roofs, the spring will be long.
  • A warm February promises a cold spring, and a cold one promises a pleasant summer.
  • If it rains in February, spring and summer will be rainy and wet.
  • The colder is the end of February, the warmer is the beginning of spring.
  • Severe frosts indicate the imminent end of winter.

Even now, when the climate has changed a lot and the weather sometimes surprises us a lot, these signs work.

Russian culture has preserved many popular divinations for a variety of occasions, whether it is a happy wedding in spring or a good harvest in autumn. Watch the weather in February to know what lies ahead. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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