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Features folk will take on Pure Thursday before Easter

People signs on Pure Thursday before Easter: holiday traditions

Folk omens on Pure Thursday before Easter will help you know what the next year will bring you, how happy it will be. We will tell you what can and cannot be done on this holiday, how to attract love and financial well-being in 2018.

Folk omens and customs

Believers always follow the signs that always come true on Pure Thursday. We list the most common.

Features folk will take on Pure Thursday before Easter

  • You can not give anything away from home — the applicant will take your luck
  • If the houses are dirty, wait for quarrels for the whole coming year.
  • If you see an unmarried girl on the street counting money, you will find happiness in your personal life. Single people will soon meet their half, and those who are in a couple will restore peace and harmony in the relationship
  • A passionate candle bought on this day in the church shop will bring healing from diseases
  • If you manage to swim, get rid of insults and negative emotions.
  • Ask the Higher Forces for help in love affairs in the morning when you take a shower. The betrothed will appear within a year, and you will quickly play the wedding
  • If a girl cut her hair on Pure Thursday, she will get rid of all the bad things that were previously in her life. Together with the cut strands will leave all the negative
  • Children are especially sensitive on holiday. They must be washed with water charged with silver the day before.
  • On Pure Thursday it is advisable not to work, but to spend all your free time on cleaning. If there is no opportunity to take a day off, at least put your workplace in perfect order.
  • It is advisable to abstain from sex, alcohol and animal products. Try to observe the post.
  • You can not swear, use swearing and obscene words in speech. All the negative that you send to the world around you, will return to you within a year in multiple sizes
  • Ritual for unmarried girls: bathe, wipe yourself with a clean towel and go to the nearest church. At the entrance, give alms to a beggar or treat them with your own hand-cooked Easter cake and eggs.
  • Well, if you «break up.» Disassemble debris in cabinets, mezzanines and balconies. Ruthlessly put all unnecessary things and things that you have not used for a long time. Get rid of broken items or fix them
  • You can not do handicrafts: set aside knitting needles, hooks and hoops until the end of Holy Week

Fortune telling

Pure Thursday is the ideal way to conduct money-raising rituals. The magic of the holiday will have a positive effect on you, will provide financial well-being for the whole year.

Features folk will take on Pure Thursday before Easter

  1. Fill the bucket with clean water and place a silver coin on the bottom. Leave overnight, and the next day, wash all the windows and mirror surfaces in the house with charged water. This will help attract financial luck.
  2. When you wake up in the morning and wait for the moment when you need to count money (for example, before going to the store), count all the bills three times, saying: “I don’t transfer money.” This manipulation will provide well-being for the whole year.
  3. Read any money plot on the largest bill you have to increase your savings.

And throughout the next year, do not forget to count the money correctly: do it carefully, treat bills with respect, and they will never be transferred to your wallet.

What not to do?

There are things that do on Pure Thursday is strictly forbidden. Try and you refrain from them, so as not to incur failure.

Features folk will take on Pure Thursday before Easter

Here is a list of prohibitions:

  • To lend or share things from your home. Even if you give your neighbor just a glass of flour, you will already take your welfare
  • Pour dirty water into your home. This is true for those who live in a private house. You need to go outside and find a deserted place where you are and empty the bucket of water
  • Celebrate Easter in confusion and mud. If you do not do general cleaning, quarrels and conflicts will occur in your family throughout the year.
  • Leave dirty things soaked in water. Take care to finish the wash on time.

There are not so many bans, and they are quite simple, so you will certainly be able to comply with them.

Watch a video about the signs of Pure Thursday:

What do we have to do?

And the following list with points about what is desirable to do on Pure Thursday. Try to plan your time and be in time.

The list of activities dedicated to the holiday:

  • Cook the Thursday black salt. It has a lot of useful properties and is “charged” for good luck, health, and well-being.
  • Paint eggs and bake delicious cakes, and then taste the goodies in the family circle
  • Make a general cleaning: wash everything well and efficiently, take a look at each coal, so that there is no dust particles left
  • Wake before sunrise and wash your face with clear cool water.
  • Visit the temple, go through the sacrament and confess
  • If you do all of the above, the day promises to be very rich, and you will receive a huge charge of positive energy for the year ahead.

After Clean Thursday another week you can not clean the house and work hard. Therefore, try to postpone avraly until a more favorable time, and spend this period doing things that bring you pleasure.

Spend time with loved ones, think about your favorite hobby, be creative, meet friends, find new hobbies and sources of joy for yourself. Also this time is favorable for self-education and spiritual development.

Remember that the more energy you draw from various sources in Holy Week, the more successful and happier your life will be for another year, until the next holiday.

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