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Eyes of different colors: signs and superstitions

Eyes of different colors: signs and superstitions

Eyes of different colors in people are increasingly common, regardless of gender and age. The cause of this anomaly can be both trauma and congenital feature.

Since ancient times, people with different eyes were considered dangerous to everyone around them. About people with different colored eyes folded legends and beliefs. What are the signs and superstitions known about people with an unusual eye color?

Previously, people with different eye colors were considered children of the devil, since the devil was always depicted with one blue and one black eye. Women who gave birth to children with this feature were suspected in connection with the devil.

It was also believed that people with different eye color can jinx it. They were called “peering” and feared. If a house or a cattle burnt in the village, all the accusations always fell on the owner of unusual eyes.

Today, when humanity has long since moved away from superstition, people with different eyes are considered lucky. Still would! For several centuries, they were exterminated, equating to sorcerers and witches, so to preserve such heredity is real luck!

Why do people have different eyes

The phenomenon of multi-colored eyes in science is called heterochomia. Such a phenomenon cannot be called a disease or a magical sign. According to research scientists, nothing mystical in people with different eye color, no.

It all depends on an overabundance or lack of melanin pigment in the iris of the eyes, which is responsible for their color. Such a phenomenon does not affect the human visual ability, and have the same visual acuity, like everyone else. Heterochomia can also occur throughout life due to eye injury.

What does a different eye color mean?

People with different eye colors undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. It is easier for such people to stand out from the crowd, find contact with other people, or impose a veil of secrecy on their own person. Many believe that the colorful eyes help to achieve their own in life.

There is also an opinion that people with different eye colors have very developed intuition and are able to see others through and through.

Heterochomy occurs not only in humans. Often this phenomenon occurs in cats. To lead a cat with different eye color is considered a good omen.

Such an animal brings happiness to the house.

If you, your friends, friends or your child have different eyes, then there is nothing dangerous to health. This is the highlight that distinguishes man from other people! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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