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Epiphany frosts: forecasts, signs and superstitions

Epiphany frosts: forecasts, signs and superstitions

Epiphany frosts come to us on January 19, according to the national calendar. On this day, as a rule, there is a sharp cooling and a decrease in air temperature.

When will the Epiphany frosts come

According to weather forecasters, Epiphany frosts either be late, or they will not be at all. In the central region of Russia, one should not expect bitter cold — January 19 will be warm (from −4 to +1). Epiphany frosts may come later — January 23-25, but they will not bring severe cold weather — the temperature is expected to drop to — 5 degrees.

Warming is expected even in Yakutia — only −40 degrees, which is very warm for this region in mid-January. Usually Epiphany frosts here reach −50 degrees. The exceptions are the Republic of Komi, Karelia, the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions.

In these parts the Epiphany frosts will come as scheduled.

Such a weather in Baptism, according to national signs, promises a poor year. If you believe superstition, then a small amount of snow in the baptism of the Lord also promises a bad harvest. They said about Epiphany frosts: “If the frost is strong at Vodokreschi, you shall not grumble on bread”.

There is one more sign of Epiphany frosts. If the frosts are late, or come weak, then the spring will be warm and early.

According to the signs, Epiphany frosts are considered special, encouraging, and even healing, which is why in the days of January frosts it was customary to visit the streets more, to harden with the persistent frosts of the coming year. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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