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Epiphany Eve: traditions, signs and rites

Epiphany Eve: traditions, signs and rites

Almost all Orthodox holidays preceded by an evening liturgy. That is why every great celebration begins with Vechecheriya. Baptism is no exception.

On Christmas Eve it is very important to properly prepare for the holiday, and for this you need to know about the traditions and customs of this day.

On the eve of Baptism, January 18, believers are trying to spend time with relatives and loved ones to prepare together for the great celebration. Over time, formed the tradition of the Epiphany Eve, which are relevant to this day. Traditional cooking is considered to be the preparation of fasting food and the conduct of ceremonies that will help to admit the Lord into your heart, and happiness is the life.

History of Epiphany Christmas Eve

Epiphany Eve is the evening before the Baptism of the Lord. They also call him the Everlasting Epiphany. On this day, people traditionally prepare for the feast of Epiphany, which has an ancient history and of great importance for every believer.

According to the biblical writings, on January 19, the Savior visited John the Baptist, later called the Baptist, with the decision to undergo the baptism ceremony as a true believer. Of course, the news that the Son of God himself decided to baptize himself struck the prophet. This indicated that the old prediction had come true, that Jesus was before him the true God.

The Savior asserted that the rite of consecration into the faith is one for all — everyone should undergo baptism, since the word of God so orders.

This important event forever changed the way people see the Messiah. We can say that people believed in Him with a new power. But Christ not only allowed himself to be baptized, but also consecrated all the water on earth, endowing it with miraculous power.

That is why the main tradition of baptism is to draw in baptism water. According to the clergy, such water can not spoil, because it is designed to heal absolutely any ailments. The Savior’s help did not disappear, for holy water appeared at the behest of the Lord, which means that its miraculous power cannot just run out.

Epiphany Christmas Eve: Orthodox traditions, signs and rites

Traditions. The night of the Epiphany should be carried out in the family circle. It is considered to be a traditional dish, a dish of millet, honey and raisin. This is a centuries-old tradition, which was fixed at the dawn of Christianity.

Do not forget that before the baptism of the Lord one-day fast is observed, so the holiday table should be decorated with Lenten dishes.

Epiphany Christmas Eve is otherwise called Golodnaya kutya. She is hungry because January 18 until the evening, until they sanctify the water, people did not eat anything edible. The rest of the food from the holiday table was given to the chickens.

Epiphany frosts. In the old days, frosts on Baptism were very harsh, so people tried to appease the winter, inviting the frost at the festive table. The owner of the house got up from the table, collected a spoon of a sochi and brought it to the window, inviting frost to dinner.

Strangely enough, but after the Baptism, frost came to weaken, therefore this tradition was held annually.


  • it is snowing — the year will be good and fruitful;
  • snow fell in the morning — to a good harvest;
  • blizzard — happiness is not far off;
  • bright stars — dreams come true.

Rites The main rituals on the Epiphany Eve are considered to be reading prayers, visiting the temple, picking up holy water and swimming in the ice-hole. People are thrice dipped into the hole, to strengthen not only their faith, but also health.

True, diving into the ice hole is not necessary. To keep the tradition, it is enough to wash with holy water or take it home.

It must be remembered that the baptism of the Lord is one of the most significant and major holidays in Orthodoxy. That is why the clergy urge to treat him with all seriousness and prepare in advance in the time allotted for this — on the Epiphany Eve. God will surely give you happiness, health and His blessing if your heart is open to Him. We wish you a bright holiday, strong faith, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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