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Dropped a fork or spoon, omen — how to neutralize the bad promise of fate

When signs of a fallen spoon or fork promise you positive news.

Many say: if the fork fell, the sign promises the arrival of guests. Everything is like in a longtime joke, when the father of the family managed to pick up the device falling from the table and did not allow him to fall down on the parquet, and the grandmother, who was going to visit them, was stuck in the elevator.

But is this a sign to the guests? And are there any circumstances that can change this omen?

Dropped a fork or spoon, omen - how to neutralize the bad promise of fate

The fork fell off the table

Did she fall to the floor? So, the guest wants to visit your home — a woman or a girl.

Do not be in a hurry to rejoice: most likely, soon you will have to host a nasty person with a sharp tongue, like the teeth of this very fork. You yourself guess who it is necessary to «serve» in your house — picky mother-in-law, forever offended girlfriend, corrosive mother-in-law?

A spoon fell off the table

  • Yes, it is also to the guests. A tablespoon (or even a scoop) says: a woman will call soon at your doorbell. And the sign promises that it will be just an adult lady (maybe even a grandmother).
  • Are you happy to receive guests? Raise the spoon and return it to the table. It is not necessary to wipe it or wash it (but make sure that no one uses this spoon — after all, it’s dirty, after all).
  • How exactly did she fall? Bottom down: you can quarrel with a future guest. Bottom up: the guest will enter your apartment (house) with the most joyful, good intentions.
  • When dropping the spoon several times to break into the air? The visitor will drop by for advice.
  • The cutlery turned out to be full of food, and the porridge (soup, stew) was on your clothes or on the carpet, the parquet? They will come to you not so much for a hint, how much for monetary assistance. However, maybe the future guest will need some kind of your thing?
  • What kind of spoon filled dropped from your hand? Disposable, plastic: you will literally be asked for a twenty to pay. Wooden: try to lend a sum of average importance. Metal: the guest will need quite a lot of money (let’s say, equivalent to your salary).
  • If the spoon turned out to be expensive, silver, a friend would be asked to pay a really impressive amount (maybe a person wants to start his own business, or a relative there is seriously ill). Think carefully about whether to part with such money — after all, no one guarantees that they will be returned to you.
  • The spoon did not fall itself, you yourself threw it on the floor in the heat of a quarrel? This is not the most positive sign promising losses that will “catch up” with you outside the home. You can lose your wallet, remain without a bonus at work.

Dropped a fork or spoon, omen - how to neutralize the bad promise of fate

She was small, coffee, dessert

  • This sign also promises the arrival of the guest. But since the spoon was small, then the guest will be young. Maybe it will be your younger sister, relatives with children, or a classmate will run to the daughter? Or maybe your own daughter will come (even if she is already far beyond 40, for you she still remains a little girl).
  • Where does the stalk (handle) of the fallen spoon look? If at the door, fine: the young guest will stay in the house, and will return home. If in the direction of the table, it is already suspicious: it is quite possible that the daughter or son has problems, and they will even have to stay with you.
  • Also, the fall of a small spoon can promise you a visit of an adult, but unmarried girl.
  • Especially this sign should please an unmarried guy awaiting the arrival of a certain young person. In order to fully embody the mark, it is worth quiet (so that no one from the family can hear) to whisper: “Joy, come to the house.”

How else did our ancestors look at the spoons in the house? All the secrets will tell this educational video:

And if it was a knife?

  • It is not difficult to guess that this cutlery also promises a guest visit. Since he is masculine, then the guest will be a guy, a man or a grandfather.
  • How did he fall? A handle (that is, a handle) down: someone you know will come back to you, someone you are always welcome. Is he stuck in the floor with a blade? Your home has chosen a malicious critic or a person who wants to quarrel, to bring bad news.
  • The knife flew to the floor at the moment when you sliced ​​their bread? This is one of the worst omens. It warns: some of the people closest to you can be misunderstood.

Dropped a fork or spoon, omen - how to neutralize the bad promise of fate

How to neutralize the inconvenient you omen?

  1. Lapel unwanted guests. If the fork promises a visit from an evil or scandalous relative, pick up the toothed dishes from the floor, tap it on the edge of the table or its leg, then say: “Guardian angel, save my house, evil and sorrow from him, let the evil person pass by May there be goodness and peace in the house. ”
  2. Have you dropped the spoon, and you are afraid that now the landlady will suddenly come to you unexpectedly? To persuade her to postpone her visit will help such a conspiracy (also accompanied by tapping the device on the table): «Sit at home, look at the book, do not lift your eyes, forget my house.»
  3. In order to “persuade” not to bring you the misfortune of a knife that fell while cutting bread, you need to lift this object from the floor and knock it on the edge of the table three times. No conspiracy is needed.
  4. If the conspiracy is not yours, you can just step on the harmful cutlery with your foot a little (so as not to bend it) before lifting it.
  5. It is also very important not to swear after the appliance has fallen (even if the child has sprinkled the entire tablecloth with porridge). Harsh, angry words can annoy the defender of your home.

Our ancestors said: most of all, fear of falling table items is worth married couples. Even if this item doesn’t foretell problems (for example, it’s a “happy” teaspoon), its fall can still turn into a family scandal or discord under certain circumstances.

To ensure that nothing happens, it is better to say: “My family is happy, get away, the trouble is jealous!” To fix the action of the conspiracy, you should knock the spoon (fork) on the table, already mentioned above, three times.

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