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Drinking signs: attracting luck and getting rid of problems

Drinking signs: attracting luck and getting rid of problems

At any feast, especially with the participation of alcohol, there will always be someone who will closely monitor compliance with drinking etiquette. Often his attempts to follow the rules of drinking lead to misunderstanding. We don’t really think about what the consequences might be if you make a toast “for good luck” or put an empty bottle on the table.

But there are certain signs at the table that are already rooted and become more like rules. What traditions and signs must be observed at the table in order not to incur trouble?

Any sign and tradition of drinking has a long history. Do you know why you can not put empty bottles on the table? Since ancient times it was believed that if a woman who has not given birth is sitting at the table, then in no case should you leave empty tare on the table, otherwise she will not be able to become pregnant. A little later, this sign took new sources.

It is believed that she came from the Cossacks, who visited the French drinking establishments. Often spending time in the local taverns, they realized that the waiters billed the number of bottles on the table. Therefore, they hid part of the bottles under the table in order to pay less.

This story leads to the belief that empty bottles on the table lead to waste and poverty.

Shedding wine — to the trouble. This omen is rooted in Christian customs, according to which wine symbolizes the blood of Christ. Shedding wine, you shed innocent blood.

However, in modern conditions, this sign is more likely to speak of trouble, unnecessary trouble or quarrel.

You can not drink «for good luck» and «for the future.» It used to be thought that after pronouncing a toast to “good luck,” Fortuna leaves. A toast “for the future” could have led to its absence.

People believed if they said out loud their desires, and even to drink for them, then evil spirits could hear it and do everything so that their dreams simply would not come true.

During the feast can not change the «pouring». According to this sign, the one who started pouring alcohol at the beginning of drinking should bring this matter to the end, otherwise the alcohol either “does not take root”, or everyone will quickly get drunk.

Appeared and many modern signs. For example, you can not drink alcohol from plastic cups. This is to lack of money.

A good drink should definitely be poured into beautiful glasses or glasses. So you can attract luck and abundance.

The sign to drink «on the road» has an ancient history. «On the road» means the last glass, which should bring good luck to those who go home after the feast. This sign again went from the Cossacks. After a good spree, the Cossack mounted his horse and put a glass of alcohol on the staff. If the drink does not spill, then the road will be successful.

So, drinking «for the road», you wish good luck to those who have to return home after a feast.

Will take a lot associated with toast, because no decent feast is complete without them. For which only people do not drink! And for the money, and for gas, and even for a healthy lifestyle.

But there is a clear tradition, according to which toasted.

The first toast, according to old beliefs, must be pronounced for the meeting. Having uttered it, the participants of the feast, as a rule, wish to meet in the same circle of people even once. This is a tribute to those who gathered at the same table.

The second toast should be for the parents. This toast is especially appropriate when celebrating a birthday or wedding. By uttering it, the person thanks the mother and father for giving birth to the hero of the occasion.

The third toast is for those who are no longer there. This tradition came from the military, who lost their fellow soldiers in battle.

The fourth toast is for those who for some reason are not at the table. As a rule, they drink so that the next time they still come to the feast. Clinking is taken loudly so that those who are not enough at the table, heard the clinking of glasses.

The fifth toast is health. It is believed that if you drink for health, the hangover the next day will not be so cruel. The very tradition of this toast has gone since Ivan the Terrible. In his time, drugs insisted on alcohol.

It turned out that they drank for fun and relaxation, and for health.

The rest of the toasts are already uttered at the request of the audience. Spoken toasts during the feast have special power. Under the influence of alcohol, a person, as a rule, relaxes, liberates himself, therefore, those words and wishes that he says come from the heart.

And everything that is said with a soul is more likely to come true.

There is still a lot of drinking and superstition. Tradition drinking for many does not play much value at the table. This often turns a decent company into a regular Sabantuy. Drinking according to the rules and traditions means not just honoring old customs, it is a way to avoid unhappiness and unpleasant situations.

Do you follow any table traditions? We are waiting for answers in the comments! And do not forget to press and

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