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Dmitry Volkhov: what national signs must be observed

Dmitry Volkhov: what national signs must be observed

Psychic Dmitry Volkhov told about signs and superstitions that can attract good luck. According to the participant of the “Battle of the Psychics”, in the Year of the Horse, 5 will receive special strength. Observing them, you can not only get away with trouble, but also attract money, love and health.

Don’t sit on the corner

According to popular belief, corners emit a large amount of negative energy. According to Dmitry Volkhov, one cannot sit on the corners. It can take away your energy and attract unhappiness.

It is necessary to adhere to this omens, because during this period of time people will spend their energy very quickly. It is important to maintain your vitality and use them wisely.

Don’t look in the broken mirror.

This folk sign must also be remembered throughout the year. Looking at the fragments, you can easily incur trouble or get sick. In the year of the Horse it is better not to deal with spoiled mirrors at all, since they will emit a negative.

Do not take out the garbage in the evening

This folk omen, according to psychic Dmitry Volkhov, warns against financial difficulties. And since money will become one of the most pressing issues, it is worthwhile to listen to popular wisdom and to avoid money problems by observing this sign.

Dishes fights for luck

If you want to attract good luck, then you should remember the old sign of the dishes. Many argue that the plates are fighting to trouble. However, Dmitry Volkhov claims the opposite: the dishes are beating when a lot of negative energy accumulates in it.

Crashed the plate? Immediately get rid of her! Together with her you will get rid of negative energy in the house, which this year you will have plenty of.

Do not come back from halfway

This old omen must be adhered to in cases when you are in a hurry for an important meeting. If something is forgotten, you should not go back for it home, as you lose your strength and confidence, crossing the threshold. The patron of the year, the Horse loves confident and courageous people, and scattered and doubters do not like it. So if you forgot something very important, do not come back.

Go with what you are going with, and Fortune will reward you.

According to Dmitry Volkhov, these 5 years will take you to attract good luck and avoid trouble. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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