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Copper wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Copper wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Each wedding anniversary is an additional reason for joy. Each year, the behavior of the spouses together, gives them unique emotions, and the traditions associated with the next anniversary of the young family, strengthen the relationship and contribute to the attainment of family well-being.

The seventh anniversary of the wedding is not by chance called copper. Copper symbolizes the strength of the relationship. 7 years of marriage are also called woolen wedding: wool means the softness of the relationship.

For seven years of marriage together, the spouses got used to each other, but kept love and strong relations. Copper is a ductile metal capable of taking any form and conducting heat. So the relations of spouses were modified, allowing partners to get to know each other more closely and become attached to their halves with all their hearts.

Over time, copper melts and creates stronger alliances, turning into fine-cut diamonds.

Signs and traditions of the copper wedding

Spouses on the seventh anniversary exchange copper coins, which symbolize family wealth and well-being. In ancient times this rite was obligatory, but over time this tradition is remembered less and less.

The most important tradition for spouses who want to preserve their relationship and protect the family nest, is hanging over the door of a horseshoe brass. It blocks the access of negative energy to the house and is an excellent talisman for the family.

Traditionally, during a feast the spouses make each other surprises, pleasantly surprising the other half with extraordinary presents. In the modern world, the choice of gifts is practically unlimited, so it is easy to please the second half. During the seven years of marriage, the couple knows the interests and preferences of each other, so the specificity of the gifts remains at their discretion.

On the day of the celebration of the copper wedding, it is customary to joke. Fun and with a twinkle spent feast allows you to splash out emotions and enjoy life in all its manifestations. Do not be afraid to show your feelings, because the ability to live without looking back and without adapting to generally accepted standards allows the family to develop in their own direction and take the best from their life together.

Copper Wedding Gifts

On this day should be presented copper products. These can be spoons, kitchenware, candlesticks, interior items, vases. As an original gift you can present the spouses with a box with antique copper coins or jewelry.

In connection with the second name of the anniversary, gifts can be made of products from natural wool: scarves, socks, blankets, as well as slippers, felt boots or other items of clothing and household items.

A spouse can, with her own hands, knit a sweater, a warm hat, mittens, socks or a scarf to her beloved one, investing soul and sincere love in her work.

Rites for family happiness

Seven years is a long and serious time for spouses. During this time, feelings can subside, and in life there can be problems and conflicts. To the relationship did not fade away, in the old days they conducted a ceremony, which allowed the spouses to rekindle passion with each other again.

On the night of the anniversary, the couple must find a secluded place (they used to use a covered hayloft or attic for this) and, in total darkness, in the light of the stars, tell each other about their innermost feelings and desires. Our ancestors usually had a heart-to-heart talk by dawn and together they saw the sunrise. Luminary must bow to the belt and ask him to witness the mutual love and feelings of the couple.

In the summer period, for a copper wedding, women prepared jam in dishes from this material, during the cooking process, they would start talking sweet dish for family happiness, well-being and mutual understanding. In the modern world, you can use finished products, but it is necessary to use it on the anniversary day from copper cookware. After the ritual, the newlyweds need to list the best qualities of each other and fasten their union with a kiss.

More on the copper wedding light candles. They must be put in a candlestick, designed for seven candles. During the entire time that they are burning, the spouses can write little notes with everything they would like to get rid of, and betray the written fire.

This ritual helps to get rid of the negative, bad habits of the couple and strengthen mutual understanding.

Other rituals aimed at achieving family happiness will help strengthen the marriage union. These rites are verified not only by many people, but also by time. It also does not hurt to learn how to strengthen the marital life between representatives of different Zodiac signs, because the features of their characters are different. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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