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Chlorophytum — signs and superstitions

Chlorophytum — signs and superstitions

When people choose a houseplant for their home, they, as a rule, are guided solely by its appearance: someone loves flowers with beautiful leaves, while others prefer their brighter plants, there are also fans of exotic options. More recently, it has become popular in the process of choosing a flower to take into account also its “hidden opportunities”.

Chlorophytum - signs and superstitions

After all, according to omens, houseplants have the ability to attract or, on the contrary, scare off suitors, wealth, luck, health and other things. Also, flowers can improve or make you feel worse, save you from annoying energy vampire and do much more.

In this material, we consider the most popular signs and superstitions about Chlorophytum.

What are the beneficial properties of Chlorophytum?

Chlorophytum in appearance is very It is similar to a fluffy green fountain, it is quite simple to care for it, for the reason described it is often placed in various public organizations. But there he does not look the best way, and therefore many people do not dare to plant this plant in their home.

By the way, absolutely in vain! Indeed, in a well-groomed state, chlorophytum is striking in its beauty.

He is completely picky and not afraid of gas atmosphere. On the contrary, it is advised to put it in such places, because the plant is able to actively clean the surrounding space.

This is an invaluable and basic benefit to human health.

Therefore, many people put the plant in their kitchen, where a large amount of various impurities and harmful microorganisms accumulate in the air (in the process of cooking, during smoking, surface treatment using various aerosol products, etc.). The chlorophytum eliminates almost 70-80 percent of the negative impact of the gas stove.

Scientists have found that every adult plant has simply amazing ability to get rid of pathogenic microflora on an area of ​​2 meters square. Therefore, if you live in a standard city apartment, put a couple of pots with this amazing plant and you will always enjoy the unusually clean air.

Another scientific fact: if you put Chlorophytum in a dwelling, within a day it will destroy most of the microbes in the house.

Chlorophytum - signs and superstitions

The magical properties of the plant

Our ancestors believed that Chlorophytum, if put in a dwelling, would attract happiness. For example, if you have problems with your personal life, there are always some troubles at work, or you are simply tortured with depressive states, then you should have such a flower.

Its pointed leaves together with flowering branches like magnets will attract happiness, luck and good luck to your life. The most «happy» are those plants that have a large number of arrows with small shoots.

At the same time, they act as a real living talisman, which will help you to easily cope with all life problems and get rid of completely unnecessary people in the environment.

The plant is able to fill your homely atmosphere with peace, harmony, helps to easily overcome any disputes, find a compromise in difficult life situations, and give you a mutual feeling and affection. In addition, it normalizes the emotional state, adds vitality and fills with vital energy.

If you suspect that a person from your environment has a negative impact on you — Chlorophytum will hasten to come to your aid in this case. It will work as a web that “sticks” to itself all the negative emotions that are directed towards you. Interested in this information?

Then you should take a closer look at the plants that have leaves of bright green color, decorated with a white border.

Chlorophytum - signs and superstitions

Consider also the additional healing properties of the plant:

  • It is a great helper for people who suffer from lung disease due to the release of large amounts of moisture in the air.
  • Located in the apartment Khorofitum will make the process of learning information more simple. Most likely, this property is also due to the cleansing abilities of this indoor flower.
  • In the art of feng shui, as well as in other esoteric exercises, Chlorophytum is a reliable indicator of the energy of the surrounding space. So it is believed that if the plant begins to languish and wither, then a lot of negative energy has accumulated in the home
  • In addition, this plant is ideal for allergies.
  • It allows you to harmonize relations between people (it doesn’t matter at all what kind of relationship we are talking about — working, friendship or love).

There is a fairly common theory that states that Chlorophytum is poisonous to cats. In fact, this is not at all the case — animals do often eat leaves of this flower, but in this way they simply try to provoke vomiting in order to get rid of wool accumulated in the stomach.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to place this plant in such places where the animal cannot reach it, otherwise you risk to face such unpleasant consequences as gnawed leaflets and scattered throughout the apartment. Otherwise, there are no specific rules, in which room or in which place should the flower stand — in this matter everything depends solely on your personal wishes.

It becomes clear that Chlorophytum is an unusually useful, fairly unpretentious plant, the care of which does not give its owners much difficulty. Plus, the flower will help fill your surrounding space with positive energy, make the air clean, and the mood always upbeat!

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