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Chihalka on Thursday in time — details of the interpretation of signs

Chihalka on Thursday by time of day — correct decoding of the event

Chihalka on Thursday — a way to find out what awaits you in the near future. Most will promise positive events and a lot of joy, because the fourth day of the week is considered one of the most favorable.

As you sneeze, look at the clock and read the prediction.

Features of Thursday chikhalok

Thursday is a very auspicious day of the week. And not only because it is “Little Friday”.

In the Orthodox religion, Pure Thursday is the day on which Jesus was able to atone for all the sins of mankind.

Chihalka on Thursday in time - details of the interpretation of signs

If we turn to the pagan religion of the ancient Slavs, then Thursday is patronized by Jupiter, the supreme god, and Venus, the goddess of love. Therefore, many predictions will relate to privacy and family relationships.

Most often, Thursday signs come true at Streltsov and Pisces. The rest of the signs of the zodiac, it is desirable to listen only to positive forecasts, and ignore the negative ones.

Thursday chikhalka on time

So, you sneezed on Thursday. Immediately look at the clock and remember the time. If it is not possible to read the meaning of omens at the same time, do it later.

But better quickly, because the prediction can come true in the very near hours.

Chihalka on Thursday in time - details of the interpretation of signs

Here is a list of the hours:

  • 06:00 — your close friend is jealous of you. While it is harmless, but the more successful and happier you become, the stronger her envy. It can destroy friendship and lead to negative consequences.
  • 07:00 — you will spend a pleasant evening with your loved one. And for lonely people, after work, it is better to go for a walk, to a bar or cafe — it is highly likely to get acquainted with your soulmate
  • 08:00 — get good news that will surprise and delight you. Someone from close circle prepared a surprise
  • 09:00 — wait for popularity among men. Your energy, charisma and charm will amaze everyone. On this day, you will shine and attract attention. Enjoy, but do not forget about prudence
  • 10:00 — a man to whom you have long felt sympathy, finally will reciprocate. Be patient and wait for his initiative, do not take the first step yourself — this will discourage him from looking after you
  • 11:00 — you have a secret admirer with the most serious intentions. He will be silent for a long time about his feelings, but sooner or later he will be recognized, and he will do everything to secure your favor.
  • 12:00 — you expect a pleasant date with a man in love with you. He will try to please and surprise you with an unusual surprise. Even if you do not have feelings for this person, you will have a great time.
  • 13:00 — a friend will share with you some secret. Get ready to be surprised, but positive — the news will please you and cause positive emotions.
  • 14:00 — you will meet a man, but communication will be short. He may visit your city on business, will soon have to leave
  • 15:00 — A storm of gossip and rumors is growing around you. They are dismissed by some ill-wisher who wants to harm your reputation and “lower” in the eyes of loved ones. Do not give in to provocations, be above it.
  • 16:00 — a long time familiar man is looking for a meeting with you. He is bored and wants to resume communication by setting him in a romantic mood.
  • 17:00 — hopelessly and for a long time fan in love with you as if will undertake attempts of active courtship. But they will not succeed — your heart is deaf. Try not to encourage him and not to use the situation, take care of other people’s feelings.
  • 18:00 — the next day will be filled with pleasant surprises and joyful meetings. Take a moment — enjoy
  • 19:00 — it is better not to be frank, because every careless word will bring consequences in the future. Try not to give out your secrets to anyone in the near future and hold your mouth tight.
  • 20:00 — if now it seems to you that you live boringly, soon the period of monotony and monotony will end. Get ready to enjoy life in all its manifestations.
  • 21:00 — collect all the will and endurance, you will need them, the coming day will be difficult and tense. Instant decision making is required of you.
  • 22:00 — the next evening, you happen to meet an attractive man who will intrigue you. But the acquaintance will be brief: interest will quickly disappear
  • 23:00 — refuse to communicate with unpleasant people and learn how to refuse when you do not want to do something

Watch the video with signs of sneezing:

Night chihalki

Night is the time of the most mysterious and mysterious predictions. If you wake up from what sneezed — this is a sign of fate to which you need to listen.

Chihalka on Thursday in time - details of the interpretation of signs

The value of night chikhalok hourly:

  • 00:00 — the next day is better not to be at home. Immediately after work, gather friends and go have fun: in a bar, club, restaurant or just for a walk. Get a lot of emotions and relax your soul
  • 01:00 — try to sleep, you need a lot of strength and sober mind all throughout the next day
  • 02:00 — you will meet your double. This person will be so similar to you (not outwardly, but in character) that you immediately get the impression that you have known each other all your life and understand each other perfectly.
  • 03:00 — it seems to you that you are fighting like a fish on ice, and the solution to the problem is not all. In fact, you are only a step away from your goal, it remains to suffer quite a bit. Do not give up, this is a test of your strengths and intentions.
  • 04:00 — meeting, which you tried to avoid in all possible ways, will take place. But sooner or later it had to happen, therefore stand the test with honor and dignity.
  • 05:00 — a new person will appear in your surroundings who cannot be trusted. Be careful not to talk too much.

Thursday chikhalki help you prepare for the difficulties, to avoid problems. Or tune in a positive way in anticipation of some pleasant event.

Tell us in the comments, what signs have come true for you?

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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