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Cash signs that will help you become richer

Cash signs that will help you become richer

Not without reason, our ancestors collected signs of the grains: their experience and attentive observation of the changes taking place also help in the modern world. Now there is a mass will, following which you will be able to increase your wealth.

Money magic is a special art, tied to its own energy flows and self-belief. With its help, you can bring stability and financial independence into your life. A lot of cash will also help increase profits.

Cash Signs

one. To prevent the money in your wallet from being transferred, put red paper the size of a bill or the same piece of red satin fabric in it.

2 Use the mirror as a way of reflecting and multiplying your funds: when leaving home, leave a banknote with it so that it reflects.

3 In order not to spend too much during shopping, wrap a part of the money in a green cloth and put it in your inner pocket, next to your heart.

four. Make it a rule to leave some money after each purchase. Even a couple of kopeks contributes to the accumulation of funds.

It would be best to start a piggy bank and throw a part of the change into it.

five. Check home faucets and plumbing. Runaway water contributes to capital flight.

6 Get used to repay debts in the morning, otherwise you have a chance to remain in debtors constantly. For the same reason, do not lend it in the evening and recalculate the funds in the evening.

Tuesday is the most undesirable time for a loan and borrowing finances, and Monday is an undesirable day for settlements.

7 Empty dishes (bottles and jars) should not be on the table. According to the sign, these items deprive the owners of financial well-being.

eight. Our ancestors believed that if you sit on the table, then poverty and need will not keep you waiting.

9. Hats on the table also lead to lack of money, so disaccustom yourself to put foreign objects on the table.

ten. Whistling in the house attracts evil spirits, and the person “whistles” the finances.

eleven. According to beliefs, cutting and trimming nails on Tuesdays and Fridays lead to financial instability.

12. If you have a broom in the house, try to keep it up with rods. Thus, our ancestors protected their finances from unintentional spending and theft.

13. So that money luck is on your side, buy a needle on Monday and a green thread on Thursday. On clothes in which you will go to work the next day, sew a couple of stitches.

14. For financial well-being and luck, it’s worth taking money with your left hand, and giving it with your right hand.

15. On any church holiday, donate to the temple or give to those in need a small amount of money with the words: «The Lord is with us, that the hand of the giver may not be depleted.»

sixteen. The trick resorted to by our ancestors made it possible to find funds in unexpected places. To do this, it is worth borrowing on the Moon that has just begun to grow, and return it in the period before the New Moon.

17 Avoid small things on the road, do not lift it and try to get around this place side. Thus, you will avoid not only losses, but also save your health.

18. At home, put a few coins in the corners so that money is always carried.

nineteen. In order not to sweep the financial well-being out of the house, do not use different brooms. He must be alone.

20. Tidy wallet. It should not be foreign objects, torn checks and tickets. Keep bills in expanded form and in no case do not wrinkle them.

Split bills and never keep money from different countries in one compartment.

21. Hearing the cuckoo, ring a trifle in your pocket and say: «You have been kukushe longer, you bring more money.» Leave a couple of coins where they heard the bird.

22 On a growing moon, when a thin month looms in the sky, show a silver coin of the smallest dignity, and then put it in your pocket with the words: «The moon adds, it leaves money.»

To attract financial well-being, you should pay attention to the phases of the moon. Use the time of the Full Moon for magical rites and conspiracies so that monetary luck does not bypass your side. We wish you prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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