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Can I wear other people’s things and jewelry: the opinion of esoterics and folk signs

Can I wear other people’s things and jewelry: the opinion of esoterics and folk signs

Quite often, jewelry is inherited, or women give each other rings and earrings from their own collections. Sometimes we can even find some stones and metal decorations. However, few people know that using other people’s things can be dangerous.

They say that other people’s ornaments bring misfortune. The same applies to other things that did not belong to you. We are talking about clothes, shoes, furniture, accessories.

Experts in bioenergy recommend to be more careful if you have to take other people’s things and carry them home.

Opinion esoteric

Other people’s jewelry and things have different energy, so they cannot be worn by definition. If, for example, a wardrobe stood in the apartment of your friend or girlfriend for several years, he was filled with the energy of their home, their aura. When furniture or some thing is transferred from one room to another, this thing takes a lot of time to tune in to the wave of a new house.

As for personal items, the situation here is even more complicated. It is better not to leave the received or found things to yourself if you do not want to bring negative things into your life. They may have curses or evil eyes, they could belong to very bad people. These things will attract many troubles and disappointments into your life.

As for simple things like a purse, an umbrella or a bag, in this case their energy binding to the past owner may not be very strong. If you find a jewel of precious metal or stone, the danger is much higher.

The stone talisman is the strongest energy magnet. Even universal talismans of the moonstone type are not advised by experts to take for themselves. The least danger, according to the esotericists, is represented by the moonstone, pearls, onyx.

Agate, pomegranate, ruby, tiger eye, and aquamarine bear the greatest negative background for “outsiders”.

From metal products, the experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise to avoid jewelry made of gold, copper, zirconium and platinum. The only harmless metal will be only silver, and then it may simply lose its properties on a foreign body. If you find a gold jewel, you should never wear it.

You can return it to the owner or pass it to the pawnshop, but in no case can you use it or keep it at home for a long time.

People signs about other people’s things

Even folk signs say that it is necessary to bypass everything alien. According to one of these signs, if the gold found is blackened, then it was damned or absolutely not suitable for you. In some cases, this may mean that you have some kind of curse. To verify this one hundred percent, you just need to wear your own jewelry instead of someone else.

If the situation repeats, then there is no doubt that something is wrong with you.

The ancient Slavs found a silver ring promised wealth and prosperity. It had to be returned to the owner as soon as possible. The Celts donated things in general were considered talismans. This involved weapons and clothing, combat trophies.

In some cultures, donated items were considered a sign of reconciliation.

If someone of your friends specifically left some thing in your house, then be careful, because it may mean that they want to destroy your well-being. Such items are best returned as soon as possible.

If you see a stone talisman or a metal ornament lying on the ground or somewhere else, then you should not lift it. According to ancient signs, raising someone else’s things that are dear to someone, you raise other people’s problems and misfortunes. The most dangerous things found that should not be carried home under any pretext are scissors, knives, rings, soft toys in the form of a man, photos.

Is it possible to clear someone else’s thing

Ornaments and stones are the hardest to clean. If your stone was presented to you by a very close person, then you can clear it. Black, white and gray stones are cleared by lunar energy.

They should be left on the windowsill and not to touch for a month.

Red, orange, yellow and brown stones are cleaned with fire. It is necessary to drive candles over it in the morning and evening for five minutes for three days. Unfortunately, such powerful stones do not always undergo cleaning, so make sure that the donor does not wish you harm.

Blue, green, turquoise, blue stones are cleaned with water. Every day you need to throw a stone into the icy natural water collected from a spring or a well. In the morning you throw a stone there, and the next morning at the same time you change the water.

To clean a simple object, clothing or furniture from someone else’s energy, you need a candle. The ritual is held in the afternoon. You need to move the flame on the subject, and if this object can catch fire, then the candle can be put somewhere, and the thing put nearby on the floor.

At the same time you need to read the plot: “I will drive away all the bad, accept the good. Mother nature, clean this object for me and my family with living fire, so that it belongs to us entirely. Let it be so».

In the case of clothing, according to the advice of esotericists, you can do a simple wash.

If you want to make your home a place of power, you will have to get rid of all unnecessary things and not bring home the found things. It must be remembered that energy purity is the key to success in any area of ​​life. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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