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Bubbles on the puddles during the rain — folk omen

Sign: bubbles on the puddles during the rain

Summer, warm rain always causes a lot of positive emotions. Washing away road dust, it dilutes hot hot day with coolness and freshness.

During such a heavy rain, bubbles appear in the puddles, and this, it turns out, is a popular omen.

General interpretation

Large bubbles in the puddles on the sign predict a prolonged bad weather. It may increase or slow down, but it will take a long time to wait for it to finish.

For our ancestors, this was a direct indication to strengthen the dam, to make a canopy for mown hay, to repair the roof of the house in time. Many saw this as an opportunity to do household chores that require precision and slowness.

Girls at this time could enjoy knitting, sewing and all kinds of needlework.

Bubbles on the puddles during the rain - folk omen

Modern man such a sign can change plans for rest. After all, no one wants to spend the summer weekend in a damp tent on the wet grass. For those who are going on a long car trip, this will be a warning to comply with the speed limit and be ready for the erosion of crossings across the rivers.

In general, in the foretold of a typhoon, it is better to refrain from traveling and come up with business in the office.

Hope for the termination of precipitation is, if you saw a rainbow in the sky for dinner — by the evening the rain will stop. Rainbow in the morning — precipitation will not take place in one day.

And heard the birds singing during the rain — wait for the unexpected sun.

Spiders behave very actively, every now and then they begin to weave a web — it means that a warm and dry climate will be restored.

Got into a bubbling mud puddle and got very dirty — get ready for a series of troubles that will haunt you for twenty-four hours. But do not blame everyone for bad luck, learn to stand up for yourself and declare your infringed rights.

If the water in the pool is clean and settled — soon your gloomy mood will change to the opposite. The reason for this will be pleasant moments, presented by fate.

Take advantage of the success bar and realize your plans. If there are no ambitious plans, be sure to create them and embody resolutely.

Going into a bubbling puddle with dry shoes and wetting them completely is a good sign for those who are looking for a new or additional source of income. From this day material well-being will begin to grow exponentially.

To bring sneakers or sneakers into the gutter and to soak it will be an occasion to invite guests to the house. The company of friends will not bring a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the home, but you pretty shatter and have fun.

Bubbles on the puddles during the rain - folk omen

Bubbles on the puddles — what does it mean omen for men and women

A young man or girl will fall into a puddle that is bubbling with bubbles — you have to fear bad companies. A sign indicates that you can easily succumb to the influence of dangerous people. The pressure on you can be so harsh that you will not be able to cope alone.

Do not neglect the help of relatives and relatives. Mark your problem and ask for support in time.

A business man to jump over the resulting spontaneous flow means to cope with a risky situation that could threaten the loss of reputation and ruin. In this scenario, the girl will manage to avoid friendship with a mercantile and insincere person in the future.

You will understand his mercantile interest in you in time and remove the evil bearer.

Stupid feet in a puddle and feel the cold — your joy today can turn you into great sorrow and disappointment. Do not experience excessive dizziness from fleeting success if you are a public person.

The more modest and restrained your image will be, the less you will experience the consequences during adversity.

Young lady sandals to please in the dirty and icy water — this is a harbinger of coldness in relations with a loved one. Your sad ending of the novel will end with indifference and contempt for each other.

Seeing in front of you a huge puddle that is bubbling from the rain, and not having a chance to get around it — will soon have to get into a difficult situation, it will require your wit, assertiveness and optimism. You will have no one to rely on, so rely solely on your own capabilities and potential forces.

To be standing in a puddle and not even notice how it happened — beware of being in a situation of complete ignorance of the real state of affairs. Perhaps your business has long since declined, but you simply missed it because of the bustle of everyday troubles.

A married woman to scrub clothes from mud raindrops is likely to fall under suspicion of treason against her spouse. The reason for that, your frivolous behavior and actions which will become a reason for gossips and slander.

A girl who is looking for a lover, such a sign warns against meeting with dishonest suitor. You should not believe the beautiful compliments and seductive speeches, in your case it may end up being used in their base interests.

With childlike joy and fun, jumping through puddles in a shower — wait for a long-awaited vacation and a pleasant pastime. The obstacle course and adversity will easily be replaced by a carefree and easy life.

Enjoy the minutes spent in the circle of relatives and relatives, see the parents. After all, soon there is again to gather strength and move towards new goals.

Bubbles on the puddles during the rain - folk omen

Consider the bubbles in the puddles — succumb to a little excitement. Who knows, maybe a bet in a casino or a purchased lottery ticket promises to bring you a good profit.

Believe in your luck, and she will definitely come to you.

Watching a drop in the window glass and see how the summer rain instantly fills the puddles — according to belief, you have to regret lost opportunities or benefits. But the past is no longer returned, live in the present, boldly and persistently embodying what you believe and what you strive for.

Bubbles in puddles are getting bigger and bigger — your possibilities will exceed all expectations. When planning something, do not underestimate the rate.

Ambitious goals are what you deserve. Your experience, knowledge and qualifications will be enough to become successful and financially secure.

Running and stumbling into a downpour, but in time to feel someone’s strong helping hand is a good sign. You will not be alone in the difficult moments of your life. Relatives, relatives and friends — this is your reliable and proven social circle.

Appreciate and cherish them.

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