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Black cat in your house: the main signs and superstitions

What people say about the black cat in the house: good or bad

About the black cat in the house there are many signs. The most important sign is known to everyone — the popular superstition claims that meeting a black cat on the street is extremely undesirable.

A negative situation is when the animal of a dark suit runs across the road: in this case, it is strongly recommended to change the route abruptly in order to avoid trouble.

However, let’s see where this sign came from? How common is it?

Was a black suit always considered a harbinger of bad luck?

Black cat in your house: the main signs and superstitions

A bit of history

Egyptians respected black cats, even worshiped them. In this case, the black cat was considered a model of grace and beauty.

People believed that such an animal brings with it the good fortune and the mercy of the gods.

The negative image of a black cat appeared only in the Middle Ages, when the witch hunt began. During this period, the idea appeared that the real witch always has a black cat as a talisman.

Now we don’t believe in witches at all, but we still fear black cats. Most likely, completely in vain!

By the way, true folk beliefs (for example, the superstitions of the peoples of Southern Europe) claim that a pet of a black color is an excellent talisman for the house. This is a brave, wayward creature that will always protect its owners from any negative, including from evil forces.

It is a graceful black cat capable of such feats, and not at all pampered lazy cats of light color. And another sign, this time from the southern hemisphere: in Mexico, a black cat is a sign of good luck, not unhappiness.

So what to believe is your choice!

Black cat in your house: the main signs and superstitions

Representations of our distant ancestors

It is known that the ancient Slavs respected cats black color. They were considered not only unsurpassed micelles, but also powerful amulets.

These animals were surely launched first to the new house so that the cat could make friends with the spirit of the house, the brownie. According to our ancestors, in this case, people in the house will live peacefully and well, there will be no quarrels and conflicts in the family, the house will be protected from robbers.

In addition, such a pet will protect family members from unkind eyes and spoilage. In general, oppose witches, and not be their ally.

True, there was one negative idea — that a black suit cat attracts lightning. Therefore, a pet during a thunderstorm is usually released on the street.

In England, the following notions of black cats were common: the British believed that a black cat, as a creature extremely capricious, influences its owners, and they become more loving than usual. In general, to have a black cat meant to increase the number of love affairs.

Black cat in your house: the main signs and superstitions

In the people it was considered a remarkable sign if the black stray cat itself came into the house. In this case, people believed that the animal specifically chose a dwelling place in order to protect it from evil forces.

Western Slavs carefully watched where the animal likes to rest. At this place, which was considered particularly favorable, put a crib.

In Serbia, for example, it was believed that a black cat has a color resembling the color of mother earth, and therefore can serve as a symbol of the harvest and will help the peasants to get a richer harvest.

And one more superstition: if a young girl starts a black cat, then she will not have problems with fans, she will always enjoy success with men.

Modern superstition

Modern signs of black cats are mostly associated with the healing abilities of these animals. In the people it is believed that the cats of dark color have a powerful energy, and therefore can treat their sick owners.

To do this, the pets themselves go to the right place and the time necessary for healing lies there. Believe it or not — everyone chooses for himself, but many owners of black cats claim that the history of healing with a pet is true.

Many black cat owners claim that their pets help not only with banal colds, but also with more serious diseases, such as pain in the joints, as well as depression, severe mental states and even addictions. The animal is able to support its owner, transfer its energy to it, restore the balance of power, lift the mood.

There are ideas about black cats in Japan too: in this country, people consider such an unexpected situation when a black cat sneezes very favorable. It is urgent to say to him: “Be healthy,” and this guarantees you a complete absence of a toothache for the rest of your life.

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