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Birthday omens

Birthday omens

There is a sign: how a person meets his personal new year — the next 12 months of his life will be the same. Thus, all sorts of observations regarding the «best holiday of the year» are quite relevant for each birthday.

Accordingly, all of us, preparing to celebrate our next “round day,” reread the signs for our birthday and, on this basis, we meet the celebration itself. Every birthday man dreams of organizing a birthday party so that this day will be remembered for at least a year.

A lot of positive emotions really happen on this day, which is connected, among other things, with the tradition of giving gifts to the birthday boy.

Birthday omens

Tradition and omen give gifts to guests

One can imagine what a pleasure it is to receive in one day a lot of souvenirs, books, sweets and other offerings from a large number of relatives, friends and acquaintances. However, not everyone knows that guests should also receive gifts that are due to them from the birthday person.

And in this lies the first of the signs, which we will list today a great many, the main thing is to remember them all carefully:

  • Let the gift for each guest be inexpensive, purely symbolic, but it is from this that your action, according to signs, will ensure the wealth of your life over the next 12 months;
  • as evidenced by Soviet sources, during the days of the former USSR traditional gifts to guests from the birthday ordinary lighters served to men, and perfumery items to women;
  • such a tradition was associated with good spirits, who secretly came to the birthday boy, watching how he celebrates his birthday, and if the latter sought their favor, a comfortable existence for the whole of the next year was ensured for him.

In addition to giving small souvenirs, spirits paid attention to the generosity of the table, which should symbolize well-being at the present time and serve as a forerunner of all the benefits that accompany the hero of the occasion for the future.

Birthday omens

Special cake that is not served on the table

Culinary delight and at the same time a very important tradition is the presence in the celebration special buckwheat cereal pie and chicken eggs:

  • this treat could not be served;
  • before the first toast, such a pie had to break a birthday man over his head;
  • after that, the hero of the occasion took this special culinary object with him on the street and placed it right at the nearest crossroads;
  • thus, he lured dark and light forces with a generous treat, the first, after accepting the treat, did not prevent light forces from bestowing good luck for the birthday man, and also punished all enemies, rivals and other detractors.

Since the days of our ancestors, it was believed that the symbolic cake is also able to reconcile any warring organizations.

Birthday omens

Happy Birthday wishes come true

One of the main actions, according to the etiquette of the holiday, are congratulations to the hero of the occasion. These words, according to interpretations will, also had a special meaning on this day:

  • sincere greetings, sounding on this day, according to signs, have a special power, carrying in itself a positive attitude and favorable energy;
  • if the hero of the occasion was sure that the toast with wishes in his honor sounds insincere, then to himself, at the end of the speech, uttered the following phrase “your speeches yes to you“It was believed that it would protect against the evil eye, although it’s not often necessary to repeat the magic phrase — the beneficial effect of truly sincere words would be lost;
  • now smoothly go to the candles, which, also according to a long-standing tradition, decorate a festive cake, from the beginning of time they symbolized the stars appearing in the sky at the time when a person was born and, it was believed, could fulfill any of his wishes;
  • traditionally blowing out holiday candles, thus, the birthday man tried to bring closer the fulfillment of desire, which, together with the smoke, flew away to his guardian angel, and the latter would try to make the dream of the hero of the occasion triumphant a real format.

There is one very interesting nuance here: you all saw how it happens when a birthday man cannot blow out all the candles from the first time. And if this happened, do not be upset.

Ask the people at the table to help you, and then your desire will become reality — with the help of your friends. In this case, they become the guarantors of the fact that the desire within the next 12 months simply “must” be fulfilled.

Birthday omens

The meaning of numbers in a birthday party

It means a lot, what numbers make up the candles on the festive cake, the date of the celebration, as well as other nuances, they will ultimately determine how well you will spend the next year:

  • the number of candles on the cake should be strictly controlled, 9 is considered unacceptable from the first ten, 13 and 18 from the second, 21 from the third, then 51 from the sixth decade, and then 99 and exactly 100, in no case allow these numbers in the total of candles;
  • also according to tradition from ancestors 9th and 40th birthdays are not celebrated. — by analogy with commemoration for 9 days and 40 days;
  • if the desire to celebrate is stronger, just try not to mention these numbers during the event — and then you will live the rest of your life for a long time, you will be young, and diseases will bypass you;
  • regarding guests, one should also adhere to strict rules that the holiday should be beneficial and not detrimental — the number of invitees must be even, otherwise, to be a misfortune, since the one who comes without a pair can venture into the head to direct bad energy to the birthday man;
  • the number of guests must not be equal to 13, It is believed that in this case, the first one who got up from the table would soon be struck with death.

The number 100 as invited also does not suit, it will be better if there are 101 guests. And yet — the hero of the occasion should not borrow or lend any, even the smallest money.

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