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Bird on the head, omen — what do you mean dirty clothes, car

What does it mean if the “Voroshilov shooter” in the feathers marked your suit, and even hair

Our contemporaries say: if a bird is glowing on its head, it will be a kind, promising wealth and (or) good luck. However, not everyone knows that in this way it does not always work.

What cases are considered alarming, and how, on the contrary, you need to rejoice?

Bird on the head, omen - what do you mean dirty clothes, car

«Like snow on my head» …

  • Most often, a marked head, dirty hands or neck means: a large amount of money will soon fall on you. You will not have to work hard to get them — maybe you will win them, or maybe it will be a surprising inheritance.

But it is important to remember! During the bird’s «shot» you should be dressed in a regular, your daily costume.

  • Did she hit you? This is a sign of fate: talent is hidden deep in you, and soon it will be revealed. By the way, it can favorably affect the thickness of your wallet.

What clothes did the feathery scoundrel “shoot”?

  • On the military uniform. Your career will go uphill. It is possible that you will assign a new title.
  • In your regular work suit, or casual outfit. Great sign: you get something valuable. It may not be money, but also an expensive gift (for women — a precious decoration).
  • On the wedding dress (costume). It is possible that your chosen one (the chosen one) does not love you, and wants to unite his destiny with yours only from personal gain. It is believed that if you immediately remove this thing and freeze, it will be possible to neutralize this unpleasant sign.

Or maybe the bird «made happy» your car or house?

Bird on the head, omen - what do you mean dirty clothes, car

  • If a pichuga has healed the hood, roof or bumper, this is not the most positive sign. She can warn you about the accident, hiding with the radar inspector DPS. So if you can, do not leave today anywhere — well, or use public transport.
  • And if you wash the car, it will only get worse, so don’t do anything until your iron horse is rained.
  • If the “aimed fire” fell on the window of your apartment (or window sill), this is a positive sign, promising a quick arrival of welcome guests. On which side of the world the injured window is looking, from there people will come dear to your heart.
  • If a pigeon marked your balcony (or there was a nest somewhere in the corner, which means that you thoroughly “painted” each board on this balcony), this means that you are a kind and bright person. Only to such people doves are drawn, and evil and soulless they eschew.

What was that bird?

  • Peaceful bird (gray city sparrow, quietly walking dove, sea gull). This is a great sign. Such creatures carry positive energy in themselves — and that’s a bit for you too. The best sign is the snow-white dove.
  • The bird is a predator, also black (raven, rook). Here it is just the opposite: the malicious bird flies all the time, sensing human unhappiness, and has already collected their whole “heap”. Something from her «collection» may fall on your share.
  • By the way, the crow “shot” has one more explanation. A bird that has lived for a hundred years can warn you: speak less and listen more, this is true human wisdom.

And if you just had a dream?

Bird on the head, omen - what do you mean dirty clothes, car

  • If in a dream a bird is shot on your head or on clothes, this is a great sign. Such a dream can be considered especially successful before a distant trip. In addition, this dream promises good luck (even in a card game).
  • If you get dirty in public, this is also a wonderful sign: those around you will soon see your talents. You might even get a reward (say, an award at work, or a valuable gift from a spouse who respects you).
  • Have you seen yourself in the forest more often, and a wild bird nakakala? This is a rather ambiguous sign. On the one hand, he promises a problem that suddenly fell on his head, and on the other hand, he will be loyal friends who are going to help you, so that you will get by with a little blood.
  • If you inherited from an owl or owl, such a dream already says: you will be in danger. But if you are very careful, you can dodge it.
  • If you get angry in a dream and drive away (hit) this harmful creature, the matter is bad: you have driven luck away from yourself.
  • The bird dripped, but did not hit you: you might have been very lucky, but luck passed by.

There is another curious omen. True, it was not created by popular wisdom, but by modern jokers. They say: if the bird is hot on your head, it will be a quick visit to the bathroom.

Well, what to say: this omen is also true!

Do you believe in rational or inexplicable? Choose only you!

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