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Benjamin’s ficus in the house: national signs and superstitions

Benjamin’s ficus in the house: is it possible to keep him in the house, signs and superstitions

Benjamin Ficus is a mystical plant, surrounded by superstition and omens. It is often grown at home.

But not all growers know how this flower energetically affects a person. According to some popular beliefs, he can be kept in the house, as he makes his family life happy, while others claim that he is able to bring only quarrels and disagreements. In addition, the ficus is often referred to as a muzhegon.

But most often such a flower is considered a symbol of harmony, good luck and good energy in the house.

Benjamin Ficus belongs to the Mulberry family. In another way it is called the «weeping tree.» It grows mainly in the tropics and subtropics.

Grow a flower and at home. It perfectly cleans the air in the room, absorbing various harmful substances (benzene, phenol, formaldehyde, etc.) and saturating it with oxygen.

Ficus leaves contain organic elements that help to convert absorbed toxins into sugars and amino acids.

Such a flower is of great benefit, effectively combating harmful pathogens. The energy of ficus cures diseases associated with muscles and joints, relieves pain in the spine, improves speech for those who have problems with it.

But if the plant helped get rid of the disease to its owner, then after a while it dies itself.

Also, the flower is able to influence the person, his emotional state, saving the host from evil thoughts and setting up a positive mood. If the plant is put in the nursery or bedroom, then the person will have a good sleep and fully relax.

Long-term life adversities are positively resolved under the influence of the ficus Benjamin. This plant is recommended to keep in a house where people need moral support, as they constantly feel resentment towards anyone. The atmosphere in the apartment can become heavy, and such a flower discharges it very well.

People become much more benevolent.

Ficus Benjamin can cause harm to people who suffer from allergic reactions. It secretes “milky” juice (latex), therefore it is dangerous for those who are allergic to latex.

Benjamin's ficus in the house: national signs and superstitions

The following magical properties are attributed to Benjamin Ficus:

The flower well absorbs negative energy, solves many life problems, cleans the atmosphere in the house from experiences. In such a room, breathing becomes very easy.

If a person feels misfortune or is sure that someone is keeping evil at him, then he should go around several times around the ficus. As a result, the evil forces will not cause him any harm.

The leaves of the plant are used in incense when meditating.

There is a belief that the ficus of Benjamin gives a person eloquence, thanks to which he expresses his thoughts more clearly and looks more convincing than his interlocutor. In this case, the plant eliminates excessive talkativeness and does not allow false speeches.

According to the signs, such a flower attracts well-being and wealth to the house. In order for this to happen, you need to ask the plant for help and not allow the leaves to fall off.

It is recommended to transplant it into a green pot or paste it with material of the same color. A few coins are buried in the ground to attract money.

Ficus Benjamin helps to make personal life happy and strengthen relations with his chosen one. To this end, the flower is planted in a pink ceramic pot. Well, if the container will be decorated with hearts.

They can stick on their own, a few hearts must be buried next to the root system of the plant.

Benjamin's ficus in the house: national signs and superstitions

Since Benjamin Ficus is the patron saint of the home, it is often purchased to help with pregnancy. For this to happen as soon as possible, the flower is placed in the matrimonial bedroom.

According to superstition, it helps even the most hopeless cases. It is recommended that you take off all your clothes and go around the tub with the plant several times.

According to other signs, the flower is placed in the southern or eastern part of the bedroom, and the appearance of a new shoot will symbolize the soon addition to the family.

It is believed that to conceive a child, it is not necessary to keep this plant in the house, but it is possible to borrow for a while from the neighbors. But it must be watered, avoiding wilting. The flower produces phytohormones that affect the human reproductive system.

But best of all, he helps to get pregnant exactly his mistress. Caring for a ficus, a woman should talk to him as a living being.

Benjamin's ficus in the house: national signs and superstitions

Some signs say that Benjamin’s ficus in the house is a loss of well-being and conflicts. If a person wants to give a plant for his birthday, he must take into account the character of the birthday man and his preferences.

Such a surprise will not be pleasant to a man or woman who does not believe in omens.

The main thing is that the giver gives a flower in a good mood, then he will also charge others with his energy. The same happens if Benjamin Ficus is given for a housewarming party, a wedding or a New Year.

By Feng Shui is of great importance, where the flower is located indoors. It is best to place it in the southern or eastern part of the room, closer to the sunlight.

This will allow the energy of the flower to open up at full capacity, so that peace and tranquility will always reign in the family.

Putting the ficus in the kitchen, you can expect improvements in the financial issue and attract wealth to the house. In the bedroom, the flower will help a person to get enough sleep and not allow nightmares.

If it is placed in the living room, then only people who are welcome will come to the house. An incoming person with bad thoughts will feel embarrassed and will never appear on the threshold again.

A flower in the office will help create a good working mood.

Avoid places in which the ficus can not be useful:

  • far from windows;
  • on the north or west side of the apartment.

In such places, the flower grows very hard, spending all its strength on it and not helping the person.

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