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Beliefs, omens and rites for Easter

Beliefs, omens and rites for Easter

Easter is the most important holiday for every Orthodox person. For several centuries, this day has a lot of folk signs and beliefs. Some of them have reached our time unchanged.

The bright feast of Easter primarily means rebirth, the triumph of truth and the justification of sincere hope. In all the cathedrals are held lush night service, filled with joy and faith in a happy future. The atonement of the sins of all mankind more than 2,000 years ago and the resurrection of Christ made this day a landmark.

For several centuries, people have noticed the behavior of the weather, animals, birds and regular events. The most true signs, customs and rituals unchanged have survived to our days.

Easter signs

Without the support of the Higher Forces, those who are engaged in a godly deed on Easter will never be left. Try yourself in embroidering icons. A holy face embroidered with your own hands will become a real decoration of your room, and the work that you spent on embroidery will be appreciated by the church.

It was not for nothing that wives in the antiquity embroidered icons when husbands were sent to feats: such an icon was considered the best talisman. You can purchase the kit and everything you need for embroidery right now if you follow this link.

If the Easter sun shines brightly, then the summer will be clear and hot. If the rain — the summer will also be cold and rainy.

It is believed that if on Easter morning a bird arrived at the window sill, then it was the soul of a deceased relative who came to visit her relatives.

In order to pass the whole year in joy and prosperity, the whole family needs to have breakfast on Easter morning.

Eat a piece of homemade cake — to attract wealth. Deprive this food with your attention — call for poverty.

Meet the dawn on the feast of the Resurrection of Christ — to great happiness.

If a girl hits her elbow on Easter day, then soon fate, taking her arm, will lead to her betrothed.

You can get rid of the evil eye and damage at Easter by crossing the consecrated egg.

If a small child cries sobbing at Easter, then it’s time for parents to go to church for confession. It is believed that through a child, the Guardian Angel makes it clear to parents that their souls are too heavy a burden of transgressions.

If you were given an egg, and it peeled off — a great sin on you.

Unexpected guests at Easter — to great wealth.

To go on a visit on Easter day is to open new paths to happiness and luck.

If during the festive meal, the cake was eaten first and foremost, the year would be extremely successful.

To feed the birds on Easter day is to get rid of past failures and even illnesses.

If a stray cat or a dog has come to your house on the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord, this is great wealth and unexpected joy. To well-being tightly entered into your life, the animals should be fed from the heart.

Borrow money for a friend at Easter — to a large financial gain in the near future.

Waking up salt on Easter day — to the grief in the family.

Find on the road a bouquet of consecrated willow — to trouble.

Pour water, tea or coffee until sunset Sunday — to tears. After sunset — to tears of joy.

Sleep morning service, if you were not at night — to great trouble.

To draw a cross on the door jamb with the soot of an Easter candle — to protect the house from troubles and fire for the whole year.

If a child is born on Easter, be strong and healthy.

It is believed that a person who died on Easter, goes straight to Paradise. He is forgiven for all the sins committed during his lifetime, and at the funeral in the right hand of the deceased they put a red Easter blessed egg.

It is believed that on the day of the Resurrection you definitely need to go on a swing: all sins will be blown away by the wind.

During the morning meal, married couples beat each other with colored eggs: it is believed that those with the shell will remain whole will be the main thing in the family all year.

Hear the cuckoo at dusk Bright Sunday — for the birth of a child, and the rest of the woodpecker — to a new housing.

Cutting yourself to blood at Easter — to the disease, and shed someone else’s blood — to take on all the sins of this person

If a thunderstorm has come to the Resurrection of Christ, then the summer will be long and warm, and the autumn will be late and dry.

If the Easter night is clear and stellar, there will be frosts the next day.

Easter rites and divination

Despite the fact that the clergy strongly do not recommend doing divination during Easter week, several long-standing rituals that attract wealth and well-being continue to be used for many years.

Rite of wealth

This simple ritual is performed on the first evening after the night Easter service. For the ritual you will need:

  • deep plate;
  • a handful of millet, a handful of sunflower seeds and a handful of bread crumbs;
  • church candle.

At sunset, you must be left alone, set and light a candle, and then read any prayer that you know and feel.

Place a plate opposite the candle, take a handful of millet, and, pouring it into a container, say the words:

“Millet kernels are like suns. Chickens millet peck, golden eggs will be demolished. Gold is the river to my house!


Then take a handful of sunflower seeds in your hands and pour it over to the millet with the words:

“As the sunflower grew, it stretched toward the heavens, so wealth stretches towards me, sprouts from the earth, and produces fruits and seeds. Amen».

After that, pour the bread crumbs into the same plate, saying these words:

“Golden rye grows, God’s bread is baked and life prolongs. As the seeds do not turn into crumbs, my wealth cannot be taken away. Amen».

Stir the grain, seeds and crumbs in a bowl, wait for the candle to burn out, and give the contents of the plate to the birds, saying these words:

“As the last grain of a bird gnaws, riches will come to me on the threshold! Amen».

Guessing on Easter cake

How the year will pass for each family member can be found on the Easter cake. To do this, you need to knead the dough with your own hands and divide it into as many parts as there are people in your family.

Having formed the cakes, you need each to be named after one of your household members. After that, the cakes need to be baked, and after they are ready, carefully consider them.

  • if the cake turned out to be of the correct form, baked evenly, then this relative will have a good and successful year;
  • burnt or “rolled up” kulich predicts many difficulties and illnesses;
  • if the cake has collapsed or burned down — this is to great trouble.

Learn about the joy and prosperity, standing on your doorstep, will help people signs of happiness. We wish you a happy Easter. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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