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Bad omens — list of the most famous in Russia

Bad omens in Russia and around the world

Apparently, someone there, at the top, thinks that the scales in destiny, which is prepared for each of us, should be filled not only with sweet sugar, but also with bitter salt. The fact that bad omens are actually aimed at mobilizing a person, forcing him to live, not relaxing, mobilizing his talents and skills, we have every day a lot of evidence.

What are the bad omens? Let’s figure it out!

From Friday, the 13th, to bans on money

Interestingly, the most «impossible» turned out to be connected with money. Perhaps they do not have such a share of a supernatural miracle (unless the winnings in the casino).

However, for some reason, money attracts attention at all times. Although smart people always complain: this man is so poor that, apart from money, he has nothing. However, they are not immediately, but now let’s talk about

Bad omens - list of the most famous in Russia

Why is it not recommended to do anything on Friday, the 13th?

This mysterious date owes its birth to the free interpretation in one of the most popular books of mankind — the Old Testament. It is believed that this combination was the date of the murder of Abel, which made his brother Cain.

Centuries passed, the date overgrown with an unimaginable number of various legends. As a result, the number 13 became a sign of truly terrible tragedies.

Fuel to the fire poured coincidence. It was the same number of participants turned out to be in the Last Supper

After reading the Gospel more attentively, the observant eye found that Judas committed treachery in the chapter that went on the 13th. Now not only ordinary people, but even politicians and statesmen wise by experience bypass the tragic number.

The great Roosevelt postponed the trip if it fell on the 13th. In hospitals, there is often no ward under this number, in buildings there is a floor.

Sociologists have calculated that in every family with 13 children, one is a criminal.

Bad omens - a list of the most famous in Russia

Half way turn back and return is not accepted

Our ancient ancestors have a symbol of the threshold, as a talisman of dwelling from evil spirits and other evil forces. The ashes of deceased relatives were often buried in the doorway, many proverbs and sayings contain this sacred word.

In the same way, it is impossible to go back from halfway, that is, from the place where the symbolic border between the other world and ours passes.

Moreover, a person who has not achieved a result, has not achieved a goal, a person is devastated, weakened, his energy is vulnerable. And, crossing the threshold, he may be exposed to dark forces.

This superstition, which has become a bad omen over the centuries, dictates to everyone who has returned, having just left the house or apartment, be sure to look in the mirror over the left shoulder.

Thus, the departing person regains energy: the mirror doubles it.

Bad omens - a list of the most famous in Russia

A gift in the form of watches can be fatal

Despite the fact that the yard is the 21st century, the clock as a gift is still an unacceptable offering. And our deep ignorance and elementary unwillingness to systematically expand our horizons is to blame for everything.

The explanation of this will, in fact, be very simple: in neighboring China, the clock is presented along with an invitation to take part in the funeral procession.

Etiquette in a friendly culture exists no longer the first century, but we, as usual, believe, have acquired a “local flavor”. It is believed that such a gift will begin to record how much time is left until the end of the birthday boy’s friendship with the donor.

According to another version, the clock will count how much the birthday man has to live. Some interpreters will take note that the hands of the clock can be compared with sharp and piercing objects.

That is why, they say, you can’t bring a clock as a gift — otherwise insults and quarrels will go with the birthday boy.

Bad omens - list of the most famous in Russia

Go on the road at once — a bad omen, we will sit on the track

Yes, immediately begin a journey or any trip — a bad omen. Only after all family members sit down for a few moments, can one storm the distance with a light heart.

Moreover, such a sign was born too long ago.

Before people believed that there are good and evil spirits that govern our destinies. Good spirits live in our house, but they are just as selfish as you and I. So they try to hold us up, cling to our energy, pull us back.

In short, in this scenario, do not expect a good way. And if we sit down, we «deceive» our good-natured households, they lose their vigilance, and now you can safely go on a journey.

It seems to be funny, but try to jerk off without sitting down on the track!

Bad omens - list of the most famous in Russia

Who eats with a knife — anger gains

This superstition is also among the oldest signs. After all, knives are known from the time when they were made of stone.

They have always been one of the main subjects in the hunting arsenal, they defended their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

That is, as in the case of the threshold, the knife had a sacred significance. It was used (and even now the Aboriginal people of Australia and the Indians of North America are used) as a ritual object, with its help all kinds of tribal rites are performed.

Thus, the knife is the subject of close attention of good and evil spirits. Therefore, to eat from it means to bring spirit into anger.

It is this feeling — anger — that takes possession, according to you, of a man after he eats with a knife.

Bad omens - list of the most famous in Russia

You can not lift items from the intersection — get sick or …

Like a mirror, a crossroads in folklore refers to those places of our world where it intersects with the otherworldly world. It can be observed that it is a kind of crossroads that are drawn by various magicians, sorcerers and shamans for carrying out various rituals and rituals.

At the intersection, therefore, negative energy can accumulate. It is believed that if you drop a thing at the crossroads, evil forces take possession of it. There are superstitions that say: if a person wants to get rid of his problems, he must come to the crossroads and put there some object, a banknote, and even an old golden napoleon.

The more expensive a thing is, the more it can save from big problems.

However, the one who chooses such an item — along with him takes away the problems and illnesses of the previous owner.

Bad omens - a list of the most famous in Russia

Where did the ban on walking in one shoe come from?

This is really a bad omen. But — only for those who are religious.

Because this superstition grows straight from the Bible, where it is specifically said about “every creature”, which is a pair. What most often symbolizes the unity of people?

The sign «Victoria», the statue «Worker and Collective Farm Girl», John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a pair of shoes. According to this bad sign, two shoes symbolize an unbroken pair. And if you separate the shoes, then this is an attempt to bring discord in the relations of those who gave us life — father and mother.

What if after that a tragedy happens that leads to death.

Bad omens - a list of the most famous in Russia

Take out the garbage in the evening — you will lose your wealth

In fact, there are many versions: there is such that in this case an incredible amount of gossip will appear about a person (and really, what is this uncle trying to hide from those around him at dark night?). But most often there is a version about money being taken out with garbage.

In fact, our ancestors had in mind the preparation for the invasion of all evil spirits at night: in the daytime it is necessary to take out all the garbage in an elementary fashion in order to secure a home.

Bad omens - list of the most famous in Russia

The bad list will take about money

The moon, an empty and full bucket, an evil eye and a black cat will be left for later. Now is the time to talk about what concerns us most of all, isn’t it? The following bad signs will begin with the word «no» — for more prevention:

  • do not lend money on sunday — they will give a very long time;
  • you can’t repay debts and take loans you’ve previously borrowed — you will not have banknotes;
  • can not lend on tuesday — then you will be in debt for the rest of your life;
  • you can’t deal with money in the evening — That morning is another matter;
  • do not put on the table a hat, a pair of gloves, a bunch of keys — left without money;
  • can not sit «riding» on the table — you will find poverty;
  • there is no empty bottle on the table — “send” it straight under the table;
  • you can not keep a broom at home, «looking» down, and a pen up — This is also a question of money;
  • the toilet, water tap and other plumbing equipment must not be kept in malfunction — each drop of water from them symbolizes flowing money.

Of course, this is not all signs, it is possible and necessary, for example, to scatter trifles at home in the corners …

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