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Ascension of the Lord on May 17: traditions, customs and omens

Ascension of the Lord on May 17: traditions, customs and omens

the great feast of the Ascension of the Lord we will be able to celebrate May 17th. To avoid trouble and spend this day with benefit, every Orthodox believer should learn in advance about the traditions, customs and signs associated with this amazing event.

The Ascension of the Lord is one of the most important church holidays. It is celebrated on the fortieth day after Easter. Until that day, Jesus Christ was on earth and instructed the disciples about the continuation of his preaching and the initiation into Christianity of other people.

Then the Son of God went to the Heavenly Abode, but left a message from the fact that one day he would definitely return.

Since ancient times, the holiday was of great importance. That is why to this day many traditions, customs and traditions will be associated with it, which every believer should know about. Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you about them.

Traditions and customs of the holiday

On this day, it is customary to commemorate the departed and visit the cemetery. It is believed that during this period the gates of hell and heaven are open, which means that the departed may hear your requests, and sinners will be able to meet with the righteous.

In the Ascension of the Lord should not be engaged in household chores and agricultural work. According to the Orthodox Church, this time is most favorable for visiting the church and offering prayers to the Lord God. On this day, you will be able to ask the Saints for anything, and your prayers will be heard.

To avoid monetary problems, on May 17 it is not recommended to borrow and lend money. It is believed that with your funds you risk giving away your own happiness, and with others you can take away the problems of those from whom you borrow.

On this day, harmony and calm should reign in every home, but quarrels and conflicts should be avoided. Anyone who will swear at this day or scold others, the whole year will attract troubles.

Despite the fact that many religious holidays imply the observance of strictly fasting, this does not apply to Ascension. From time immemorial on this day, housewives baked pancakes, pies, and prepared meat dishes. As a rule, after this, guests were invited to the house to please them with holiday treats.

After finishing the meal, the guests went outside and made noisy festivities with songs and dances.

The most important dish on the table was considered to be ladders made of rye or wheat flour and consisting of seven crossbars. Their form symbolized the seven heavenly levels of the Apocalypse.

In Russia there was a believe that on Ascension Jesus Christ takes on a human form and descends to the earth. In this regard, the mistresses prepared special pancakes, known as the “hands of Christ,” which the Son of God relied “on the path.”

On the Ascension of the Lord made to visit relatives. If your loved ones live far away, be sure to call them. If we neglect this tradition, then soon there will be discord in the family.

In ancient times, on Ascension, young boys and girls gathered on the streets and saw off the spring. It was believed that from that day spring finally gave the reins to the summer, and in connection with this the season of agricultural work opened.

On this day, it is forbidden to refuse help to those close and needy. When you see a homeless person on the street, be sure to help him with money or food. Despite the fact that on this day it is forbidden to lend, some of your relatives may turn to you with this request.

In this case, you should give money for free.

Signs on the Ascension of the Lord

Our ancestors on this day tried not to commit sins and engage in godly deeds. It was believed that a person who committed a sinful business runs the risk of encountering Jesus Christ, who will definitely punish him.

According to one of the signs, a girl who wants to get married soon, on this day should prepare several different dishes with her own hands and treat men. If at least one of the prepared dishes does not please young people, it means that this year the girl should not wait for the wedding.

On Ascension, the loving boys collected bouquets of dandelions and brought them under the door to her lover. If the girl sniffs the flowers, then soon she will fall in love with her secret admirer.

If it rained on Ascension, the girl should go outside and wait for her hair to get wet. In this case, her hair will always be thick.

If a girl dreamed of getting married, she wove a birch branch into Ascension. If the branches do not wilt before the onset of the Trinity, it means that this year the girl will be married.

To bring money into the house, they took coins for Ascension and buried them next to a young tree. It was believed that the faster it grows, the more wealth there will be.

If on this day the crow will caw under the window — wait for the misfortunes. The dove that has sat down on the window promises joy and new love.

For the cherished wish to be fulfilled, it is necessary to bake bread for Ascension, and put a piece of paper on the dough on which the wish will be written. After that, freshly baked bread should be brought to the temple.

In order to provide yourself with health for the whole year, you need to take water and wash it on this day. It is believed that on Ascension water is endowed with healing properties and can even heal any wounds and scratches.

Spouses who for a long time cannot have a child, on the Ascension of the Lord must defend the morning service to the end. After that, you need to go home, and on the road with no one to talk. According to the sign, a woman will be able to get pregnant soon.

Mothers who wanted to marry their daughters baked bread on that day, went outside and scattered crumbs in different directions. It was believed that after this the grooms would come to the girl from all sides.

According to the sign, a child born on Ascension will always be healthy and happy.

The Ascension of the Lord is an important, but not the only religious holiday in May. This month we will have to celebrate a lot of wonderful Orthodox events, which you can learn about from the monthly church calendar. We wish you happiness and success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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