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Aluminum wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Aluminum wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Thirty-seven and a half years of marriage together — an unusual anniversary, which is celebrated by spouses. This date is often chosen to replace the fortieth anniversary, symbolizing the departure of the soul to God.

A forty is a sacred number that denotes the farewell to the deceased and the end of the soul’s stay on Earth. In many ways, this is precisely why spouses choose the option of celebrating a smaller date in order not to interrupt their family well-being and happiness. Aluminum symbolizes the strength and malleability of relations, the ability of the spouses to give in to each other to prevent conflicts and quarrels.

Signs and traditions of the aluminum wedding

The celebration of this anniversary does not require extensive festivities. By tradition, spouses invite only those close and dear to people to share with them the joy of the moment.

The table is usually served with metal or aluminum appliances, and a linen tablecloth adds home-like comfort and disposes to sincere conversations.

Traditionally, on the anniversary day, spouses upon waking up confess their love to each other and fasten their feelings by washing each other from aluminum cookware. The spouse carefully washes her beloved man, and then the spouse performs the same ritual. Wiped with one towel, sharing the fate and life for two.

Gifts for the aluminum wedding

A symbolic gift will be an aluminum product. It can be all kinds of household accessories: trays, flasks, pots for cooking in the open air.

Guests can present spouses their own poems, useful gifts, such as bedding or bath accessories.

As a valuable gift can be a trip to a sanatorium or resort, where a couple can stay in solitude and enjoy each other’s company without much fuss.

Any gift presented from the heart and with a pure heart is welcome on this anniversary, so guests will not be difficult to bring joy to the couple.

Rites for family happiness

Spouses can support family well-being with the help of ritual cleaning the house of accumulated negatives. A couple should arm themselves with new brooms and sweep their dwelling from the farthest room to the door. Then the spouse should sweep the litter into a scoop set up by the spouse with the words:

“From home trouble — to the house of wealth. We sweep soot, we do not know sorrows and illnesses ”.

The husband takes the garbage away from the house and carefully throws it away.

In order for family life to be calm and happy, spouses should seek support from the Higher Forces. Prayers for family happiness will help get rid of trouble and will not allow feelings to fade. We wish you sincere mutual feelings, and do not forget to press buttons and

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