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Aloe in the house: signs and magical properties of the plant

Aloe in the house: signs and magical properties of the plant

Aloe, perhaps, is one of the most common domestic plants. But few people know about its magical and healing properties. It is believed that aloe has protective magical powers and protects the house from accidents.

In Africa, the leaves of this plant are hung over the entrance to the house to ward off disaster and attract good luck. In ancient Egypt, aloe was considered a sacred plant. He was brought as a sacrificial offering to the gods.

And in the West, aloe was considered a symbol of love and faith.

How to use the magical properties of aloe in our time

  • It is good to have aloe in a house in which trouble often occurs or households are often ill. As I state bioenergy, constant unpleasant events in the house and frequent diseases are the result of a weak biofield of space. Aloe is able to clean the house and strengthen the aura around.
  • To protect the house from evil people, damage and the evil eye, it is recommended to hang a dried leaf of aloe over the front door.
  • Aloe used to make protective amulets and talismans. For this, dried roots or stems of this houseplant were taken and placed in a bag. This charm was worn around the neck or in hidden pockets of clothing.

It is believed that aloe blooms once every hundred years. This is a myth, but this plant blooms really rarely and, interestingly, not everyone in the house. If aloe bloomed — this is a good omen, promising happiness to you and your home. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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