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A sign: why do the ears burn?

A sign: why do the ears burn?

For centuries, scientific thought has been trying to unambiguously answer the question: does telepathy exist or not. And since there is no clear answer, it remains unclear whether a person may or may not feel any emotions at a distance concerning him personally. In the meantime, scientists are still arguing, interpreters of dreams confidently answer the question of: what is the sign of burning ears.

Let us try and briefly systematize the national signs and pseudoscientific conclusions regarding burning ears.

A sign: why do the ears burn?

Ears burn — someone remembers you

So it is, at least, the national omen, based on centuries-old observations, gives a clear answer to this request: the ears are burning only for one reason — if it occurred to someone to think about you. Numerous programs on television with the participation of psychics show how in reality a person can feel someone else’s mood at a distance.

It seems there is no doubt: we are really able to feel the emotions of our friends and relatives, as well as people with whom we are not familiar. And from what kind of ear is burning, on what day of the week and in connection with what people around you and the events that are taking place, the interpreters will give a more specific “tip”:

  • the left ear is in the “burning” stage — this is an extremely bad sign, saying that bad conversations are spinning around you, ancient signs interpret this fact by the presence of all sorts of gossips, in a word — beware, they speak badly of you;
  • it depends on what you feel while your friends or relatives participate in gossip; if you feel bad, it is they who spread unkind opinions about you, most likely with your recent actions;
  • Another interpretation on the subject of reddening of the left ear says that, quite possibly, people are talking about you, observing a neutral emotional background, and in this regard any anxiety is hardly worth it.

Thus, the essence remains the same: the ear turned red — you were mentioned in a conversation, you felt bad — you participate in the discussion or even spread rumors and gossip about you your friends or close relatives.

A sign: why do the ears burn?

Your right ear is red — you have something to be proud of

Unlike the reddened left ear, the right one can burn as much as it pleases. Because, according to old signs, his master at the same time responded well:

  • his right ear suddenly turned red — someone had just responded to the host with praise;
  • It is necessary to pay attention to this fact and instantly sort out in your mind an exemplary list of those who can do it, and if the choice of another candidate for good praise was correct, the ear will instantly stop burning;
  • another interpretation of this phenomenon may be information that is completely unrelated to the above interpretation, but which is of great importance to you: a person is busy searching for your address, telephone number, or other contacts without success;
  • The right ear can also turn red for the reason that your mobile phone is busy, and at this moment someone is making maximum efforts to get through to the host of the burning ear;
  • another interpretation explains the reddening of the auditory organ, but for a completely different reason — it is possible that not so long ago you did not bother to keep the earlier promise.

It may well be that you had an agreement with someone, and then you simply forgot about it. So, a suddenly reddened ear is just that “bell” that reminds you: it’s time to recall the previous agreement.

After all, apparently, the person who is also associated with you by this agreement, has remembered you and is looking for a chance to meet.

A sign: why do the ears burn?

What a day in the yard — such is the interpretation of omens

The interpreters of the signs about reddened ears have already paid attention to this phenomenon so long ago that even the days of the week are explained in accordance with their observations:

  • if it happens in Monday — someone is full of envy towards you, but this applies only to the morning, but if it happens in the afternoon or in the evening — to a quarrel;
  • outside Tuesday, and the reddened ear is unfriendly to those in love, it predicts a break in relations, and to that is very sad, however, if you are alone, then the sign is no better — it is to slander and deception;
  • at Wednesday everything is much better, because the interpretation of this fact is inclined to “see” in it a long-awaited meeting or meeting in the morning, an envious person may appear in your surroundings in the afternoon, but the evening burning of ears foreshadows a light flirtation, a romantic adventure, and even a full-fledged novel with all shades of love ;
  • is coming Thursday, and your ears may respond in a similar way to the soonest good news;
  • at friday reddened ears foreshadow a meeting with his beloved, and not simple, but long-awaited;
  • if it happens in saturday in the evening — to be in trouble, at another time there is nothing to worry about, adversities will pass by;
  • whatever time is in Sunday, but if the ears are red — you are waiting for a profit in the money issue.

And yet: a strong reddening of the ears — to strong emotions. Therefore, the outcome of such reflections can be a long-awaited meeting. Or — just change the weather.

If a person is born in the summer months — signs of warming, in the winter — to a cold snap.

It is believed that the gossip around you is the easiest to wash off with water. Rinse — and they will stop.

Or bite the little finger, as the Dutch do — and the gossip’s dirty language will be bitten in the half-word by him.

A sign: why do the ears burn?

Science explains everything much easier.

Serious scientists explain the redness of the ears by many reasons that you should definitely understand:

  • adrenaline rush — that is, the result of their own emotions;
  • active work of the brain;
  • frostbite auditory organs;
  • most ordinary reaction to hot ambient temperatures;
  • red and thin-skinned people generally blush more often;
  • allergies any internal body;
  • disease ears;
  • elevatedblood pressure;
  • stroke.

In any case, it will not be superfluous to go to a doctor, otherwise he will take to an explanation for a serious health deterioration too!

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