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A sign to see a spider: when it is favorable

See the spider: the interpretation of omens

At different times and in different nations of the world, spiders were assigned contradictory characteristics. For example, some were considered cruel and insidious creatures, while others were called hardworking and wise.

Arthropods could be afraid, because considered them heralds of trouble.

In some nations, on the contrary, these insects were revered, and believed that they protect houses from evil forces. But what does it mean today to see a spider?

In this article I will talk about what a random encounter with arthropods promises, and what events should be prepared for.

A sign to see a spider: when it is favorable


Spiders live not only in the premises, but also on the street. The meeting place with them is of great importance for determining the upcoming events, and what area of ​​life they will be associated with.

  • You should not be afraid to see a spider in your apartment — it’s better to pay attention to where it is going. If he creeps up — one should expect good news, and if he goes downstairs — then the news will most likely be negative. A good sign is considered if the insect is sent in your direction, but if it runs away, then you need to prepare for trouble.
  • A meeting with an arthropod at work that climbs up a wall or web upwards portends a career advancement, a pay rise or a good bargain. If the spider has fallen on the floor or another surface, after which it ran away in an unknown direction, it will be necessary to explain it to the authorities, but a wage delay is also possible. Negative is the sign when the insect suddenly falls on the desktop. It means that there is an adversary in the office that can harm you out of envy.
  • Seen a spider in the transport, crawling on a nearby seat or glass, promises changes in the financial sector. You can expect profit if it moves in your direction, up or crawled on you. If the situation is reversed, then financial costs are forthcoming. The amount of money, both receipts and expenses, will depend on the size of the “passenger”.
  • Getting into the web on the street is a bad omen, which portends a series of minor troubles. But if the spider «lace» was touched only slightly, then soon there will be a meeting with a good friend, with whom they have long dreamed of seeing. The cobweb stuck to the clothing indicates a near riches, which will be achieved with someone’s help.

A sign to see a spider: when it is favorable

Spider location

In order to more accurately decipher the signs about spiders, and to understand what fate has prepared for the near future, it is important to pay attention to exactly where the spider was noticed in the room.

  • On the threshold is a negative sign indicating financial loss. Also in the old days such a sign meant the imminent death of one of the inhabitants of the house. To prevent negative consequences, it is necessary to sweep the insect out of the threshold, but be careful not to accidentally crush it, and then wash it with running water.
  • The spider on the ceiling, sitting in its web, predicts receiving a letter with good news. If an insect was noticed in the process of weaving a web — happiness and harmony will reign in the house. The insect that fell on you is considered a good omen, it foreshadows favorable changes in life.
  • The arthropod that runs along the floor also promises changes. If he moves in your direction, then they will be good, and if in the opposite direction, they will be negative.
  • Seeing an insect on the wall, you can make a wish, and if it runs in your direction, it will come true. A spider running along a vertical trajectory indicates changes in the financial sphere. Profit can be expected in the case when it crap up, but if it goes down — unplanned expenses will arise or you will lose some amount of funds. A negative sign is considered when an arthropod being hid in a vent — this means that he did not like the atmosphere in the house. In the old days, this sign meant that there was negative energy in the house, and you should not expect good luck in the near future.
  • A spider that settles between window frames or outside the window is a favorable sign. For single people, he promises a quick marriage. But if the insect has woven a web not in one of the corners, but right in the center of the window, then the person will walk for at least a year more. If a couple noticed two arthropods sitting side by side behind the glass, there will be a harmony in the family. Insects are located in the center of the web — the spouses will soon acquire their own housing, and if on the edge of the web — they will have to wander from one rented apartment to another for a long time.
  • When the spider descends or suddenly falls on the table, it means that you have a detractor who will soon make itself felt. But if he scrambled on the table on the tablecloth or table legs — you should prepare for the journey or the move.
  • It happens that an eight-legged guest suddenly finds himself in a cup or a plate. Such a sign usually indicates an unexpected news, but if it is good or bad, it is not known. In order to avoid negative consequences, it is recommended to release the spider, and wash the dishes, but in no case do not continue to drink and eat from it.

A sign to see a spider: when it is favorable

Times of Day

Italians believe that seeing a spider in the evening is a good sign, but it concerns only the weather for tomorrow. The French associate the morning meeting with the insect with auspicious news. In our area, a collision with an arthropod at different times of the day is interpreted as follows:

  • morning — to an unsuccessful day and failure of plans;
  • day — to minor troubles and troubles, but if the meeting took place in the late afternoon, then on that day the acquaintance with the second half can take place;
  • evening — to a good event, and if you see a spider before dusk, you can count on a material gift, cash receipts or a prize;
  • night — to the empty troubles, bustle and turmoil that will accompany you throughout the next day.

A sign to see a spider: when it is favorable

Spider color and size

In order to clarify or supplement the interpretation of the signs to meet a spider, it is necessary to pay attention to its color and size.

  • black — unfortunately, trouble and negative incidents;
  • white — to the romance or favorable outcome of some business;
  • red — to cash receipts and successful transactions;
  • green to good news;
  • gray — to a new thing, which can be, both purchased independently, and donated by someone;
  • red or brown — to the bad news.

As for the size of the spider, it can indicate the amount of financial profit and loss. This criterion also determines how large or significant the predicted trouble or good events will be.

The globality of the upcoming event can still be determined by the number of insects seen.

Dead spiders always mean trouble that a person cannot influence. But if you yourself accidentally killed an arthropod, then most likely a negative situation will occur due to your fault.

  • Signs about spiders in most cases predict something good.
  • A crawling up insect usually indicates favorable events, such as profit, increase, or luck.
  • For a more accurate interpretation of omens, it is important to pay attention to the details of the encounter with the insect.

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