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Zoisite stone — for what is used in magic and healing

Variants of zoisite stone

Amazingly beautiful multicolored mineral zoisite fascinates with its glass-pearl luster. Zoisite stone is cloudy and transparent, shiny and dull. Zoisite is impressive in its variety of colors — yellow, pink, green, blue, gray, purple and lilac.

In Russia, the stone is mined in Transbaikalia, the Urals and the Altai Territory. What is useful mineral, what has the properties?

Zoisite stone - for what is used in magic and healing

Mineral Types

A variety of colors and the degree of transparency of the mineral allows us to classify it into subspecies:

  • Tanzanite considered a rare gem whose price is a fortune. Mineralized in Tanzania, it is the target of collectors and wealthy people.
  • Tulit different pink shade and resembles its appearance rhodonite. Mineralized in Norway, the cost of the gem is very high.
  • Aliolite combines ruby ​​and cyosite. The unique beauty of the mineral (dark green with red) makes it stand out from a number of precious stones. Mostly stone is used as jewelry or talismans.
  • Sassyurit outwardly similar to jasper or jade, however, a professional will immediately see the differences. Used as an ornamental stone and in jewelry.

Zoisite Stone — Magical Properties

Zoisite is attractive to healers, magicians and clairvoyants. The figure of a man made of stone is an excellent talisman if hidden in a safe place. What are the properties of zoisite stone?

He helps speakers, public people and artists — gives eloquence and develops natural talent. Stone helps to overcome indifference and gain interest in life, get rid of weaknesses and become a strong spirit.

The effect of a stone on a person depends on its color:

  • ruby tone promotes spiritual growth, strengthens the biofield, restores internal balance, helps to tune in to meditation;
  • blue tone provides communication with the other world, in combination with aquamarine clears karma;
  • green hue helps to gain faith in the rationality of the universe and to overcome the chaos in thoughts.

They make a talisman of laziness from zoisite and to search for missing things. Stone activates memory, helps in the development of creative gifts and communication with people. The property of converting negative energy into positive has been noticed.

In Asia and African countries, the mineral is used as a guide to the world of the dead.

For the protection of peace and peace in the family, it is recommended to have some handicraft of zoisite: a ball, a vase, a statuette. To attract happiness in love wear a ring with a stone.

However, keep in mind that the mineral gets used to a new host for a long time: therefore, the positive impact on life will not be immediately noticeable.

Zoisite stone - for what is used in magic and healing

The healing properties of zoisite

Differs mineral and the presence of healing properties. Healers use it to treat insomnia, laziness, irritability and a positive effect on the human psyche. The mineral perfectly treats diseases of the hematopoietic system, strengthens blood vessels, prevents heart attacks, normalizes the composition of blood.

Stones of green tone help meteorological people to resist the vagaries of the weather.

Zoisite normalizes visual centers, increases visual acuity. Mineral round balls are used for massage and treatment of the spine. The mineral strengthens and restores the biofield, surrounding the person with powerful energy protection.

An active influence of the stone on the metabolic processes in the body, the elimination of chronic fatigue and the acquisition of pep. Zoisite removes toxins from the body, cleansing at the cellular level.

Zoisite stone - for what is used in magic and healing

Who is zoisite suitable for?

The zoisite stone is particularly suitable for the sign of Aquarius, as it gives a person confidence and calmness. Sign Gemini mineral helps to fight with laziness and passivity.

For Libra and Taurus — this is a great talisman for all sorts of trouble.

Representatives of the fire element are not recommended to wear jewelry made of red stone — it provokes them to aggression and hot temper.

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