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Zircon stone — the gateway to unlimited opportunities

Zircon stone — mystical power without borders

Zircon stone is a precious mineral with the highest degree of quality. Due to the presence of gorgeous rainbow shine gem can compete with the most expensive jewelry minerals, for this reason, many give it the name «younger brother of the diamond.»

Zircon stone - the gateway to unlimited opportunities

General information about zircon

Very often situations of confusion arise when the zircon stone is given the name zirconium. This is due to the fact that the names of the minerals are very similar to each other, and also because zirconium in its free state was isolated from zircon.

In addition, there is also a synthetic version of the stone — cubic zircon, it was obtained artificially in the laboratory. And minerals of natural origin are precious zircons.

The word «zircon», if you translate it from Persian, will mean «golden.» This mineral name caused its honey shade.

Often you can also find blue, green and red zircons. Such an extensive color variety of stones due to different ways of their processing.

In a number of sources, zircon is also found under the names of hyacinth, azorite, or engelhardite.

The stone is characterized by a yellow-golden color. Minerals change depending on their shade and become light brown, pale yellow, and reddish brown.

However, in nature there are zircons and red, green flowers, and even devoid of any shade!

Reddish zircon is highlighted in a separate category and is called hyacinth, and colorless stones due to its brilliance and purity can compete with diamonds.

The most beautiful and expensive zircon is transparent, but, as a rule, it is translucent or completely opaque. This mineral is characterized by an increased degree of density, it has excellent characteristics of light refraction.

And due to its special structure of the crystal lattice, the stone is very sensitive to high temperatures and gamma radiation. Due to this effect, the shade of the gem and its characteristics vary greatly.

Zircon species

There are such variations of this mineral:

  • Hyacinth — different transparency, found in red, orange, pink or crimson shades;
  • Slang — gem lemon color. Also this group is represented by golden, straw or smoky-yellow stones;
  • Matar diamonds — they are transparent and have a great diamond shine. Under natural conditions, this species almost does not occur, but after the treatment with special gamma rays, some of the colored zircons become transparent;
  • Malacon — stones are distinguished by dark brown color;
  • Starlit is a refined type of zircon, which under the action of high temperature turns blue or blue;
  • Green zircon — this category does not have a separate name. The stones may contain particles of radioactive uranium.

Zircon stone - the gateway to unlimited opportunities

For the most part, zircon is an additional mineral that is part of the rock in minimal quantities. It does not affect the general classification of the main rock and is an accessory mineral.

Zircon is a mineral of magmatic origin, it is found in pegmatites, granites and syenites.

In the Russian Federation, the main zircon deposits are emerald mines of the Urals, as well as diamond deposits in Yakutia. In addition, pure gems of jewelry quality are on the territory of Burma, Thailand, Norway, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the island of Madagascar.

Mineral healing powers

  • In ancient times it was believed that the stone will cure its owner from any disease. So he was attributed to the ability to clean the body of toxins, activate the liver, normalize the pineal and pituitary glands, prevent aging of the body and rejuvenate it.
  • Stones of yellow color successfully cope with constipation, reduced secretion of gastric juice, nightmares, thirst, increase appetite.
  • Hyacinths are recommended to be used if you are often nervous, because of debt you turn in bed at night, suffer from neurosis, nosebleeds.
  • The representatives of the fair sex can help the hyacinth in cases where their body and face hairs grow vigorously, and red zircons, whose healing properties are very similar to hyacinths, solve this problem. To get the desired effect, the stone is placed in the lower abdomen for several hours, and then the procedure is repeated for ten days.
  • Blue zircons normalize the metabolism in the body, increase visual acuity, eliminate excess weight.
  • Black zircons, as a rule, are used for colds, inflammation of the lungs, bronchitis, sore throats, and other pathologies that are provoked by hypothermia.
  • Translucent or yellow stones alleviate the symptoms of coronary heart disease.

Zircon stone - the gateway to unlimited opportunities

Magical power of zircons

  1. Since antiquity, people have been convinced that if you wear zircon as an amulet, you can protect yourself from lightning strikes. And they tried to avoid large-sized minerals, because they provoked constant drowsiness.
  2. It is believed that zircon is a male stone which has a very strong Jan-energy.
  3. Women gem will make more self-confident, more independent, real «business woman».
  4. Zircon rings are a great financial amulet, especially if you talk for good luck. Such talismans are also indispensable for a successful business.
  5. Rings with orange, brown, green and yellow zircons will contribute to the conclusion of lucrative deals.
  6. Many people believe that zircons are mafia minerals. The stone will become the patron when it is necessary to hide some information from others and faithfully serve people with any moral character.
  7. If necessary, the gem helps its owners to reveal secrets and get the right information. For this reason, if the ring with zircon becomes the property of prosecutors, judges, investigators, or criminologists, you can count on his help in law matters.
  8. Minerals without color render their help to people on the spiritual path. They allow you to maximize the intuitive perception of reality, clarify thoughts, expand the possibilities in the process of comprehending various secret knowledge. Therefore, people of science, philosophy, theosophy and researchers can successfully use stones.
  9. Those who adore traveling are advised to take orange or red zircons for the journey. In the case of approaching danger, they will certainly protect their owner.
  10. Blue zircons will heal unhappy love, make their owner (or owner) more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.
  11. Residents of India worship gem as a “younger brother” of diamond. It is actively used by yoga to concentrate bioenergy. It is believed that zircon will awaken supernatural abilities in its owner.
  12. In Russia since ancient times, people thought that zircons help to accumulate wealth. For this reason, merchants gladly used it as a powerful talisman.

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