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Yellow Doll: we do it with our own hands

Yellow Doll: we do it with our own hands

How to make with your own hands a coastal doll Zhelannitsu for the fulfillment of his most cherished dream?

Desires love to make plans without exception, but most of all we like it when our wishes come true. In ancient times, our ancestors created special obrezhnyh motank puppet dolls to fulfill their dreams, and they slandered everything they wanted to get from their Destiny. They were called Zhelannitsami and always stood in the place of honor in the house.

Zhelannitsa doll with their own hands

To make such a doll is very simple. This will require the following materials:

  • White fabric.
  • Dense matter for the head of the doll.
  • Shreds of different colors for clothes.
  • Durable thread.
  • Scissors.

Fold the dense fabric in the «snail» and wrap it with a white cloth, creating a head. Tie your head with thread.

Head cross with multicolored threads. The cross is a symbol of the sun and solar energy, which will help you to fulfill your plans. You need to shake from yourself.

At the same time, it is necessary to think about your desire, thereby, putting this information into your doll charm.

Hands dolls can be made from the same white fabric or fabric of a different color. To do this, roll the material around with a roll and tie it at the ends with a string. Attach your arms to your body with threads, as shown in the photo.

Dress your shawl with a rag on your doll. Describe a apron, preferably several layers, so that the puppet looks more ornate.

In the process of creating a doll, it is important to follow several rules:

  1. It is best to create the Zhelannitsa on the growing Moon, then all your plans will have even more power.
  2. While winding the threads on the doll, make sure that your movements go away from you, according to the movement of the sun.

Let your desire to fulfill all your dreams! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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