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Yacht stone — magic and healing properties of ruby

The use of yacht stone: effective methods

Yakhont is the ancient name for ruby ​​and sapphire, amethyst and hyacinth. This is the first among the precious stones mineral with which it is impossible to compare any stones.

The stone conquers with its mystery and mystical brilliance, excites the senses and fills with joy. The color range of the mineral is not different — there are shades of burgundy, blood-red, garnet, blue and blue.

The color of the stone is compared to the shade of glowing embers or the flame of a burning candle.

Yacht stone - magic and healing properties of ruby

The magical properties of the ship

The main property of the yacht is considered to be the effect on the soul of a person — it cheers the heart, eliminates sadness and anxiety, gives courage and self-confidence. The owner of the yaontovy ornament never gives up, bravely goes against fate.

The stone of the yacht is:

  • victory in love;
  • good luck in life;
  • happiness and well-being;
  • courage and endurance;
  • wealth and power.

This stone brings happiness in love, career success, wealth and fame. It is a mineral of the powerful, authoritative and influential people.

A ring or jewelry with a yahont guarantees the reciprocity of love, which was used in ancient times — they gave jewelry to your loved ones.

Yakhont is a talisman of the brave — it protects you from injuries and injuries, lightning and drowning. Previously, horse teams were decorated with stones so that the horse would not fall or maim.

However, only honestly acquired mineral possesses such properties, and not stolen or found.

It is not recommended to wear a yacht stone to overly quick-tempered and impulsive people: it enhances the natural negative traits of character. Worn on the finger of an evil person, the yacht can turn it into a bloodthirsty demonic entity. Mineral helps balanced and calm people to achieve their goals.

They made talismans of power and love. The stone will also help individuals who are unsure of their abilities, giving them energy and enthusiasm.

Yacht stone - magic and healing properties of ruby

Yacht stone — healing properties

This mineral primarily heals the soul. He relieves melancholy, longing and sadness.

The yachon does a good job with a seasonal breakdown when the body is tired from the harsh winter. To do this, it is recommended to simply contemplate a gem in the sunlight or to watch over the shimmering of the face by candlelight.

The red color of the bone stimulates the immune system. In addition, the mineral:

  • heals the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improves memory;
  • sharpens eyesight;
  • fights hearing problems;
  • removes fatigue from body and soul;
  • fights insomnia;
  • restores potency.

Yakhont positive effect on the heart. For this, the mineral of garnet or magenta in gold cut (pendant) must be worn in the region of the heart.

The size of the stone does not matter — you can wear jewelry interspersed with small pebbles. Also to strengthen the heart they wear a ring with a ruby ​​on the ring finger of the left hand.

Earrings with yakhontami help overcome headaches. Pregnant women wear rubies to properly form the internal organs of the fetus (in the first trimester).

In the last trimester, yachonts are not recommended to wear because of the risk of pressure surges.

This is a stone of energetic, cheerful people. In India, it is used to treat paralysis, epilepsy, and other diseases of the nervous system.

If you apply a ruby ​​to the sore spot, it will relieve pain and irritation. However, the boat cannot be worn by hypertension — it increases blood flow to the head.

It must be remembered that long wearing jewelry with any stones is not recommended: they must rest from human energy. To restore the aura of the stone, it must be held in running water for half an hour / hour.

It is better if it is a natural source. Solar stones saturate the sun with energy, and lunar — with lunar energy.

Since the yacht belongs to solar stones, it needs to be charged with the rays of the sun — put on all day until sunset.

Yacht stone - magic and healing properties of ruby

Who is the yacht for?

Most of the mineral is suitable Sagittarius and Cancers. Sagittarius yacht restrains from the manifestation of pride and permissiveness, and Cancers gives courage and helps to find a soul mate.

The yacht and has a beneficial effect on Lviv, giving them the features of aristocracy and charm. Scorpio yacht helps to overcome inconsistency, chaotic thoughts: directs to the intended goal and frees from excessive fussiness.

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