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Work with chakras: harmonization and removal of blocks

Work with chakras: harmonization, restoration, activation

Esoterics believe that the root of all human problems lies in the disruption of the work of its energy centers — the chakras. Therefore, they constantly need to diagnose, clean, disclose and engage in other similar manipulations. What is the work with chakras, and what methods of this work exist?

Let’s talk more.

Full details of what chakras are in this article.

What are chakras and why are needed: a brief description

The chakras are the energy centers of a person, which provide a link between the physical and mental essences of a person. Chakras accept, transform and remove energy, ensuring its balance in the body. Chakras are located as follows:

Work with chakras: harmonization and removal of blocks

Each chakra is responsible for the specific qualities of the individual and the health of certain organs. What each energy center is responsible for and what the unbalance of the chakras threatens is written on this page.

Next, we consider in detail all sorts of manipulations with the chakras, so that it becomes clear how the work with them goes and what it is for.

Chakra harmonization

It is known that absolutely all the chakras are located along the spinal column. The energy that enters the body gradually rises from the lower to the upper chakra, revealing completely at the end of the path.

So it should be ideally.

But if any of the energy centers is blocked, it prevents the energy from moving freely upwards. It reaches the blocked chakra and does not move further, depriving the energy centers of the upper centers.

Because of this, there is an imbalance.

Work with chakras: harmonization and removal of blocks

Harmonization of the chakras will help unlock the desired energy center. It is a meditation that goes like this:

  • man applies his hands to each chakra bottom to top
  • in the process you need to listen to yourself, to feel the energy of each chakra: to feel warm, pulsating, tingling
  • as soon as the sensations near each energy center become the same, meditation stops

Perform these manipulations must be daily for a month. Next you need a break.

The repetition of harmonization is determined by the person himself, listening to inner sensations.

Chakra meditation

This is another way to work with chakras. How is chakra meditation performed:

  1. You must sit on a chair, take a comfortable position. It is important to keep your back straight, feet set parallel to the floor. Breathing — as deep and relaxed as possible.
  2. Then remind yourself which chakra you work with — the flow of energy will need to be directed to it soon.
  3. Once you have taken a comfortable posture, you need to make contact with the power of Reiki (feel the flow of energy in your hands)
  4. Close your ears with your thumbs, eyes with your index fingers, and place your middle fingers on both sides of the nose, the remaining fingers close your lips.
  5. First, close the left nostril and take a deep breath with the right. You should feel how the energy reached the Muladhara chakra.
  6. Exhale, then close the right nostril and repeat the manipulations, only this time inhale with the left nostril.
  7. Repeat all listed manipulations for each chakra alternately, from bottom to top
  8. Then top down

As soon as you ideally master chakra breathing, gradually learn to see each energy center in its color, notice the imbalance and physically feel the problem.

Work with chakras: harmonization and removal of blocks

At the end of meditation, it is not bad to lie down, relax and penetrate into your own feelings, feel the energy flows circulating in your body.

Opening of energy centers

“Closed” chakras create many problems. Due to the blocking of one center, the others receive less energy in sufficient quantities. Therefore, a person is sick, suffers, unhappy:

  • closed Muladhara = sexual disorders, aggression, lack of self-preservation instinct
  • blocked Swadisthana = lack of emotion, passivity, despondency
  • closed Manipura = uncertainty, lack of desire to develop
  • closed Anahata = depression, loneliness, unrequited love
  • blocked Vishuddha = stuttering, problems with communication, verbal expression of thoughts
  • closed Ajna = lack of intuition, poor mental capacity

That is why the opening of the chakras is so important. It is done with the help of meditation, goal setting, self-hypnosis, the implementation of the principles of a particular chakra.

In difficult cases, unlocking is carried out with the help of an experienced mentor.

Watch the video about working with chakras:

Cleansing chakras

Chakra cleansing is required in the following cases:

  • negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs prevail in the human mind
  • he is «tuned» in destructive and destructive programs
  • there is something called “damage” on a person: due to destructive external circumstances, some energy centers were blocked

Chakra cleansing is most often necessary for status, high-ranking men. These are those who occupy high positions, have big money and power.

The first sign of «contamination» of energy centers is heart disease, problems with the respiratory system and potency.

These people are destructively energized by competitors who, with their negative thoughts and actions, literally strike at the patient.

Work with chakras: harmonization and removal of blocks

Cleansing the chakras should be carried out by a competent specialist: hypnotist, psychic, esoteric. It requires careful study of consciousness, the use of deep meditative practices.

If the problem is not so serious, you can independently try to clear the chakras with the help of meditations aimed at creating a feeling of love for yourself, your body, consciousness.

Chakra recovery

Energy centers damaged due to external circumstances always need to be repaired. This helps a specific meditative practice, which is carried out as follows:

  1. Stand to look east. Relax and focus on breathing
  2. Imagine that your body is a cocoon with two holes (top and bottom)
  3. Mentally imagine and experience the powerful energy flow in the form of a beam that enters your body from below. Through the feet, this beam reaches the first chakra. You should feel the warmth and throb
  4. Then mentally move the energy beam up along the spine. On the way, stop at each energy center, filling the chakras with energy and activating them
  5. If it fails, along the way, barriers arise that cannot be overcome, which means that there are locks. They must also be visualized and then mentally burned with an energy beam.
  6. Concentrate on the inner sensations. Reaching the last chakra, feel how the energy fills your body, every cell as if comes to life, ignited by life

When, during meditation, it is possible to freely promote the flow of energy through the body, then we can say that the chakras are restored.

Chakra activation

Sometimes a person is healthy: physically and mentally, there are no energy blocks and clips, but he does not feel the taste for life. In this case, the activation of the chakras will help. The methods of this manipulation are simple:

  1. Change of mindset. Be attentive to your thoughts — they are material. What request was sent to the Universe — they received it. Therefore, it is forbidden to let negatives into your thoughts. It is necessary to learn to think positively and correctly formulate your desires.
  2. The sun. Sunlight is a huge source of energy. A person needs sunbathing. In the summer, it’s easy — stay in the sun for at least an hour. Winter is more difficult, but at least a half-hour daily walk will help you out during the day
  3. Food. 70% of the diet should be raw fruits and vegetables. And 30% is cooked food. Avoid food junk: fast food, chips, soda and other things
  4. Visualization of desires. Needed to customize the flow of your own thoughts on the achievement of the result
  5. Precious metals and stones. Jewelry gives powerful energy to their owner. Therefore, they need to buy and wear
  6. Aromatherapy. Explore the properties and purpose of flavors. Get essential oils suitable for you, use them for aromatherapy and meditations.
  7. Singing mantras. Activates positive energy flows. This method can be attributed to any other creative activities: dancing, listening to music, drawing

It is better to work on chakras in a comprehensive manner so as not to miss anything.

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