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Wolf Tattoo: Meaning for boys and girls

Wolf Tattoo: Meaning for boys and girls

When I see a man with a wolf tattoo, I literally “read” his character, even if he did not utter a word. The significance of such an image suggests that its owner is a tough, uncompromising, purposeful nature, but at the same time loyal and faithful to close people.

Let’s try to understand more.

Who is suitable for a wolf tattoo?

You can fill the image of a wolf on the body, regardless of gender and age. This beast is a symbol of determination and mind.

If you want to emphasize these qualities in yourself, enhance them or purchase them, feel free to go to the tattoo salon by selecting the appropriate image.

Wolf Tattoo: Meaning for boys and girls

It is known that tattoos are not just a decoration, but also able to change their owner, to help him acquire the missing qualities of character. As for the wolf, this is the choice of people independent, courageous and freedom-loving.

If you consider yourself weak, infantile, and want to get rid of these features, a tattoo will help as well.

Where to get a tattoo?

The area on which a wolf tattoo is stuffed is most often the shoulders, arms, chest or back. The choice of place on the body depends only on personal preferences and image size.

Wolf Tattoo: Meaning for boys and girls

As for color, the wolf is often depicted in black and white, but you can try the color version.

Important: wolf tattoo is desirable to do at some turning point in your life. The event can be timed to some memorable date, then the properties of the image will be enhanced and will have a greater impact on your life.

Value for guys

It is men who most often choose the image of a wolf for a tattoo. And no wonder: it is a symbol of aggressive, courageous, which girls decorate not always.

Wolf Tattoo: Meaning for boys and girls

As for the meaning of the image on the body, it can be:

  1. The wolf is a symbol of such qualities as courage, love of freedom, the desire to achieve their goals, to work at the limit of opportunities. If these qualities are about you, the tattoo is perfect for you.
  2. In some interpretations, the wolf symbolizes the strength of the spirit and a deep connection with nature, the world around it. Also, the wolf can be a symbol of strong kinship. He helps his owner to enlist the power and support of the clan and the entire tribal system.
  3. Let us recall the character of the beast: it is strong, clever, merciless with enemies, but very loyal and devoted to its family, flock. Shows anger and aggression only during hunting or defense, and in peacetime is calm and serene.
  4. A wolf howling at the moon symbolizes a self-contained, whole person who is comfortable and alone. It is not people and circumstances that make him happy, but himself. Sometimes these tattoos are made after serious betrayal by a loved one, as a sign of mistrust of people and deep emotional trauma.
  5. The wolf is also a Celtic symbol. The ancient Celtic warriors decorated themselves with this sign to enlist the care and support of their people, spirits, guardian angels.
  6. A wolf with grinning jaws is a symbol of aggression, cruelty and extreme malice. Such a tattoo will suit a person who lives by his own laws and denies social ones. He does not want to live in the power of stereotypes, to obey the rules of others. Always stand their position and opinion.
  7. The beast in motion personifies an adventurous person. He loves adventure, can not live without vivid emotions and impressions. His life should always contain a sense of novelty. The motto of this guy — «I hunt while breathing.»
  8. The jumping figure of the wolf says that a person with honor meets any tests on the path of life. He is not just ready to overcome difficulties and solve problems, but he is looking for them intentionally, considering that difficulties develop and temper character.
  9. The werewolf personifies the connection with the «lower», magical and mystical world. By making such a tattoo, a person confirms his readiness to be in touch with the dark forces, serve and obey.
  10. A she-wolf is a softer sign symbolizing loyalty and devotion. If her little animals are next to her, it is also a symbol of motherhood, dedication, care and care, unselfish.
  11. A white wolf characterizes a person as a loner. He is used to achieving everything himself, never waiting for help and relying only on himself. But this state of affairs does not oppress him, he is fearless in his solitude, whole and free person.
  12. A wolf on fire or with bright red eyes is also a mystical sign. This tattoo should be done only to people who are engaged in esoteric or magical practices. Energetically very strong sign.
  13. A whole flock of animals led by a leader is a sign of a leader who leads everyone. He is the patron and leader. The head of the family, the team, a suitable sign for the owner of a large business, aimed at building a whole corporation.
  14. The skeleton or skull of a forest beast, depicted on the body, says that a person is not afraid of death. He is not looking for her, but not afraid. Often engaged in extreme sports or recreation.

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Value for girls

The tattoo with the image of a wolf has a very aggressive meaning, so girls rarely fill themselves with such a sign. In fact, for the fair sex such a tattoo does not carry any danger.

For them, the wolf or wolf becomes a symbol of loyalty and devotion to the partner, family and children. But also an indicator of strong character.

This is not a sign of a housewife who deals only with the house, but a purposeful and ambitious person who can work on a par with a man.

It is undesirable to stuff such a tattoo to already strong young ladies. The «masculine» traits of their character can seriously increase and prevent the building of harmonious and happy relationships. The wolf literally “quenches” all the femininity of its owner.

But if a woman is by nature weak and not self-sufficient, the tattoo will help temper your character, learn to defend your boundaries, say no and solve life problems without help from others.

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