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Wolf Fang Amulet

Wolf Fang Amulet

Since ancient times, people worshiped wolves. There are many beliefs and legends associated with these animals. The guardian of wolf teeth was considered a powerful talisman, endowing its owner with courage, courage and fortitude.

Buy it — and get not only a beautiful decoration, but also protection from detractors.

What powers does a wolf’s fang give the owner?

Wolf Fang — not only a powerful amulet, but also a stylish decoration. The fang of a wolf can be an excellent gift to a beloved man, because he strengthens both physical and male strength.

The wolf is a strong, cunning, very intelligent and enduring animal. The wolf’s fang strengthens these qualities from its owner. The person who bought the amulet stands firmly on its feet and achieves its goal, despite any obstacle.

Amulet helps to develop strength of character and gives confidence in their own abilities.

Wolf Fang is perfect as an amulet for a real leader. Those who strive to become more successful and occupy a high position, it will be useful to acquire it. This thing will help to achieve career growth in almost any field.

Wolf Fang — a strong amulet

Wolf Fang is a traditional Slavic amulet. They, our ancestors defended themselves from evil forces. In ancient times, warriors always had a wolf’s tooth with them — it helped them survive and win the battle. With the fang of a wolf, the man emerged victorious from the most difficult battles.

The hunters did not part with it either.

The teeth of the wolf and the magicians adorned their clothes with wolf teeth for no reason: the protection of the Wolf prevents evil spirits from interfering in life. This mascot is a reliable, powerful protector of its owner.

The power of the wolf’s teeth for women

Not only men helps this charm. In the old days, Wolf Fang was used as a bewitch by girls: they gave it to their chosen ones as an ornament, thereby tying it to themselves. The owners of such a talisman could not be afraid for the husband’s fidelity.

Buy the Fang Wolf Fang amulet and it will help the woman in the fight against infertility and will allow her to reveal her sexuality. In love affairs the amulet is a good helper, it helps to become more confident and more attractive for the opposite sex.

The Slavs tied the wolf’s fang over the cradle of children, as a defense against evil influence and disease. When the first teeth were cut from the child, the mother gave him a little hold of the wolf’s canine in her mouth. It was believed that then the son would grow up as a protector of his family.

It is best to wear this charm on a cord, in the chest. However, you can hide it in a bag or chest pocket. In sight, it becomes also a stylish decoration, and hidden from prying eyes — it accumulates its magical powers. Buy this amulet, it will give you fortitude and good luck, do not forget to press buttons and

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