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Witch’s bottle & raquo ;: do-it-yourself house guard

«Witch’s bottle»: do-it-yourself house guard

Everyone wants to keep his home clean in every sense and protect him from the negative impact. This article describes the creation of the Witch’s Bottle charm — effective and uncomplicated in execution.

A bottle of witch is a glass vessel in which various ingredients are fastened together with a plot. To create a working protective charm, it is important to correctly approach the process, believe in your own strength and know that you are engaged not only in folding various objects and herbs into a bottle, but create a magical attribute of protection.

The bottle, like a vacuum cleaner, draws in all the negative that is in your house, purifies and heals the energy, protects from damage and the evil eye, does not allow the domestic evil to harm your home.

It is believed that the witch’s bottle can give all the negatives accumulated in it to the one who touches it, so the vessel is best buried near the house so that no one inadvertently touches it.

If it is not possible to bury near the dwelling, then hide the magic attribute of the house and wrap it with a thick cloth. Charm is stored for seven years. After the expiration of this period, the bottle should be carried to the forest and buried under an old tree, saying: “Evil goes to the ground, creeps along the roots of the tree.

The tree is dead, evil is sealed. «

Making a witch bottle

Choosing a vessel for protection is simple — take any bottle you like, preferably from light glass and with a wide neck. Day to create a bottle is better to choose a waning moon.

Stock up on white candles. They will help to clean the energy of your home, and you concentrate. Strangers in the house should not be.

Prepare objects that will fill the bottle. Mandatory component are any sharp or prickly objects and various plants.

You can use pins and needles, broken glass and pieces of wire. The plant can be fresh or dried. You can even take a few plants.

It is advisable to use wormwood for deflecting damage and the evil eye, garlic, as a means to scare away evil spirits, and St. John’s wort to guard against evil. You can also use dill, mint, laurel, pine needles, nettles and thistles.

Sometimes the saliva of the person who makes the amulet is added to the bottle of the witch, so that the protective properties are distributed primarily to the creator of the amulet, and the magical connection is stronger.

If you suspect that damage has been put on you, use sea salt. It weakens the effect of negative energy. The last ingredient is liquid.

It can be red wine, strong black tea, salt water or vinegar.

Spells on the witch bottle

After everything is cooked, proceed to the ritual. Arrange in a circle and light 5 white candles, place the bottles in the center and fill it alternately with sharp objects, then with herbs, at the end pour the liquid. The bottle may not be full.

Spells that are pronounced when filling witch bottle, set.

To protect your home and personal safety, the spell can be as follows: “I create protection, I withdraw my evil eye. Sharp needles will not be allowed beyond the threshold, Fragrant wormwood drives away evil spirits, garlic pacifies, and St. John’s wort protects from any evil. I pour strong tea, I put the protection impenetrable. I seal the cork with wax, leave the bottle.

All evil is absorbed in it, nothing remains in the house. As said, so be it. My word is strong, glass is strong.

Amen». Close the cork with a witch’s bottle, seal with wax from the candle and go around the whole house with it. Last of all, open the front door, put a ward on the threshold and say: “How the dog protects the house, how it does not allow the castle of others, drive away all enemies, protect you from evil.”

After that, put the bottle in a secluded place so that no one touches it or sees it. The place can be changed, but you can not touch the witch bottle. Use a glove or cloth for this.

After the transfer of the amulet, the object with which it was taken is buried in the ground.

There are many wards to protect your home. Every object and plant has its magic power. Take care of your life, do not give in to provocations and do not let a bad mood prevail.

Positive-minded people are surrounded by positive energy, which acts as a barrier from evil and evil intentions. Be happy, healthy and do not forget to press buttons and

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