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Which stone is suitable for women Cancers: the choice of a mascot

Stone suitable for women Cancers: methods of application

Which stone is suitable for Cancer women? If this is your zodiac sign, it is important to understand the properties of minerals and determine which one corresponds to personal qualities.

It should also be borne in mind that Cancers is protected by the elements of Water.

Tips and tricks

Regardless of which stone you choose, you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  1. Stones need regular cleaning. This is dictated not by hygienic considerations, but by the fact that the mineral accumulates negative energy in itself. It occurs every time protection is required.
  2. For cleaning you will need water and salt. First, rinse the stone thoroughly in running clean water, and then leave it overnight in a container with salt
  3. Salt that you used for cleaning should be discarded. It absorbs all the negative energy, therefore it is strictly forbidden to add it to food.
  4. For women of Cancers, stones framed by white metals — white gold, platinum, or silver — are suitable.
  5. Decoration with the selected stone should be smooth, streamlined shape. This is a “water” element that does not accept sharp edges.

Which stone is suitable for women Cancers: the choice of a mascot

Important: there are stones that are not just not suitable for Cancers, but also can harm energetically. These are orange sapphire, garnet, ruby, onyx, diamond and red agate.

The energetics of these minerals are too aggressive for the subtle nature of the Cancer women.

Cancer Women: Character Traits

Girls born under the sign of Cancer are under the auspices of the element of water. Therefore, they are endowed with such qualities:

  • Water energy is restored only in solitude. To be filled with energy and get rid of fatigue, it is sometimes necessary to spend time alone with yourself. Cancers need space to hang out, to behold, just to be, without doing anything
  • They do not tolerate rigid boundaries and frameworks, value freedom. Therefore, it is advisable to choose such activities and work that involve a free schedule.
  • Cancers take time to make decisions, they cannot be rushed, forced to think and speak quickly

Choosing a talisman, you should take into account these features of character.

Which stone is suitable for women Cancers: the choice of a mascot

Important: women’s charms for Rakov should be endowed with sensuality, a kind of mysticism, to symbolize femininity and femininity.

Which stone is suitable for Cancer women?

The easiest way to figure out which stone suits the Cancer is to look closely at it. Does it resemble a fluid, clear, watery structure?

Imagine what your talisman will look like in the water:

  • Ideal shades — blue, translucent, pearl
  • The stone «plays» in the sun, has a lot of glare, changes shades
  • You can not wear bright, alyapistye jewelry saturated challenging shades. Red, black, yellow stones provoke feelings of anxiety and anxiety in Raki. therefore, they must be avoided

The exception is black pearl. But you need to listen to your own feelings.

If you wear black pearl talismans comfortably, there are no negative emotions, it means that the talisman suits you.

Which stone is suitable for women Cancers: the choice of a mascot

4 main stone mascot for Cancers

There are 4 stones that are ideal for a woman born in the sign of Cancer:

  1. Sapphire is a symbol of unconditional love, unselfish friendship, exceptional loyalty. This is a powerful amulet that will provide protection against betrayal, lies, betrayal. The stone attracts success in personal affairs and helps to meet a decent life partner.
  2. Beryl — attracts good luck in all endeavors and spheres of life. Helps to fulfill cherished desires and achieve any, even the most incredible goals
  3. Green amethyst — a stone that helps to harmonize the internal state, to find happiness and tranquility. Teaches you to trust people and be honest with yourself.
  4. Opal is a stone with an incredibly powerful energy that helps to achieve goals. Eliminates excessive sluggishness and tendency to doubt, helps to make right decisions and not to be mistaken with the choice of partners

There are other stones that are suitable for Cancer girls, but these are the main and most powerful.

Additional stones mascots

You can choose for yourself the main talisman that you will wear all the time. But other stones will help to strengthen its action and supplement the favorable qualities:

  • Emerald — a stone that gives optimism. Assistant in the treatment of depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. It gives vigor, joy, helps to see good in small things and positively relate to all events. If you are prone to melancholy and sadness, the emerald is simply necessary
  • White pearls — a stone that will help to establish a personal life for vulnerable, overly emotional and sensitive natures. Helps calmly resist criticism and condemnation, attracts to life acquaintances with decent men. Favorably affects already existing relationships: love, friendship, kindred
  • The moonstone — will relieve from excessive nervousness, will help to cope with excessive irritability. If you wear it all the time, you can learn to accept others as they are, which allows you to avoid conflicts and find compromises in difficult situations

Watch the video about the compatibility of Cancers with other zodiac signs:

Important: if you pick up a stone and plan to wear jewelry with it all the time, you need to do it right. For the first time, put on the amulet during the rising moon.

Then the magical properties will favorably affect your life.

But it is undesirable to wear a talisman to a decreasing Moon — during this period its properties are transformed into negative ones, which can adversely affect the quality of your life and relationships with others.

Refined, wise, able to understand the whole essence of things, phenomena and events, Cancers also feel the energy of the mineral that they carry on themselves. Therefore, it is especially important for them to choose the right talisman in order not to harm themselves.

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