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Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men

Stone Taurus on a horoscope: talismans for all occasions

Tauruses are endowed with many positive qualities, so they need to choose a talisman with special care so that they do not accidentally harm the human aura. The strength of stones can enhance the good features of this zodiac sign, but in the case of an unsuccessful choice, the amulet can cause headaches, nervous breakdown and aggression.

In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to take into account not only the full period of constellation dominance, but also decades.

Tauruses are true workaholics, all their life forces are aimed at achieving material well-being, but in the works they often forget about their health, so astrologers recommend that they always carry stones with them that fill a person with strength and energy.

This element of the zodiac is ruled by the elements of the Earth, so a person really looks at the world, ignores intuitive sensations and signs, allowing you to look into the future. In order to fully use their abilities, Taurus should keep and wear talismans, helping to unlock the potential human.

Stones-talismans, suitable for all Taurus, are presented in the table.

A rockA photoValue and influence
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
This mineral allows Taurus to achieve the desired goals. The presence of turquoise in the ring or earrings that the owner wears everywhere, will allow a person to win in all situations. The stone helps to restore moral and physical strength, with it the Taurus always feel cheerful. In addition, turquoise is an indicator of health, if on its surface the carrier notices darkening, then this indicates poor health. The dull color of the mineral warns of the imminent development of the disease, so you should take preventive measures.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
The use of agate helps in negotiations to achieve the desired result to the owner. The stone gives the owner oratorical skills. There are several varieties of agate, each of which is used in accordance with the situation: blue gives vitality, and black attracts material well-being
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
With the help of opal Taurus can reveal in themselves extrasensory abilities. This mineral provides an opportunity to enhance intuition. If a representative of this constellation will carry opal everywhere, he will never leave a good mood. Such a talisman will allow you to avoid unpleasant situations and guide you on the right path. Taurus should buy this stone by itself. Opal can not be taken as a gift, otherwise the representative of the mark will feel envy of the donor
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Jade brings luck and luck in gambling. With him, Taurus is unlikely to lose something, but fully rely on this stone is not worth it. Nephritis only saves from the danger of ruin, but it will not help to enrich
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Brings good luck, has protective properties against diseases. Pomegranate can be used as a healer. An amulet with this stone pulls out ills and repels them
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
This mineral helps Taurus generate ideas. It is indispensable for inventors and designers. With chrysoprase, a person feels confident, a stone is able to relieve anxiety and significantly increase self-esteem. Prolonged wearing of chrysoprase affects the performance. The representative of the constellation will not feel tired, will be full of strength and energy
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Wearing chalcedony protects against the evil eye and negative energy. This stone is necessary for every Taurus in order to use it in places of large concentrations of people. If a person feels that someone treats him badly, then when dealing with an enemy, chrysoprase must be held tightly in his hand, the stone will help to neutralize negative energy.

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men

The astrologers divide the period of dominion of the Taurus constellation into three decades:

  • The first — from April 22 to 30;
  • The second — from 1 to 10 May;
  • Third — 11 to 20 May.

The representative of the first decade has a warlike character. Those born in the second decade are romantic and indecisive.

The Taurus of the last decade pessimistic look at life. Given the significant difference in dominant qualities, the choice of a suitable stone should be based on the date of birth.

Stones for born April 22-30.

A rockA photoValue and influence
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
This mineral has a beneficial effect on the psyche, it is used for neurosis and stress. Quartz calms Taurus, protects from depression, makes a person resistant, not allowing life’s difficulties to break him
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
The name of the stone indicates the direction of its action. This mineral helps in adventures. In dangerous situations involving risk, aventurine attracts luck and allows you to cope with any difficulties.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Jasper helps to concentrate, with her Taurus takes a serious and practical approach to solving problems. The use of jasper at work is especially recommended; the influence of the mineral will make it possible to eliminate errors and guide you in the right direction. You shouldn’t keep jasper houses at home; this stone banishes feelings and brings serious problems to the family.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Expels malice from Taurus. Helps overcome irritability and nervousness. Black pearls are recommended for men and white and pink for women. Pearls are charms for love, they attract real feelings and happiness to their owners.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Carnelian has an impact on all walks of life. In love, he helps to build relationships with members of the opposite sex. At work or in business, the carnelian attracts to the owner the success and respect of others. This stone helps people of creative professions to reveal talents and move up the career ladder. In family life the carnelian brings peace and love.
Cacholong (pearl agate)
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
For notorious materialists-Taurus pearl agate is an indispensable talisman. Cacholong does not allow a person to turn off the right path to the goal, he invariably attracts success and material well-being, and in combination with the stubbornness of the zodiac sign the mineral becomes a reliable assistant in any business.

Stones for born on May 1-10.

A rockA photoValue and influence
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Romantic and gullible natures need corals. This mineral gives Taurus wisdom and prudence. Coral reliably protects against temptations, with it a person never gives in to spiritual impulses, since his mind has nothing to eclipse. Storage of the mineral in the house has a positive effect on family relationships, households quarrel less often and more often are in good spirits.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Gives the owner joy and inner peace. With the moonstone, Taurus understands others better, they give warmth and emotion to their loved ones without fear of being rejected. This mineral endows the owner with material and moral generosity.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
With the help of onyx, the indecisive Taurus is able to win the respect and admiration of others. This stone gives a person leadership qualities, it is indispensable in business relations. Onyx is recommended to be used during serious transactions, it allows you to focus and does not miss important details.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
To strengthen the morale use ruby. As a talisman, this stone should have a beautiful facet, it works best in pendants. With a ruby ​​man stands firmly on his feet. The influence of the mineral protects Taurus from nervous breakdowns and mental disorders
Eye of the Tiger
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
With the help of the tiger’s eyes, a person can get rid of excessive reverie and windiness. Especially good to carry it with a romantic nature. With a tiger’s eye, vulnerable Taurus calmly get into trouble

Stones for born on May 11-20.

A rockA photoValue and influence
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Keeps clarity of mind, protects from bad energy, drives away bad thoughts from owner
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
With the help of emerald, Taurus can fulfill the wildest dreams and cherished desires. Emerald attracts happiness to the owner, picks up the best ideas and allows them to come true in reality.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
The influence of aquamarine is useful for people of creative professions, the stone pushes the owner to good ideas. Aquamarine also contributes to the establishment of love relationships, it attracts worthy elects to Taurus.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Protects from damage and the evil eye, protects against negative energy and bad promises. Topaz should always be taken with you to crowded places, especially for representatives of public professions.
Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men
Creates a favorable aura around its owner. It helps strengthen relationships with loved ones and loved ones. Smoothes conflict situations, giving a person prudence and calm

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men

For everyday wear, experts recommend Taurus women to use precious stones, and semi-precious men. Sentimentality and friendliness are inherent in the representatives of this constellation, these ladies try to please everyone, but sometimes they forget about themselves, therefore, sapphire jewelry is well suited to them. These stones help you find your purpose in life, allow you to overcome uncertainty and give the girl courage.

With such a talisman, a woman can confidently reject what she doesn’t like, and take what she wants without a doubt.

Sapphire gives its owner wisdom, so it can be used by men if they need support in difficult cases. With the same purpose, you can use aventurine. This stone attracts luck and success to its owner, so it’s customary to take it with you for serious deals.

Also Aventurine perfectly protects from the evil eye. This mineral strengthens leadership qualities; with him, a man feels confident in any situation.

If a Taurus guy is irritated or angry, it is recommended to take a bloody jasper and hold it in your palm for a few minutes. When a person’s heat is transferred to the stone, the negative energy will dissipate.

A special role in astrology is played by love charms. In this case, a special approach is needed, because one stone affects men and women differently.

Carnelian gives the girl-Taurus attractiveness and charm, but he makes a man of this constellation weak and weak-willed. The lady does not need to wear rose quartz, this stone will deprive her of her femininity, but to the boy she attracts good luck in love.

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women, men

Particular attention Taurus should pay for minerals that are not suitable for them in the horoscope. If such stones are present in the house, then you must get rid of them to eliminate the negative impact.

The following table lists the minerals that Taurus should not use in everyday life.

A rockValue and influence
ObsidianIt takes self-sufficiency. With obsidian, Taurus does not notice important things, becomes indecisive and spends time on useless meditations. The effect of obsidian deprives a person of confidence
AmethystGot laziness and dreaminess. Amethyst is the patron of parasites, he is good only in special cases when the workaholic-Taurus cannot relax on vacation, but in ordinary life this stone should be kept away from himself. Under the influence of amethyst, a person is not able to concentrate; therefore, one cannot go to work and engage in responsible activities with him.
AmberAttracts to life Taurus misfortune and trouble. You should not expect that with time the power of amber will weaken, this semi-precious mineral has a powerful energy. Over the years, his influence becomes stronger. This is a vengeful stone, so it can not be thrown away. You can get rid of amber in a coniferous forest, you must carefully bury it at the roots of spruce or pine
PyritesWith pyrite, Taurus becomes insane, as if an invisible force pushes him to rash acts. The influence of the mineral clouds the mind, so the person does not understand what he is doing. Products from pyrite Taurus can be stored at home, but you should not take these stones in your hands, touch them and wear them as jewelry
HeliotropeThis mineral gives the wearer softness and malleability. With heliotrope, even the most decisive person experiences self-doubt. This stone does not allow Taurus to succeed, but it helps others to use the heliotrope carrier for personal gain.
JetIt takes away cheerfulness, deprives of positive emotions, makes the owner insensible and detached. Gagat can help Taurus to cope with emotions in a difficult situation, this mineral allows you to remain serious at work. Some parents give his children to school so that they do not have fun in the classroom, but in everyday life, the stone cannot be worn, otherwise it can lead a person to suicide.

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