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Which stone is suitable for Pisces Women, men by horoscope, by date of birth

Those born under the zodiac constellation Pisces are friendly people. They do not seek fame and money, but seek happiness in life. They are not easy to understand themselves, which leads to changes in mood and mental state.

Stones-charms can not only help Pisces to find peace and peace of mind, but also to establish personal life, create a strong family and not make unnecessary mistakes. The main thing — to choose a stone correctly.

Zodiac circle closes Pisces. They dominate from February 20 to March 20.

Selected in accordance with the recommendations of astrologers stones help this zodiac sign to replenish the energy deficit. Pisces should constantly wear stones and talismans.

Choose charms need carefully and carefully.

You can not delve into the details and wear a stone corresponding to one of the four elements, to which the zodiac sign belongs.

When choosing a stone, its purpose is also important. Some stones can lift your spirits, others attract good luck, others cure diseases.

Optionally, the stone must be precious to benefit the wearer.

Minerals like aquamarine, coral, moonstone and pearls promise Pisces well-being and family warmth.

For love achievements girls should choose cacholong. He best draws happiness into the life of Pisces.

For a married woman, this gem will help preserve family happiness.

Which stone is suitable for Pisces Women, men by horoscope, by date of birth

For framing stone mascots, the best option would be an alloy such as white gold, although bronze is the ideal. But few people love it because this metal requires constant care, cleaning and renewal.

Other noble metals will do — platinum or silver.

In such frames, the stones will be able to fully show their unique qualities; these metals will advantageously highlight the color saturation and brightness of minerals.

White metals help Pisces, protecting them from diseases and everyday troubles, contribute to the attainment of harmony. But gold is undesirable for Pisces, as it increases their natural passivity and indecision, dispels their attention.

For Pisces, the shape of the stone is not important. The mineral itself is important.

The cut of chrysolite and alexandrite often has the shape of a diamond, whereas carnelian is smooth and round.

Of the mascots for this sign are the figurines of shells, jellyfish or fish. Men Pisces, it is desirable to wear a key chain or cufflinks in the shape of an oval. It is recommended to insert round stones in rings and rings.

For square and rectangular minerals, the strength is weaker, such forms should be avoided. Women of the sign will wear drop-shaped decorations.

Decorations for Pisces should be light and elegant. You should not wear bulky and heavy jewelry, it is better to leave them to other, less sophisticated and refined signs of the zodiac.

When self-buying a talisman, you should know that the crystal will not start working right away; it may take some time to activate it, usually around three months. The ideal situation would be when a stone mascot gives a close person.

In this case, his power will be able to open up with particular force.

Which stone is suitable for Pisces Women, men by horoscope, by date of birth

The best stone for women and men under the sign of Pisces is selected depending on their affiliation to the corresponding group:

First (February 19 — March 1)Fishes of the first decade by date of birth are protected by Saturn. They are not afraid of changes, even in their personal lives, they are dreamy and often capricious. They are suitable moonstone, bloody jasper, carnelian, tiger eye, aventurine and amethyst. Amethyst is considered the best talisman for winter fishes. It protects against people who want to profit at the expense of others and envious, and gives its owner inspiration. Amethyst brings luck to his master
Second (March 2 — 11)Those who enter the second decade of the date of birth are influenced by Jupiter. In their quest for universal recognition and fame, they are subject to deception. For such Pisces, talismans are suitable: opal, heliotrope, coral, pearl and hairy. Such people often suffer on an emotional level because of their innate compassion. The talismans will help them to overcome the severe depression and restore mental balance: heliotrope, sapphire, chrysolite and opal
Third (March 12 — 20The fish belonging to the third decade, live under the influence of Mars. They are ready for self-sacrifice, they love to be seen. So Pisces will be helped in the life of stones: chrysolite, alexandrite, aquamarine, emerald, diamond, sapphire and tourmaline. Aquamarine and alexandrite are ideal for aggressive natures. These minerals will be able to cool the heat of their owner, correct self-esteem. For this decade, emeralds, sapphire, tourmaline and diamond will help.

Pearls are useful to Pisces-businessmen, it brings financial success and attracts good luck in business, gives a feeling of confidence in their actions and ideas. The talisman ensures that its owner does not forget about both his family and his own interests.

Which stone is suitable for Pisces Women, men by horoscope, by date of birth

Minerals of light-violet, lilac, dairy, green and blue shades are in harmony with the inner world of the sign.

Stones-talismans help Pisces to enjoy life to the fullest, to overcome their dependence on the outside world, indecision and naive gullibility. Properly chosen charms underline the innate propensity for creativity, interpersonal skills, friendliness, hospitality and the ability of representatives of this zodiac sign to compassion.

For talismans Pisces need to choose stones that give the owner energy and strength:

A rockDescription of the magical properties of the mineralHow to wear
AquamarineAquamarine gives the Fish confidence, calm and prudence, reveals a lie (including in the owner). Develops intuition and contributes to the spiritual growth of the owner. Strengthens family lifeAquamarine can be worn constantly, but only during the day. It is recommended to use in the form of rings and bracelets
CoralRed coral stabilizes the mental state — invigorates with a breakdown, calms when overexcited. The stone can attract love, money and is able to protect against damage. Mineral pales long before the appearance of the diseaseCoral should be worn only in the growing moon phase in the form of earrings or beads
MoonstoneBrings love, luck. Given to a woman lover, will make their relationship long and strong. Attracts material benefits, calms the nervous system. Women with a masculine temperament will help to feel feminine and attractive, make the fish softThe stone can not be worn constantly, otherwise it dulls the reaction. It is recommended to wear a ring or a ring on the right hand. Mineral does not like the neighborhood of other stones
JetThe mineral is able to remove from the life of the owner all the bad — doubts, nightmares, pain, fear, damage and hatred. Gagat keeps memories, protects women during pregnancy and facilitates childbirthThe gold frame does not suit this stone at all. Mineral should be enclosed in copper, silver or tin. They wear jet in earrings, medallions and brooches, make men’s rings, cufflinks and tie pins
PearlsPearls reinforce compassion in Pisces, helping to benefit from their own activities. White and pink will help married women Pisces in business. Black pearls — for widowed or divorced Pisces. An unmarried woman-fish pearl gives confidence in irresistibleTo protect against fraudsters and thieves, pearls should be worn in a ring. If the gem is faded, then it is a signal of the owner’s hidden illness.
AgateMakes thoughts clear, helps to make the right decisions and restore coordination of movements. This talisman is useful for allergies and intestinal disorders.It is often not recommended to wear a stone due to its negative effect on vision and the nervous system. It is customary to keep such a guardian at home
SpinelThe spinel of blue, green and black colors fills the life of Pisces with good luck. Stone has a positive effect on the relationship between lovers and helps to create a strong family. Mineral has the ability to solve financial problems and attract moneyUsually in a necklace and rings use a red mineral. Once every five months it is advisable to clean the crystal with a soft brush.
CaholongThe mineral is suitable for unmarried Pisces, attracting family happiness and love into their lives. It will help to meet your soul mate for many years of happy life together, and also cope with internal conflicts. He will teach a woman to trust a partner, increasing her own self-esteemStone is preferable to wear during pregnancy
AventurineAventurine gives confidence, protects against negative thoughts, improves mood and treats depression. Aventurine is best used only in difficult periods of life — when you especially need luck or help in work and relationships. This mineral is dependent on the moon phasesStone is not recommended to wear for more than three days in a row. This mineral directly affects the human psyche and its constant wearing can harm
HematiteAmulet increases sexuality, helps to overcome the difficulties of life, protects from damage and the evil eye. He will not allow the owner to openly express anger or to fall into a rage. The stone is able to protect against accidents from injuries. Mineral helps the owner to compete quietly with work partners. The hematite figurine will protect the house from troubles and quarrels.Hematite tolerates only a silver frame. Women bring happiness in the form of a ring on the left hand, and men — on the right. Wear it on the index finger
EmeraldMineral brings peace to the life of its owner, bringing grace and peace to it. Emerald helps Pisces organize their lives, both personally and materially. Softens Pisce’s natural impulsivity and makes them less susceptible to the outside world.
  • Ring on the little finger, calm the owner, protect his heart and blood vessels.
  • Confidence in love affairs ring on the ring finger.
  • On the middle finger will protect against dangerous adventures.
  • Purposefulness and eloquence will give a stone in the ring on the index finger.
  • It is not recommended to wear the emerald on the thumb.

In jewelry worn on the head, the emerald almost can not show their properties.

The emerald effect will also be significant when worn as a bracelet. Often you can not wear emerald

TopazBlue Topaz contributes to the physical and mental recovery of female Pisces. Mineral helps its owner to preserve youth and beauty for a long time and cares about her health. Topaz helps keep it attractiveTopaz in gold-rimmed wear on the index finger of the right hand. It is recommended to wear bracelets and pendants in which topaz are inserted. Ring with topaz is not recommended to wear on Fridays and MondaysAmethystThe mineral makes Pisces more sociable and open, protects against envy, pretense and lies, brings harmony to the owner’s life. The use of amethyst leads to the attainment of internal balance and restoration of energy. The stone charges Pisces with positive energy and protects against mood swings. Presented as a gift, amethyst can make love to the donor and betray the old love. Amethyst will also help maintain loyalty to the spouses, bringing consistency in the relationshipAmethyst in the form of a ring is worn on the right hand of a man, on the left — women. Wear it on the ring finger.OpalOpal raises the spirits, adjusts to good deeds and creativity. Mineral helps to live interestingly and profitably, will facilitate the choice of a hobby. It is recommended to wear at important meetings, for magical rites and in difficult periodsOpal can only be worn if it is inherited. After each sock, the talisman should be rinsed in running water and hidden. You can not wear mineral constantlyChrysoliteChrysolite has a beneficial effect on men’s health, improves sleep. Stone helps to get rid of self-doubt, keeps from dangerous decisions. Chrysolite should be used in a gold frame, which enhances its healing properties.Chrysolite is worn on the little finger, like all stones of green tone. It is undesirable to wear the mineral on the little fingers of two hands — the owner may be suspected of deceit. It can be worn on the index finger, thereby increasing self-esteem and gaining determination. If the previous owner of the mineral is unknown, then chrysolite cannot be worn.SapphireSapphire helps to protect your opinion and climb the career ladder. It protects from envious people and enemies. Esoteric believe that this mineral is able to fulfill the desires of the ownerThis mineral is best worn in pendants or necklaces, its effect is stronger when it is on or near the neck. The ring can be worn on any hand, but on the ring finger. Keep the mineral in a separate place, without proximity to other decorations. Periodically wash, not wipe, and dry in the sunRhinestoneRock crystal will help if its owner is confused. Mineral is able to clarify the situation. It will help you choose the right solution and make plans. Appeasement and prosperity will bring a crystal of rock crystal to the house. It has a beneficial effect not only on the representatives of the sign of Pisces, but also on their entire family. The stone will save you from many ailments, ideal for lithotherapyCan be worn around the neck or in your pocket as a stone talisman or kept in the house as a charmNephritisMineral is able to get rid of self-doubt, decide on changes. There are red, green and black jade. When making decisions, you need to keep an eye on the stone — if it becomes cloudy, then you need to weigh everything more carefully. Butterfly-shaped jewelery is considered to bring harmony in personal relationships and a pledge of family happiness.It is recommended to wear as a butterfly pendant. Wearing a jade mascot is perfect in a bracelet on your right hand. In this case, the guardian will bring good luck in love affairs and family well-being.

Health-friendly gem stones:

  • Coral is a valuable stone for Pisces. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and metabolism. It alleviates the condition of sore throat, bronchial asthma and problems with the thyroid gland. It is very useful for those who have a lot to talk or sing, because it favorably affects the vocal cords.
  • Improves blood circulation and improves the composition of blood alexandrite, strengthening blood vessels. Improves the functioning of the pancreas and spleen.
  • Green spinel — a mineral that stabilizes blood pressure and metabolism, alleviates the condition in case of eye diseases and joint pain. Pink spinel helps with skin diseases, normalizes sleep and strengthens the nerves. Black spinel is recommended to wear hypotensive. This mineral can reduce bleeding and relieve pain. Blue spinel will help with diseases of the liver, lungs and kidneys, problems with the endocrine system and the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The heliotrope stone is able to normalize the work of the heart and improve the tone of the body, beneficially affect the circulatory system.

If Pisces wants to use a stone corresponding to the year of birth according to the Eastern horoscope in addition to the Zodiacal talisman, then you should be aware of the compatibility of the talismans. Together, some minerals can enhance the positive properties of each other:

  • Rat: Amethyst with amber;
  • Bull: moonstone with amber;
  • Tiger: amethyst diamond;
  • Rabbit (Cat): topaz with sapphire;
  • Dragon: diamond with diamond;
  • Snake: emerald with jasper;
  • Horse: Opal with ruby;
  • Goat: tourmaline with amber;
  • Monkey: garnet with aquamarine;
  • Rooster: topaz with amethyst;
  • Dog: Aventurine with carnelian;
  • Pig: jasper with tiger eye.

The use of these minerals in a pair contributes to positive changes in a person’s life, gives Pisces confidence in himself and in his future, protects him from enemies, and facilitates the struggle with difficulties.

Despite the variability of character, representatives of the sign Pisces strive in life for balance and harmony. Some unnecessarily "energetic" stones are contraindicated to them.

Pomegranate is dangerous for fish because it can make them irritable and excitable and shake their nervous system.

Strong stones, such as hematite, onyx, carnelian (a kind of chalcedony) and ruby, are undesirable for women to wear constantly to Pisces.

Jade does not fit this sign because of its ability to turn a person into a workaholic, and Pisces is already hardworking. This stone can disbelieve its owner in their own abilities and enter into a deep depression.

Any stones for Pisces of a dark color, especially a red tint, can cause depression and isolation.

Stones that should not be used by Pisces:

  • yellow topaz;
  • olivine;
  • yellow diamond;
  • turquoise;
  • coil;
  • ruby;
  • cornelian;
  • quartz;
  • black onyx;
  • pyrope

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